Chapter one hundred and fifty A monk can run but not a temple!
At the same time, Chu Yi also filtered in his mind, which may be congenital. The strong forces are many days, and it is really difficult to determine at the moment.
Zhu Han stepped out of his hand and broke the fan. He went straight to Chu Yi’s throat and said, "castrate the dog and remember that I am Zhu Han. Today, I should kill you in this country!"
Chu Yi’s figure flicked away from Zhu Han’s eyebrows and picked a sneer. "The original pavilion turned out to be a congenital strong Confucian. If Chu guessed correctly, is Zhu Xi your ancestor?"
The folding fan in Zhu Han’s hand is like a sword, especially when he was born with strength and flew into a rage, even Chu Yi had to deal with it carefully.
"I never thought that you, a castrated dog, should have such knowledge. Zhu is the ancestor!"
Chu Yi Zhu Han’s action against two congenital strong men is not small, but it’s just a blink of an eye, which has shocked the East Factory.
Dozens of east factories have poured out to see their masters play each other, but they can’t insert their hands.
Cao Shaoqin, JiHu two people appeared to see Zhu Han could fight with ChuYi a mutual look a change.
Chu Yi, Chu Yi, Cao Shaoqin, Jihu, etc. It is clear enough in their hearts. However, now such a person has come up to the same level as Chu Yixiu, not to mention that the other party must be congenital.
For such a thing, even if Cao Shaoqin and Jihu join them, it is difficult to play anything, and it may even affect Chu Yi’s play.
Qi Hu’s eyes were full of fighting spirit, but he didn’t dare to make a move to Cao Shaoqin easily. "Cao Gonggong, we should be so good!"
Cao Shaoqin looked at Zhu Han’s eyes and flashed a sinister color. "This person dares to assassinate the governor in broad daylight near the East Factory. It is simply arrogant. If you don’t leave a message today, then our East Factory is afraid to make people laugh and laugh."
Cao Shaoqin shouted at Qi Hu, "Qi Dangtou immediately called the crossbowman to stay today!"
As Cao Shaoqin ordered dozens of people in the East Factory to appear one by one with strong crossbows, Chu Yi and Zhu Han were surrounded all around.
As Cao Shaoqin said, Zhu Han’s real roots did not put Chu Yi at ease. Zhu Han seems that Chu Yi is unlikely to be born strong even at an early age.
If it weren’t for the innate strength, even Zhu Han, the top player in the Jianghu, would be killed on the spot with a dozen breaths.
It’s not that Zhu Han is so swaggering about Chu Yi at the entrance of the East Factory that he doesn’t know that there are many experts in the East Factory, but that he has enough confidence and grasp to get away safely.
As a result, after really playing against Chu Yi, Zhu Han couldn’t help swearing at Yang Tinghe. How did they receive the news? It means that Chu Yi practiced sunflower collection and never said that Chu Yi had reached the innate condition.
In particular, Chu Yi’s cultivation is no worse than his. Zhu Han really understands how Chu Yi had such a profound cultivation in twenty years. You know, it was a coincidence that he had been practicing hard for decades before he reached the congenital realm.
Even so, he has been amazed. Now compare him with Chu Yi. What kind of wizard is he? People are born strong like him, but they are younger than him for more than twenty years.
This is the first time that Chu Yi has played against the innate strong, not to mention the strange speed of the sunflower collection. Chu Yi has mastered the leading role in the process of playing against Zhu Han, and even Zhu Han can’t come if he wants to get away after he senses something bad.
All around, many East factories are surrounded by strong crossbows, such as Jihu and Cao Shaoqin, and several first-class players in the East Factory are also armed with bows and arrows.
The complexion becomes gloomy than Zhu Han’s striking with Chu Yi’s palm. With the anti-seismic force, his figure falls like a big bird towards a distant house.
To be able to escape into those houses, even Chu Yi personally tracked Zhu Han and was fully confident of getting away.
However, Zhu Han underestimated the readiness of the crossbowman. What these people didn’t do before was naturally a scruple against Chu Yi.
One thousand hurt ChuYi that’s not good now Zhu Han is pulled with ChuYi distance heard Cao Shaoqin a sharp shout "shoot!"
Voice immediately see dozens of arrows qi qi into Zhu Han.
Zhu Han felt the whole body hair pricked up, and his heart throbbed. When you look intently, you will see dozens of arrows, but they will lock without any deviation.
After all, everyone who can be elected to the East Factory is a good bowman, which is the foundation. Most of them practice various methods. It is conceivable that Zhu Han is equivalent to facing dozens of Jianghu experts at the moment.
What a Zhu Han unexpectedly moved three feet and avoided dozens of arrows in an instant. However, Zhu Han’s strong luck and true qi deficiency paid a lot of money, which can be seen from Zhu Han’s pale face and falling body shape.
However, when Zhu Han avoided the dozens of strong crossbows to shoot arrows, he had already waited for Cao Shaoqin, Jihu and other east factory stall leaders to shoot arrows in an instant.
At the moment, Zhu Han has forced the movement of true qi deficiency to traverse once. As a result, Cao Shaoqin and them have evaded the blow again.
But the innate strong is not so easy to deal with. When Zhu Han shakes the folding fan in his hand, he immediately sees the fan-shaped blaster created by fine steel.
The blaster came out of the fan bone in the middle, and the arrows successfully resolved the crisis. Zhu Han stumbled and turned to leave.
"Since you have come to the pavilion, don’t go!"
However, Chu Yi Yin is Zhu Han’s ear ringing, and Chu Yi appears like a ghost. Zhu Han’s side grabbed Zhu Han’s arm with one hand.
Zhu Han couldn’t help but look a change, just leaping and leng being pulled by Chu Yi.
"Let go of the castrated dog!"
Good a Zhu Han single-handedly into a knife sharp than toward ChuYi beheaded, but ChuYi give up at the same time, it is a horizontal stroke slapped Zhu Han chest.
Wow, a mouthful of blood spurted out from Zhu Han’s mouth, and his body was shot out by Chu Yi, and a carp jumped over the high wall instantly.
Suddenly, an arrow blaster came, especially when it was mixed with the arrows of the East Factory, such as Jihu and Cao Shaoqin.

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