"Who is in the mood to teach you to play basketball?" Disgruntled and waved away the dust.
"Wait, what do you want to learn to play basketball? "Sick feel that accepting an apprentice can better reflect his basketball general demeanor.
"I don’t know. I just think I need to do more things I haven’t done."
"That you go to murder and arson? "Shame think this reason bullshit.
"I, I dare not" said the dust. Of course, don’t say that he dare not even dare to be ashamed.
"All right, all right, we’ll teach you to play basketball. From now on, I will be the master, and he will be your second master."
"A great master is a good teacher, and a second master is a good teacher." It is said that few good people are willing to talk about illness and shame.
"Come here, I’ll teach you how to shoot." Jump up and plop when you are sick. Some people want to laugh, but he knows that you can’t laugh because you are sick.
I am sick and dissatisfied. I looked up at the sky as if the ball had scored in this way. When I looked up, I saw the rooftop. Zhang Hui thought that she would not be bullied by three peppers again. Thought of here!
"Shame on you for teaching him to play basketball" is sick and runs like a rooftop.
At the moment, Zhang Hui put her hands on the guardrail. The guardrail has just reached her chest. The wind blows a little cold and she is really in a bad mood.
At Christmas, she confessed that she vomited. She went home and cried for a long time. She didn’t learn to cry for more than ten days. She finished her mood and came to school again. She wanted to meet Xiang Ke and said, I don’t like you, idiot! But as soon as I got to school, I heard that Xiang was dead. How is that possible?
Chapter 97 Liubei eldest brother
It turned out that she just forgot Xiang when she came to No.1 Middle School, but recently she was very meteor at Meteor Ghost Garden Story School. Everyone talked about who was going to die all day, which reminded her of Xiang again.
She always felt that she was a little better than Molly, and Xiang would like herself when she was a little better, but she lost in a big mess at the Christmas party, and she fell into a deep inferiority complex.
What surprised her even more was that her father was going to divorce her mother, and she also knew that her father had a son and daughter outside. In other words, she also had a younger brother and sister. Of course, even if her family property was divided into 100 shares, her generation would not worry about food and clothing, and although she was rich, she never lost her family.
In her eyes, dad has always been the most perfect, and she is convinced that this perfection will last forever, but the facts are out there for people to refute.
She thinks it’s boring to live. It’s better to die. This society is too fake. It’s not that she wants the world. She wants to climb the fence.
Don’t penetrate into your mind! She jerked back.
"What are you doing here?" I’m sick, my hands are hunched over my knees, and I’m out of breath.
"I want you to take care of it"
Zhang Hui is not angry at being sick, but disappointed. She hopes that she can’t look back at anyone, so that she can make up her mind and call him Xiang, so that she can have the courage to live well.
"Aren’t you cold? It’s so windy. "It feels much better to lean against the wall when you are sick."
"not cold"
The weather has improved. They all have brand-name coats. Even if it is windy, it is not cold. Unlike Xiaowei, there is no money at home. Even if the clothes are worn, the wind will shake badly.
"Let’s play basketball together."
"I won’t"
"I’ll teach you that I’m good at basketball." I gave myself a thumbs-up when I was sick.
Zhang Hui thinks it’s funny. She has seen a sick person playing basketball. The skill is absolutely terrible, but it’s because it’s terrible that Zhang Hui doesn’t care. Just play if she thinks so.
I have to say that it’s a good time to be sick. After all, Zhang Huizhen is really lonely at the moment. She needs someone to accompany her, so they came to the stadium and were ashamed to see Zhang Huixiao give a thumbs-up to her illness.
When Zhang Hui is tired in the afternoon class, she will lie prone on her desk and sleep. When she is sick, she will giggle and look at Zhang Hui in a daze.
"Kiss, kiss" shame encouraged
I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I’m afraid. After all, there are too many people. If you mess around and get slapped, it’s absolutely embarrassing.
"Afraid of what an idiot wouldn’t you say so? "Shame took an idiot to help an idiot, and he turned his head and still nodded his head in support.
Encouraged by illness, I took a deep breath and leaned over to prepare for a kiss. Anyway, I may not be found when I fell asleep.
Bo kissed his cheek lightly, and when he was sick, he felt hot and restless. He soon managed to keep his position safe for fear of being discovered by Zhang Hui.
"Awesome" shame gave a thumbs up.
After school, I was ashamed to go to Changkang Street to learn hip-hop, but the idiot said that he was very dissatisfied with not accompanying them for something. He thought that brothers should be together every day.
Of course, being sick means being very understandable. After all, it is only natural that someone else’s idiot is now dating a couple in Xiao Fang.
Shame slanders idiots and leaves school with illness at the same time. At this moment, f4 four people are walking to the parking lot.
"Ah, why is Wang Aiguo still alive?" Guangyu was very dissatisfied and said that Guangyu hated Wang Aiguo, so it was necessary to start with Wang Aiguo’s smoking.
That time, Wang Aiguo went to the toilet to catch a cigarette, and Zhanfei was impatient. A cigarette butt hit the wall and bounced back. It just happened that Guangyu bird’s tragedy was conceivable. Of course, Zhanfei was a brother and it was impossible to blame him for this. Wang Aiguo must die.
"Yeah, this meteor ghost garden doesn’t work." Obviously Zhanfei gnashed her teeth like Wang Aiguo.
"Don’t say that novels are fiction." Zhao Yunxiao said that although his grades are not good, he is also a superstition that science wants a meteor ghost garden. He naturally doesn’t believe it.
"I said, can you use your brains, dead or alive?" Liu Bei scolded him. Although he didn’t know a few words, he was notoriously bad, but he could say that if he studied these thoughts again, the Jedi was a talent.
"The boss said," A few people nodded. They said to Liubei Pei’s passionate admiration that dried flowers and flowers are dried flowers. Four people had a good night.
Before that, they had a lot of masturbation in front of huahua photos, and it was conceivable that they had a long-cherished wish to get what they wanted.
A few people stopped at the front of Emma’s bullet train in Wang Aiguo and looked around-except for shame and illness, they became bold. After all, these two people are one of their own.
Liubei took out diagonal pliers and looked around for a good half-day.
"Guangyu brake line is which one? "Liubei naturally doesn’t understand machinery, and I don’t know which thread can’t be cut off. Guangyu’s house is a 4s shop, although four wheels and two wheels are different.
Guangyu also squatted down to look around and pointed to a root and said
"This pair is this one."
Liubei will diagonal pliers clamp the brake line force, and then it seems that it is still cutting constantly.
"Zhaoyun help" Liubei dumped some cutting pain Zhaoyun also gather together to bite a tooth snapping a brake line is broken four people shake head ready to leave.
"Isn’t this the principal’s car?" What is Zhan Fei dissatisfied with when he sees Mercedes parked beside him? Because the principal made a fuss! Although they also know that many men miss flowers, they can never accept an old man like the principal.
Due to the phenomenon of losing cars in the past, the school made several anti-theft parking spaces, that is, four steel pipe chains were erected to form a fence, and there was a lock in and out of that chain.
"Yes, this fool is ugly and dead, and it’s such a good car." Guangyu was very dissatisfied. After all, he didn’t even get such a good car.
"Cut his brake line?" Zhao Yunyi said
"No alarm" Guangyu Ma stopped it.
"It’s really uncomfortable" Zhanfei scolded. Seeing someone unhappy and taking him out of his way was really depressing.
"You can’t use your head." Liubei lit a cigarette and complained.
"Eldest brother, do you have any idea?" A group of people asked excitedly.

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