I don’t even know Xu Fujun’s specific situation, but I overheard those Yan Luowang say.
If it is an ordinary word, Yang Guang may not be too interested.
But now?
This middle-earth world can give Yang Guang a limited daydream!
The so-called "East Fantasy and West Fantasy World" confirms that some Terrans and Demons say "Chinese creatures" in the West, and now the same is true in the south and the north.
The northern world doesn’t know anything yet, but the southern world has identified demons and ghosts, or hell.
What is the so-called reincarnation?
And the world of Chinese fighters became Middle-earth?
Doesn’t this fucking represent a very important question? These five worlds are one?
More KuangDong fantasy world and fighters world has been integrated.
You know, when Yang Guangqian watched a TV play called "The Condor", there was a so-called "magical power in ashes of time’s southern emperor and northern beggar" and he was also known as a peerless master.
In particular, the avatar was the strongest and of course died the earliest.
What does it prove that the great world in the southeast, northwest and quartet is guarding Middle-earth?
Maybe this warrior is the core before the world? Will it be possible to be five-in-one until the world of fighters rises from the intermediate world of fighters to the advanced world? What will happen then?
But is this warrior world, the so-called Middle-earth, just a transportation hub? Is it the world transportation hub of Unicom’s East Magic West Magic South Domain and North Domain?
This is hard for Yang Guang to accept, and more importantly, it can easily lead to the world of fighters falling into perdition.
What makes Yang Guang hard to accept is that he verified his guess from Xu Fujun’s words. That is, once the Middle-earth is upgraded to a large world, it is likely that the five realms will be one.
Of course, this matter may not be correct, but it is possible!
Although these so-called news are hearsay of Xu Fujun, how can they be clearer than Yang Guang?
More importantly, Yang Guang believes this matter more in his heart.
Xu Fujun didn’t know much about this matter in Middle-earth. Naturally, he didn’t say it soon, but talked about him.
But they didn’t say that Yang Guang was interested in the North World.
This makes Yang Guang a little tangled.
He really wants to cross-examine this Xu Fujun in his own field, but it is a pity that it is less likely to get the right answer and Yang Guang dare not take risks.
This southern world is not his territory. You know, there are many ghost emperors in it, and there are far more than ordinary ghost emperors Fengdu Emperor.
More importantly, there are not too few Mundus and Yang Guang. If you get caught, the problem will be big.
Yang guang can’t be alone in this world.
This warrior world, or so-called Middle-earth, cannot be carried by him alone.
When he works hard, others work hard.
All fighters in the world have developed and worked hard to save themselves.

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