Berenice roared, "Damn it!" Have clearly recognized the twelve younger sister "what do you want? "
Berenis returned to Rouen from Paris, and few people would know what she was doing before they dared to come out to do laundry for Chinese people, earn some bread and bacon, go home and spend more time washing more clothes and get more pay. A fat woman fought but didn’t expect to be seen by acquaintances, and she always looked down on China people.
How did a social lady like Dr. Tang, Berenice, end up in such a field?
Of course, there is war and there is Zhang Yiping.
The German team has entered Paris, and Paris has fallen into chaos. The University of Paris has closed classes. Berenice returned to Rouen’s home. I didn’t expect Rouen to be in trouble. Although the streets in Rouen are quiet, the people are very disciplined and much kinder than German people. They won’t rob you or hurt civilians.
But Rouen is rich and can’t buy food. China people sometimes do even better than the Germans. The Germans want your life at most, but if you have money, he can sell you anything. Although China people don’t take your life easily, they are rich, and they won’t sell you anything, especially food.
As Qu Weiqing said, we China people came to France, not to send warm!
Perhaps there are more people like Qu Weiqing in the army, or the strength of the * * team has risen, which makes Zhang Yiping and others feel that they no longer look at people’s faces, especially the French face, because the French have no * * group in South China University of Technology, which is no longer restricted by them.
After the Chinese Communist Youth League came to Rouen, the policy changed slightly, which was different from that of cities such as Motown and Paris.
China people in Rouen confiscated and controlled all the bread factories, flour mills and grain warehouses, so there was no food for sale in the market, and money could not buy food.
The only way for French citizens in Rouen to get food after eating their homes is to replace China people to do things or sell their sex and find a Chinese official to be his lover, so as not to starve to death.
Berenis is no exception, but she still has a little backbone to dress up as a general village girl and come out to do laundry for Chinese people. I didn’t expect to be recognized by a China student.
Zhang Yiping shouted, "Have you finished drawing all the twelve sisters?"
"It’s all done!" Party 12 sister came skipping with a note in her hand and handed it to Zhang Yiping for credit. "Look at my painting, ok?" God is not god? "
Zhang Yiping took a look and saw that the note was a sketch. It was a situation in which Berenice was spanked by a fat woman just now. The characters looked fantastic. Zhang Yiping nodded repeatedly and said, "Twelve sisters, although you are always in trouble, you can still be sent to the scene."
"What are you talking about?"
"What’s the only thing that causes trouble?" Fang’s twelfth sister asked back, but then she proudly said, "Of course I paint well. I am learning from my eleventh sister. My eleventh sister is also very famous for painting France.",
Zhang Yiping put this sketch in front of Berenis and said, "Dr. Berenis, this is a sketch that has just been drawn. I plan to publish it in the Paris newspaper tomorrow so that people can have a look at the famous Dr. Berenis, who also fights like a bitch, and there is no gentlewoman."
"Even the bread all have no what fair maiden poise? If you want to publish it, just publish it. "Berenice said, adjusting her clothes and throwing them away to wash her clothes and turn away.
"oh! Are you really out of breath when you say you are fat? " Fang’s 12-year-old sister stood up to Berenis with her arms rolled up. "Brother Zhang, when I want to teach her a lesson at school, she will especially look down on me if I have the opportunity today. I must be avenged and repay her kindness."
Zhang Yiping didn’t expect Berenice to break the basin. Look at Berenice’s expression. It is estimated that even if she took a lu photo, she wouldn’t care, let alone a sketch.
"People have already left their noodles here. What can you do? Do you want to fight with her?" Zhang Yiping glanced at Fang Shier’s white and smooth arm outside and said, "Can you beat others with your little arm?"
"Won’t you help?"
Zhang Yiping shrugged. "How can I help you women fight?"
Just then, just after a few steps, Berenice turned around and looked at Fang Shier’s sister and said to Zhang Yiping, "Do you want to help me? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do as a bed and mistress? Or … "
Sister Fang jumped up and shouted, "Shame on you!"
Zhang Yiping pulled a 12-sister novel and said, "Is she deliberately angry with you? Keep a lady’s demeanor! "
Fang’s twelfth sister was angry at Zhang Yiping and said, "If you dare hook up with her, I won’t end with you!"
Zhang Yiping shrugged his shoulders. You’re not my wife. I don’t like you and I’m not in love with you. Why can’t I hook up with her?
But like Berenice, it’s like a deal to say it naked, and Zhang Yiping doesn’t think it’s interesting
Zhang Yiping said, "Dr. Berenis misunderstood, so what is the name of a pharmaceutical factory in the west of the city? If you are interested, let’s meet there one day and talk about it in detail!"
"What do you want me to do? The bed is not going anywhere! "Berenice added.
Zhang Yiping smiled. "Of course the bed doesn’t go that far, Berenice!"
"Smelly bitch is shameless …" Fang Shier-mei scolded with no ladylike demeanor.
"It’s called Stiss Pharmaceutical Factory! Berenis added, "If you want me to produce poisonous gas to hurt the French people, I would rather starve my family than promise you."
"Since it’s a pharmaceutical factory, of course, it’s a pharmaceutical factory. Of course, it saves lives! "Zhang Yiping said," I just want to hire you as an engineer in a pharmaceutical factory. There is no other attempt, but it is a bit rude for a gentleman to see a beautiful lady if he is not moved.
"yes! But you have to give me some bread, bacon and butter first. My family is starving. I’ll make a deal with you when I’m full! “
Zhang Yiping told a soldier to go back to the warehouse and carry a bag of flour with some butter and bacon to Berenice’s house.
Watching Berenice go away, Fang Ermei said to Zhang Yiping, "People say that a family has said that she has married someone and may even have children, otherwise she won’t put herself out to help people with laundry, and you will die."
Zhang Yiping shrugged again and said, "It’s better to be married!" …,
Party twelve younger sister jumped up and shouted, "Zhang Yiping, you’re so ashamed, even the orphans and widows don’t let go! “
"What are you talking about? Twelve sisters, I mean, I can do my work better if I get married. Don’t you want something good with this little brain? “
"I can do things for you. Why don’t you call me? “
"If you are a doctor of chemistry, I will call you. I’m afraid your knowledge of chemistry is even worse than that of middle school students."
"…" Fang Shimei said dumb that she changed several majors in a year and didn’t even know what chemistry was.
I hate you, Zhang Yiping! Party twelve younger sister said bitterly that she ran away alone.
When Zhang Yiping returned to the headquarters, he quickly drafted a newspaper and sent it to the Swiss shopkeeper to find a way to transport a ship "Banlangen" from the country.
When Qu Weiqing knew about this, he quickly came over and asked Zhang Yiping, "Commander, what are you doing with a boat of Banlangen?"
"Of course it’s for sale," Zhang Yiping said casually.
"Angry to tell you the truth, white Europeans are not interested in our China herbs. They are afraid that it may be a big loss to transport them to be used as firewood. Besides, Radix Isatidis has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, cooling blood and reducing swelling, and relieving sore throat. The root of it is a drug, and there is nothing wrong with blindly using Radix Isatidis."
Zhang Yiping said, "It’s not a problem. I’m going to ask someone to make Banlangen into potions or granules so that white people may accept it. Besides, I brought these Banlangen here mainly because of my brother Wei Qing. Don’t you think there are a little more people catching colds these days? “
Qu Weiqing frowned. He didn’t think there was much to catch a cold. He said, "A cold is a minor illness, and it’s normal to catch a cold in a few days."

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