It paws at each other and speaks for the first time in his life.
"So you know my number! !”
"I still can’t beat you … you are kidding me again …"
Mi Shan didn’t doubt that Qinglong spoke because the other party pointed at it. It was impossible to find out if it wasn’t stronger than itself.
You know, it hasn’t been exposed just now, so you just want to wait for the other party to suddenly break out and slap your face and export evil spirits!
Speaking of which, it drops its head and hangs its head like an ostrich once again.
"Get up, you are also a human totem-it’s time to show your ability and realize your real bear value!"
Tsing lung this majestic macro words a golden light immediately enveloped Mi Shan huge bear body.
It’s very shocking
At this time, Mi Shan’s young mind is full of scenes after birth …
After being hastened to ripen, it has been used as a weapon to conquer everywhere and bleed into rivers. After being defeated once, it has been ridiculed and ridiculed to the present.
But, but it was born not to kill but to save people …
Thought of here, it slowly straightened up. This dragon really didn’t cheat it. It was sober and didn’t get any magic!
The other party awakened its meaning.
Yes, I’m Xiong Lingmi Mountain!
I was born to thank heaven!
No one can confuse me this time. I speak for myself!
Seeing this scene, all the people in China secretly observed the black cat Tom, the rival of Chivalrous Man A, and so on … All of them looked aghast.
The dragon honour person has come to such a state? !
Sun Youyun is not a good person after a hundred battles; It is also a good person to defeat others without fighting.
The dragon honour person has evolved again from victorious battles! ! !
No wonder he saw through everything early after killing Xiong Ling!
Tong Fang Ning looked at Tong Shi in ten words.
Unified display (unified consumption of all anger slots and 100 vital qi slots makes the odd-level "ghost eye pupil" system see through the details of Xiong Ling.
Tong discovered that the talent ability of Xiong Ling was "giant bear"
The unified activation of the "Pu Zhen Jing" enabled the odd-level speech skills to persuade the successful sea-level strong Luo Cha Xiong Ling to choose to take the initiative to help the world.
Gain experience value of 1.3 billion points.
Unified access to astronomical figures, chivalrous names and unified world theory rose to 35 points.
At present, the speed for all followers to practice "Heaven and Earth Righteousness Tactics" has doubled again, and the duration has been extended to five years …
Is that okay? It’s getting more and more coquettish to learn God’s fighting exercises …
It’s a pity that some scholar said, "Alas, it’s really hard to get through it now; Otherwise, the actual experience value of killing words can be doubled ten times and it can be brushed several times more … "
"Fortunately, the host you just woke up, I hope that the sky is far away, otherwise I can’t imagine this trick, then I can draw with this bear, and I can’t get any experience, or the richest host is high."
Fang Ning was very ashamed when he heard this. He wanted to tell the truth that the root of my chosen object was not this bear.
But after thinking about it, he decided to take the credit for himself shamelessly, so he said lightly, "Hum, it’s time to talk now, isn’t it? Remember to listen to me after everything. "
Uncle Tong said, "Is it the host of the richest man in Britain and SHEN WOO?"
Fang Ning wondered, "Why don’t you keep calling me the Great Emperor?"
Tong Xing said, "The worship to heaven is over. The dragons have all gone home to sleep. Of course, the dream of the richest emperor should wake up."
Fang Ning "…"
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Iron octopus
Fang Ning managed to climb out of the sense of loss. Forget it. Can the great emperor continue to be a millionaire and fool around …

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