"You don’t know?"
Sue should face one leng heart secretly condescension cross day this youngest son is shaking me?
Even Barto doesn’t know what the seven magic mountains ask others, and it must be a waste of time.
"I really don’t know"
Barto shook his head slightly and smiled. "We Asura are far south. Maybe Su Xiong said that the Seven Magic Mountains are his place. I don’t know. Maybe others will know."
"All right, then."
Sue should nod and then stop talking.
Forgetting the magic statue of Wan Ren, the magic statue is a master of heaven and earth. It is impossible for two people to fight overnight. There is no way to tell the winner without a day and night.
Su Ying watched it for a day and a half, then bid farewell to Barto and Vidya and walked towards the outside of Jiuli Holy City.
He was eager to find the treasure house of the Great Heaven, and only when he found the treasure house and got the spirit of the behemoth in the middle of the war could he rise again.
Su Ying should pull away and turn back. At this moment, a purple robe protector in the Temple of Human-God suddenly got up and went back to the Temple of Human-God from the observation deck.
"You want to see me?"
Sitting in the dark, the Magic Emperor Chiyou opened his eyes slightly to highlight a faint black breath and then made his debut. "I felt the little breath that the sky attacked me together. He came to Zhongtian Magic Field and now it’s the holy city of Jiuli. You go and order people to capture him. He is a terran."
The protector of the purple robe bowed slightly and said, "Yes."
Out of Jiuli Holy City, Su Ying flew for hundreds of miles before stopping.
He stopped to watch and saw that there were primeval forests and trees everywhere, and the primeval mainland trees were also very different and extremely large, many of which were unprecedented by Su Ying.
"It’s so rich!"
He took a long breath, and the air in front of him suddenly collapsed, and there was a loud bang, and suddenly he poured into his chest to fill it up.
In addition to vitality, the spirit of Zhongtian Magic Field also contains magic spirit, which is more pure than pure. It is a rare holy place for a person who practices magic magic method!
Su Ying’s breath of magic gas into the heart suddenly began to be more excited than the lively operation of knowing the fetus in the sea, and she quickly refined the magic gas!
He came to practice the magic way and method, so he felt like a duck to water when he came to Zhongtian magic field!
"Comfortable is really comfortable!"
Sue should leave here and gallop away to other places while devouring the magic gas.
Not long after he left, suddenly the wind sounded, and thunder roared and galloped from a distance, and he saw several magical people with horns on their heads appear here in a combative way.
"That’s where the virtual vibration just came from!"
A tall magic man glanced around and suddenly a mirror flashed between his eyebrows. "Search for the magic mirror sacrifice!" "
The mirror is getting bigger and bigger, and a mirror light is lasing out and shining, and suddenly it falls to a place where the mirror light shines, and a virtual fluctuation that lasts for dozens of miles emerges and a faint human virtual shadow appears.
"Isn’t this small is the magic emperor’s name calling?"
These magic people are the magic emissaries of the Chiyou Temple. They are all experts in the realm of gods. They are responsible for patrolling and hunting terrans and demon families who break into the magic domain.
Being able to become a magic emissary is the most valiant and good at fighting in the world. The lowest body, mana and knowledge of the inferno must reach the seven realms of apotheosis. The first magic emissary must cross the apotheosis peak and become a strong man in half a step.
If the first batch of magic emissaries fail to slay their opponents, the magic generals will be dispatched. The magic generals must be long-lived and the leader of the magic generals must be the fifth strongest in immortality.
That is, those figures who protect the temple like Wan Ren’s magic statue.
"This person has left for less than half an hour and should not be far away."
The magic envoy leader is a strong man with half a step of longevity. He sniffed the magic mirror above his head and suddenly got up and flew away in the direction of Su Ying’s departure. He sneered, "Let’s go and take him back for a job!"
Several demons make their bodies roar together, and the soul demons make the magic mirror on the head of the leader shine, searching for traces of different kinds.
Sue should fly forward unhurriedly. It wasn’t long before he felt alert in his heart and suddenly felt a few abnormal strong smells behind him. He came back to see the magic gas rolling in from behind, and a mirror light shone around for dozens of miles.
Chapter six hundred and four Snatching blood
These magic people are menacing, especially after seeing Su Ying, the corners of his mouth show a cruel grin.
"These people seem to be coming for me?"
His mind moved, Monty’s hiding technique was immediately put to use, and it was broken and disappeared in a blink of an eye!
He’s too fast. Once monty’s hiding technique is put into practice, it will cut through the emptiness.
However, Su Ying Monty’s hiding technique has not yet reached its perfection. At this time, although it is broken, it also attracts the attention of these magic people.
"There it is!"
Several magic emissaries immediately noticed that there was a sudden bang behind this floating place, and meat wings emerged, speeding up and speeding up, which was no slower than Su Ying!
The magic makes the mirror light on the leader’s head soar like a rainbow and shine in the past. "It’s really his world Terran. This man is extremely fast. Don’t let him go … wait a minute!"
Looking for the magic mirror, the mirror light flashed past Su Ying. When the magic envoy saw Su Ying’s image in the mirror, the mirror shone through Su Ying’s internal organs and bones.
The demon leader glanced at Su Ying’s abnormal bones. People are not only different from ordinary demons, but also different from human beings and demon families. His face changed slightly and he quickly stopped others. "He is not human and seems to be the royal blood in the demon domain. No wonder we don’t know each other when the speed is so fast!"
"Royal family?"
Several of his magic envoys couldn’t help but make a cold war and stop the inferno. There are many races, racial boundaries are strict and status is high, but the most noble is the royal family, the royal family and the imperial family, which are second only to the imperial family.
Even they are not as good as a humble royal family. If people know that they are after the royal family, they will surely die.
But they don’t know that Xiao Su should not have royal blood, but benefit from the chaotic ancient road, and transform himself according to destroying the monty and respecting the flesh, so it looks like a high royal family in the inferno.
"That man is a royalty. How can he see us and turn around and run away without saying a word?"
A magic messenger was curious, "and I think he is human!" "
The magic leader shook his head and said, "I don’t know. I don’t know. I estimate that he is a half-blood. Some magic statues have been to people. Most of the time, he is a magic statue. He left when he saw us, mostly because he was afraid that we would take his blood power …"
When he said this, his eyes lit up, and so did his demons.
"Kill him and refine his blood. I can also become a royal family, and my understanding will increase dramatically!"
A demon made a strange smile and suddenly his wings shook behind him. He chased Su Ying suddenly and quickly. "I’ll kill him!" "
The magic leader is also very hesitant. He secretly shakes his head and sinks his head. "If you kill the royal family, you will have to implicate Jiuzu for not taking risks. Let’s continue to search for that position to call for human beings, although the reward is a little less, but it is safe."
After all, it is much better to get the royal blood than to catch the Terran for reward.
However, it is too dangerous to hunt the royal family in the magic domain. The magic emperor is the high-level ruler of Zhongtian magic domain. In case the royal family is angry, their ethnic group will be buried with him!
Su Ying flew thousands of miles back only to see a magic emissary flapping his wings and not seeing his magic emissary. He was surprised that "this magic emissary is also very powerful, and he was unexpectedly thrown off the primitive mainland friar in a short time. Unless it is a long habitat, few people can keep up with me, but there is nothing to be afraid of if he is alone."
He suddenly stopped in his heart and was full of fighting spirit. "It is said that the inferno is born of fighting, and the race is inherently stronger than the demon race. The Terran is even more flattering. Don’t let me see the strength of the inferno!"
"Why don’t you run away from this man?"
The magic messenger came to see Su Ying, who was somewhat disappointed and was planning to stop chasing him. Unexpectedly, Su Ying suddenly stopped. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and hurried to come. Hey, hey, say with smile, "You royalty are so high. I didn’t expect that I would have this chance to hunt a royal family and get royal blood today!"
"Royal family?"
Sue should be slightly surprised by Zheng. I wonder if he said such a thing.

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