The young monk was silent when he wished to die.
Outside the dry well, there was a gust of snow in the courtyard, and a dozen strange figures appeared quietly with the snow.
People dressed in ordinary Jianghu are different from them. They cautiously look up at the sky, look at the night, look at the ten thousand knives hanging in the city and look at the bamboo knife in the dry well.
Their silence
They seem to be waiting for something.
The snowstorm in the courtyard is becoming more and more urgent, and more and more companions appear in the snow. A snowstorm swept through and a group of people flashed.
Soon hundreds of people gathered in the original snowy courtyard!
Hundreds of people surrounded the dry well, and hundreds of people stared at it closely. They didn’t move.
They can choose to stick to the hostages until they receive exact instructions!
Hanging a string on the south building
As night falls, there is a cold lonely moon flying out of the restaurant in the snowy Silver City, sending out a awe-inspiring knife glow and scanning people.
After the spatula, there were dozens of figures, several pavilions, and streets flashed and swept alternately …
Wan Dao Xuan cheng
In the restaurant, the crane-haired old man’s eyes are changing and his body is pouring into Jack nife. This moment really reigns.
Tiandao Dao is the moment of worship for the monarch and the minister. It needs to scan people. It needs to summon.
Jack nife sings it regal summons the residual knife to the Lord.
Regal scares ten thousand knives, so don’t dare to disobey! So the whole city hung a knife, but when they heard Jack nife’s summoner, they all fell on their knees and fell silent! While the commander of Yanling Wei, Yuwen Valve, personally traced back to the direction of the hanging knife gradually becoming silent …
The courtyard of the dry well was summoned by Jack nife, and the bamboo knife suddenly rang out from the sky, and several knives were silent for an instant, which was particularly harsh.
Hundreds of aliens in the courtyard are frightened!
Everyone suddenly looked up at the sky.
The gate of the courtyard was rushed into the courtyard and looked flustered. The foreigners shouted "God will order everyone to leave quickly!"
There are thousands of silent knives hanging in the silver, and the junction of night and day stands out, and the bamboo knives are dazzling.
So several people looked up and looked ahead.
They saw that the night covered half of Silver City, and the people were cold and cold, and the lonely moon flew towards the bamboo knife.
After the Moon Knife, dozens of Yanlingwei have seen the trilling bamboo knives, speeding up the road, and their figures are flashing towards the courtyards where people are interested.
Aware of being suddenly surrounded by dozens of strong breath, hundreds of aliens in the courtyard dare not delay after receiving orders from God, and they are scattered from the courtyard like frightened birds, and a team of ten people rushed away in all directions.
The other direction gradually became silent with the sword, and was finally attracted by the singing of bamboo knives, and he came to the attic of Yuwen Valve’s negative hand courtyard. He watched hundreds of foreigners crashing away and gathering together, but he didn’t worry about it.
Because there are more Yanlingwei behind him from all directions to form a tight encirclement in a very orderly way.
Liu Thirteen, a dry well, heard the fighting outside and knew that reinforcements were coming, regardless of the bamboo knife hanging high above him. He suddenly shouted in the direction of the wellhead … Shouting in the ear, the eyes of Yuwen Valve suddenly locked on the dry well …
He disappeared.
His figure reappeared.
He looked at three people locked in the cage in the cage.
Liu XIII rejoices "Yuwen predecessors"
Yuwenfa smiled, "Don’t be afraid of children. I’ll take you home."
A terrible strength from the foot.
The strength is like thunder walking along the cage. At a certain moment, the fastening cage collapses and breaks. The posture of Yuwen valve is extremely fast, like a gentle breeze rolling three people out of the well.
A terrible ripple suddenly broke out at the junction of dry well, night and day. The ripple rolled with snow and scattered air billow, and the terrible air billow washed the hanging knives all over the city to pieces and fell one after another, which would cover half the city and drive the night away layer by layer.
That’s the scanning man, the moon in King’s Landing, and the knife collision every day!
They found the bamboo knife at the same time and did not hesitate to cut it!
The bamboo knife broke and broke like snowflakes.

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