Monkey said, "That old demon is very difficult to release. Fortunately, I saw this wind a few days ago, so I was not hurt by it."
"Brother, what is the monster’s martial arts?"
"That fellow fork method is neat, but it can be seen that the wind is evil."
"If you say so, you need to hold the wind or keep that fellow from letting it out," he warned.
Monkey nodded. "Brother said to wait for me to find out again."
A good walker turned into a flower-footed mosquito by jumping in front of the mountain.
Smart body and feet, slender beak, flapping wings and dancing all night
Turn over the door and enter the fine weather, and quietly get a pimple.
Monkey saw the little demon at the gate shout and bite his face, so that the little demon turned over and woke up and shouted, "My mother! Good mosquito "
Pinch a knot in one’s heart and see the mosquito fly in, but don’t poke it. I can’t get one by one. I have to let my brothers taste it, too
When Monkey saw the old demon turn over and fall asleep, he immediately went into the body with sad Mimi to check that it was already asleep.
Heart andao good opportunity!
Suddenly, I turned myself in place and pulled out the stick.
Wu Ming was awakened, too. The monkey really snuck in. The black hand wanted to sneak in and kill him, but it was not so easy. After all, Huang Fengguai was not wannabe, and he needed a hand.
"Hey, hey, let you do something bad, and you will be charged!"
Immediately lift the stick and hit that Huang Fengguai head.
Then Huang Fengguai suddenly felt that his life was in danger, and when he woke up, he couldn’t help shouting, "Sun Wu!"
I hurried to get the steel fork around me, but Wu Ming had been on guard against secretly calling a definite word, and that fellow fell on his head with a numbness in his hands and feet before he regained consciousness. The red and white were mixed into a ball of mud pills, and the Palace was also beaten to death.
This action immediately alarmed the small demons outside the door, and Monkey picked up a stick to beat the daylights out of a hole of goblins and fled.
Chaos, Huang Fengguai’s body is gone, and it’s not satisfactory
It is said that two thousand miles south of here is the Little Sumi Mountain.
Since Huang Fengguai was smashed into a head by Wu Ming, he has closed a mountain retreat and will open the mountain gate only recently.
On this day, the Bodhisattva suddenly felt uneasy. After a calculation, she could not help but be amazed that Huang Fengguai was dead.
Then why did Sun Wu have such a thing?
Then don’t do Liantai and tell his master to watch the Dojo and drive Xiangyun straight to Huangfengling to see the white.
I’ll be there soon.
Monkey was trying to get Master out of the cave and found some vegetarian food to eat before going on his way.
Suddenly, when I saw the first auspicious cloud covering the Buddha’s light, Sanzang hurried to bow down. "I don’t know which bodhisattva came to visit my brother and asked for forgiveness!" Forgive me! "
Lingji said, "Holy Monk, please remind me that I am Little Sumi Mountain and bodhisattva lingji has come down to Huang Fengguai."
Monkey jumped out and said, "Hehe, Bodhisattva came late. That evil animal has been killed by my old grandson."
The Bodhisattva’s eyebrows jumped lightly in disbelief. "That fellow is a Taoist at the foot of the Lingshan Mountain, a mouse who practices God and knows Samadhi’s magical wind, and he stole colored glaze and sesame oil. He was taken care of by the Tathagata and shouldn’t die. If the Great Sage wants to kill him, it’s not that easy."
The monkey immediately told the story of changing himself into a mosquito and killing Huang Fengguai by sneak attack.
Bodhisattva lingji couldn’t help but feel suspicious and it’s hard to say that the monkey didn’t leave for an excuse.
When I reached the sky, I called out the rotating golden head and the guardian yoga blue.
"We have seen bodhisattva lingji."
Lingji nodded. "Let me ask you if what Monkey said is true."
Jin Tou revealed the truth, "Bodhisattva, I don’t know if it’s true that the Great Sage around Tang Priest has made changes day and night."
"Well, you can retire."
Bodhisattva lingji immediately waved back the public protector, and his heart became more and more agitated. He once lost something that damaged the Buddha’s heart, and once it was triggered, it was difficult to calm down.
At the moment, I feel that all my plans have become a great opportunity, but my eyes are getting red and my Buddha’s light is not clean. It seems that there are signs of obsession.
Wu Ming’s hidden eyes in the dark appeared thousands of pupils, and the eyebrows were also cracked. Four figures emerged that bodhisattva lingji’s figure came into view.
"It was him!"
This fellow has become a bitter body. When he became a Taoist, he somehow cut a knife to stop him from becoming a Taoist!
At the beginning, those four sufferings pulled him into the dreamland, but he could never escape from his way at that time. Fortunately, he refined those four guys in a small furnace, but he didn’t get any magical power, but he also had some great Buddhist breath, so he guessed which bodhisattva he was. Now he also practices Buddhism and will recognize Lingji as soon as he sees it.
Since this fellow came first, don’t blame being original and not paying attention to manners!
Wu Ming took out a jade bottle, which contained some dirty things like black ink, that is, the essence of the flesh and blood of the owl. If Ling Ji was on the verge of being possessed, could he stand it?
Wu Ming didn’t dare to work out that thing, and poured some in a small bottle.
Then look for opportunities.
Bodhisattva lingji also felt his own strangeness. Seeing that it was going to be the night, the four Tang Priests and Mentors had already set out on their way, and then they flashed into the yellow wind tunnel.
"Then Sun Wu said that Huang Feng was killed with a stick in the bed, and I’ll go and see the body."
Act quickly and walk into the second door to see that there is also a pool of blood on the stone bed
"hmm? Why is the body no longer there? "
But at this moment, a break came to bodhisattva lingji, and immediately turned to Feilong’s staff.

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