After hearing the reply from the sky, King Wuji said, "The story of the lion camel country is that I heard from my father that I also told my son the story of the lion camel country."
"Five hundred years ago, the lion camel country was still a human country. In the past, the king of the lion camel country was also a monarch with great talents."
"He opposes Buddhism, and the whole country believes in the Eastern Gate Sanqing."
"It seems that the lion camel country believes in Sanqing, but in fact he is trying to get rid of the control of the Buddha on the lion camel country."
"Buddhism, lion camel, national law and the Far East method affect the lion camel country."
"In this case, the lion camel country has become a truly human country without being influenced by Buddhism and Taoism."
"But it wasn’t long before a peerless demon came to the lion camel country, and that demon ate the monarch of the lion camel country and the Manchu civil servants clean overnight."
"The lion camel country protects the country, and the monks all fall into the rations of the peerless demon."
King Wuji looked frightened when he talked about this topic.
Even if a virtuous monarch doesn’t want the people of Wuji to live like livestock, he can’t resist.
Where can mortals resist the God Buddha?
"Sir, are the gods and buddhas against us mortals?"
King Wuji’s tone is very melancholy.
Compared with those ordinary people, his king naturally wants money and has money.
But it is because of the high school that he sees more things.
"It is precisely because mortals can’t resist the Buddha that I will be possessed by demons."
"And the awakening of the people’s wisdom is a gradual process of escaping from order, and it is impossible for me to call on the people to give up their faith in the gods and buddhas from the very beginning."
"Strictly speaking, I am really carrying out a political reform in Wuji country."
"And I can assure you that the tragedy of the lion camel country will not happen in Wuji country."
Heaven is not the Jade Emperor, nor the Tathagata Buddha, nor the Taizu. He assured me in front of a mortal that the words were naturally pale.
But that black-bone chicken k felt an impulse to believe in heaven.
"If it is a political reform, it may be carried out in Wuji country."
After a moment’s hesitation, King Wuji spoke his decision to the sky.
Since ancient times, there has always been a country that can’t remain the same. If there is anything wrong with the political reform, King Wuji can stop it at any time.
The most important thing is that tianyi is reasonable and makes Wuji king feel trustworthy in his heart.
On the second day after talking with King Wuji about political reform, King Wuji announced to the court that Tian was the new national teacher of Wuji.
Naturally, the people in Wuji country do not have such a high level of ideological awareness, so they should be educated before they know what a democratic republic is.
After Tiancheng National Teacher, he vigorously developed people’s livelihood education, and he also introduced the mortal practice method to Wuji country.
On qualifications, everyone can practice.
The visible speed of Wuji country has changed.
The heavenly heart magic Taoist Wuji country was successfully broadcast.
Wuji kingdom has been stared at by Buddhists since its inception, otherwise there would be no such thing as King Wuji falling into the well and being trapped for three years.
Now that Wuji country has changed, Buddhism is naturally aware of it.
Guanyin Bodhisattva went to Huoyun Cave to accept Hong Haier, and instead of taking Hong Haier back to Zizhulin in the South China Sea, Hong Haier came to Wuji State together.
When Guanyin Bodhisattva set foot in Wuji country, she felt something at the first moment of the day.
After Journey to the West, the world Guanyin Bodhisattva made friends, but this world Guanyin Bodhisattva has not dealt with it yet.
Guanyin Bodhisattva didn’t do anything superfluous after she came to Wuji with Hong Haier. She walked the streets to observe the national health of Wuji.
At present, the prosperity of Wuji may not be as great as that of Chang ‘an Tang, but the spiritual outlook of the people has been there, but not yet.

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