Xia Zhu’s face changed again. She didn’t care about Yimo and enjoyed Bai Yinting. She gave love but didn’t think more about him.
"I’m fine," said Bai Yinting, stretching out his hand and touching the bamboo face for a summer, and it had already reached the temperature.
"Yin Ting" Xia Zhu held his hand and "obedient to take a hot bath"
"Good" Bai Yinting sounds particularly gentle, which makes Yimo envious.
Although Bai yinting has always been gentle with her, she can see that it is polite, not love.
But when he faces Xia Zhu, his eyes are shining with little love, and that kind of heartfelt love can’t be faked.
She lost, but she didn’t want to give up.
"Then we won’t bother the gentleman and have a good rest." Qiao Yi looked at the young couple and suddenly thanked them for the heavy rain.
"Miss Yi, please" Qiao Yi pulled Yimo out.
"Little white ginger soup you want to drink while it’s hot" Yimo unwilling.
"Don’t bother Miss Yi, worry that the young lady and the gentleman will take care of each other." Qiao Yi went out with her and closed the door.
Xia Zhu appreciates watching Qiao Yi go out and then watching Bai Yinting walk into the bathroom. The bowl of ginger soup is still steaming. She slowly sits up and covers the noodles with ginger soup.
Soon Bai yinting came out. He was wrapped in a bath towel and his hair was dripping.
"Yin Ting" Xia Zhu sat up and wanted to help him wipe his hair.
"Well, just lie here and don’t move. I’m OK." Bai Yinting wiped her hair and changed her pajamas.
"Yin Ting" Xia Zhu looked at him quietly. "Let’s drink ginger soup and don’t live up to Yimo’s wishes."
"Xia Zhu?" Bai yinting was afraid of her.
"I’m not unhappy. I think she’s right. Otherwise, I’ll feed you?" Xia Zhu already has some strength.
"Good" Bai Yinting actually agreed to bring the ginger soup bowl to Xia Zhu and slowly feed the ginger soup into his mouth.
"Xia Zhu, don’t go, okay?" Bai yinting will feel pain if she thinks that Xia Zhu may still leave his heart.
"I won’t leave because of Yin Ting." Xia Zhu thought it over. Bai Chengyu said yes, happiness still needs to be mastered by himself.
She can’t let go so easily. She really wants to die. At that moment, the person that Xia Zhu misses most is Bai Yinting. She doesn’t want to lose it again.
"really?" Bai yinting is a little excited.
"Yin Ting" Xia Zhu suddenly hugged Bai Yin Ting’s neck very gently and whispered in his ear, "I have always thought that you are too sexual. After this experience, I realized that the person I hate most is you. Don’t leave me."
Xia Zhu’s remarks made Bai Yinting move. He kissed Xia Zhu’s forehead and was filled with joy.
"It’s not your fault that I didn’t consider your feelings. Don’t worry, I will settle Yimo as soon as possible and won’t make you sad again." Bai Yin’s heart melted.
"I can understand your feelings for Yimo, and I won’t dispute with her." Xia Zhu showed her generosity.
But she knows very well that the war between Yimo and Yimo will not end if she wants to return home. She doesn’t care about Yimo but won’t let her go.
This time, Xia Zhu won’t back down again.
"Husband, I love you." Xia Zhu looked at Bai Yinting with low eyes and kissed his lips actively.
The moment Bai Yinting appeared beside Xia Zhu in the rain, Xia Zhu knew that she and Bai Yinting were fated to be involved, and no one could break them up.
"Wife, can we create a little baby tonight?" Bai yinting’s forehead lightly touched Xia Zhu’s forehead, and the two men smiled at each other, which was destined to be a night full of love.
Chapter 255 We broke up three years ago.
Early the next day, Xia Zhu opened his eyes and saw that he was looking at her all the time. Bai Yinting recalled that she was crazy last night and she still had some difficulties.
"Morning" Bai Yinting woke up early and felt that everything was like a dream.
Xia Zhu really came back and became like a lovely rabbit’s nest. His arms were as tender as water.
"Morning" Xia Zhu wrapped her hands around Bai Yinting’s neck again. "Why haven’t you got up yet?"
"I can’t bear to part with you" Bai Yinting kissed Xia Zhu on the cheek.
"Husband suddenly feels that you are so handsome." Xia Zhu’s eyes are fixed on the little anthomaniac expression.
"Isn’t your husband always so handsome?" Bai yinting said, blinking at Xia Zhu.
It took a long time for Bai Yinting to get up again. There are still many things to deal with today. He must get up.
Xia Zhu followed Bai Yinting to the floor for breakfast. Yimo has been waiting on the sofa for a long time.
Finally, I saw them, only to find that they were holding hands, which was particularly sweet. Suddenly, Yimo’s heart burned with anger.
"Good morning, young master and young lady!" Qiao Yi almost looked at them from ear to ear and looked very happy.
"Qiao Yi" Xia Zhu is still a little embarrassed.
"Breakfast is ready," Qiao Yi said and looked at Yimo. "Miss Yi also has dinner together."
"Did Xiaobai sleep well last night?" Yimo ignored Qiao Yi and went to Bai Yinting.
"Very well," Bai Yinting replied.
Yimo like didn’t see Xia Zhu in the past want to hold Bai Yinting another arm only to be stopped by Xia Zhu to her.
"Miss Yi, you don’t look well. Didn’t you sleep well last night?" Xia Zhu took Yimo by the hand and said with a smile, "I’m not at home these days. It must be Qiao Yi who didn’t take good care of you and let you be wronged. Let me take care of you personally."
I don’t know what Yimo looked at Xia Zhu at this time and felt a little chilling.
She immediately showed a frightened expression and asked Bai Yinting for help. "Didn’t you say that Xiaobai wouldn’t let me see her at home again? You personally promised me that she must kill me. Do you really care? "
Before Bai Yinting could answer Xia Zhu, he said first, "To be honest, I think you are very poor. You know better than anyone who is going to kill me by robbing my husband and hurting yourself again and again."
"What did you say?" Yimo was weak and began to cry. "You are simply telling the wicked first."
"Everyone has a steelyard in his heart, so let’s see if God has eyes." Xia Zhu said and pulled Bai Yinting’s arm. "Husband has dinner."
"What did you just say?" Bai yinting suddenly realized what she had just heard from Xia Zhu.
"There’s nothing to ask you to eat. Why don’t you want to?" Xia Zhu can also be coquettish.
"No, I mean the previous sentence." Bai Yinting was surprised by Xia Zhu. Does it mean that she didn’t do anything, and Yimo always suffered from it?
"You ask me?" Xia Zhu actually smiled at the pale Yimo. "She knows these things better than me."
"Xiao Bai, don’t trust her. How could I hurt myself?" Yimo tried to get close and was stopped by Xia Zhu’s hand. "Miss Yi, I’m still here. It’s not good for you to always jump on my husband, is it?"
"Xiao Bai is my boyfriend and you are the third party." Yimo was wronged and burst into tears.
"Husband, am I a third party?" Xia Zhu is glad that he will pretend to be poor and be more incisive than Yimo.
"No, you don’t want to think," said Bai Yinting, turning to Yimo seriously and saying, "Yimo, we broke up three years ago and Xia Zhu is my lawful wife."
"Dinner" Xia Zhuxin smiled and forgot that there was an angry woman next to her.
Bai yinting was pulled to the table by her, and Qiao yi had already prepared breakfast. Xia Zhu was like a diligent little angel who didn’t eat herself, but she kept watching Bai yinting and even fed him like a baby.
"Eat more. Be good. You’ve lost weight these days when I’m away from home." Xia Zhu winked and spoiled and cute.
Yimo sat opposite them and bit his lip corner. Where did he eat? What happened yesterday? How could Xia Zhu be a different person?
"I really can’t eat" looked at Xia Zhu Bai Yinting very gentle.
"Well, drink some more milk." Xia Zhu personally picked up the milk cup and watched Bai Yinting drink the milk and then wiped his mouth.
"Are you going to the company now?" Xia Zhu and Bai Yinting went to get their coats.
"Have a good rest at home," said Bai Yinting, hugging bamboo for a summer and then kissing her forehead.
"Pay attention to Ann" Xia Zhu will send him out.

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