Can just climb to the outside a few steps ankle covered with a hot again.
a moment
Light tone was strongly pulled back again.
But this time, covering her waist and back is not a man’s clothes with body temperature.
Men burn more than bare skin
The light sound shocked the whole person, and he didn’t dare to move in the soft mattress for a while.
"You can be me, you can be me." The man seems to be in a state of magic, and his hands slide toward the light voice and only clothes.
Tsukiyomi ikuto!’ Light voice eyes flush with fear and want to struggle, but there is no room to fight back because of being shackled by men.
In an instant, the only naked clothes in the light body are all faded.
At that moment, a little color in his face also felt the strength of a man holding himself firmly and the strange body temperature coming from his back and arms. The light tone and snore are the peculiar hormone smell of men.
great momentum
Violent and turbulent
"Ah, Tsukiyomi ikuto, don’t do this. I was wrong. I was wrong. I just shouldn’t be so angry with you for saying that." I broke away from the fruit light tone and gasped and hurried to explain to the back-to-back person. "But I came back overnight because it was an accident that you met Si Yunling."
A man’s breath falls softly on his neck and ears, as if he didn’t hear a woman’s explanation. One hand imprisons the body and the other hand slides to the woman’s waist and knees, and he has no strength to separate the woman’s legs.
Light tone body suddenly a stiff volume immediately higher than "Tsukiyomi ikuto! Do you really want to hurt me like this before you are willing? !”
Speak out in one word
The man’s hand suddenly stagnated at the waist, but it was only for a moment that the big hand continued to slide toward the waist, and at the same time, "Can you be me?"
Chapter 64 Pinch the peach blossom branches (29)
The big hand continued to slide toward the woman’s waist, and the man’s heavy breathing burned again for a few minutes.
Tsukiyomi ikuto!’ It’s a pity that after struggling for a moment, she didn’t escape the man’s identity, but she also let the hand on her chest easily hug her whole waist.
Light tone panic and cold "Tsukiyomi ikuto! I know you can’t listen to what I explain now, but I really never wanted to leave you! Yes! Maybe before, but then everything happened that made me like you for a long time. I don’t like anyone except you! If you want me, I can give it to you, but I beg you, I beg you, don’t want me like this! What am I going to do with myself after you let me? Continue to like you or hate your generation? ! What should I do after you let me! Are you so eager to destroy everything we have won so hard? !”
Like the night Jinze this matter when she was in her private villa, she knew her mind. In recent days, the intimacy between the two people has long said that she does not exclude them from going further.
Just because she doesn’t reject it doesn’t mean that she is willing to give her the first time in this situation. How should she face the night Jinze after she wakes up? !
Hate him?
Hate him?
Leave him? !
Or continue to like him and spend every day in self-loathing?
She doesn’t even want it.
She had a hard time going through hardships and nights when Jinze came to this point. Don’t let herself fall into a dilemma again!
Absolutely not!
Light voice with KuQiang sound, Jinze’s figure suddenly stagnated and tightly encircled the female waist, and the last intrusion suddenly froze.
"I refused Si Yunling’s mind, although I felt very bad in my heart, but I still refused. I didn’t want to bear you the thought that you would be sad. I refused even if I couldn’t bear to him again, because I actually found that I was selfish and would rather make him feel bad than make you feel sad at all."
Female words make men’s eyes move slightly, and even their breathing can’t be lightened. A pair of fox ears are quietly upright.
"I suddenly want to avoid you because it suddenly occurred to me that the ring you gave me is likely to contain a miniature bomb. I don’t want to put you in danger, even if it is a possibility, I dare not let you take risks."
"The first person I thought of in my mind when I got the ring was you. I can’t wait to come back and share it with you. I want to coax your heart and I don’t want to make you angry."
The man’s hesitation voice slowly raised, "Then why do you want to leave?"
Huge soft bed
I feel that the man’s anger seems to have subsided in a few minutes, and my heart suddenly settled. The white man finally listened to his words for the first time.
After a pause, it seems that he finally understood the man. Why would she be so angry when she left? After she crossed her little face with a blank look, she tilted her head and then turned to one side. "I think you are asleep. I don’t want to wake you."
"You know I can’t sleep without you." The man frowned and his words were still full of anger.
Light eyes suddenly flashed blankly. "Aren’t you used to going to bed at ten o’clock at night?" Don’t men spontaneously rest in bed at this time of the private villa? Sometimes it’s good to be disturbed by them at night, isn’t it?
"that was when you were there!" Man smell speech suddenly gas tooth itch can’t help but bowed their heads and heavily bite the female earlobe.
At that time, in the private villa, he was worried by the sound, and his body always had to take care of him personally.
If he didn’t go to bed so early, how could he be willing to be quietly held by him?
How could he possibly do something intimate as he wished? !
How can the sound and sound gradually adapt to his behavior and then get used to it every day? !
Chapter 649 Pinch the peach blossom branches (3)
I was suddenly bitten by Jinze at night, and the delicate face suddenly emerged with a blush. I even stumbled when I spoke. "I don’t know."
How did she know that such a trivial matter would lie to her when the dog was resting? !
"You never meant to me, too." The man suddenly lowered his head and gently put aside the female jade-like stone white shoulder. There was injustice in his tone. "If I hadn’t been pestering you all the time, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have looked at me more. You wanted to kill me the first time you saw me."
Whether it was the first time in the slums or the second time in the hotel three years later, if he hadn’t insisted on pestering his arms, he wouldn’t have noticed him.
In the final analysis, this relationship is ultimately his request.
The kind that is shameless.
Light tone smell speech a shock quickly turned and looked into the night Jinze.
At night, Jinze’s arms were slightly loose, and his body turned to himself. A pair of blood pupils had long since lost their previous monstrous anger and were replaced by a ruddy fox pupil.
Light tone heart suddenly distressed a "but I like you now"
It seems that I didn’t expect my arms to suddenly say this. Jinze looked well at night. Zheng’s eyes just flashed with a light, but the horse was dark. The tone was even more unhappy. "But you don’t just like me, you also like Si Yunxuan, and you also like it."
Distressed words haven’t finished with a gentle suddenly blocked the night Jinze lips.
Night Jinze alarmed at that moment even stiff figure for a few minutes.
"Fools like you and then they all like you, okay?"
At night, Jinze heard the words and looked deeply into the body. The girl’s blushing face felt that the woman was full of him at the moment. Suddenly, the man bowed his head and threw himself down for a moment.
In the vast palace
There is a cool chill flowing in the air.
Only the temperature on this side of the bed is rising, and there is a posture of not wanting to converge.
Regret softly.
There are many ways for her to comfort the dog, but how could she get confused and kiss it without thinking? Now, she’s been kissed, dizzy, short of breath, and I can’t see her. Let her go at all.
The man holds her shoulders and hands, and the temperature is rising and burning, and her whole person is burning up.
I feel that the man has changed again, and the light voice always pulls back a trace of reason, panting and rushing to stop trying to push the man.
But the arm was just strong, and the man suddenly stopped and hugged her tightly.
Light tone inexplicable zheng.
On the night of "Yinyin", Jinze held her arms tightly and her body was surprisingly warm.
The light tone turned to the side and the head looked puzzled. "Huh?"

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