"Zhao De, I can’t believe you dare to start work. You’re still backwards …"
But before Zhao Xuan could finish speaking, Zhao De’s hand interrupted the branch and roared toward her head.
"Zhao Xuan, you monster, you poor wretch, now you are happy as a joke of Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu has lost your position. Even if I kill you today, I think Dad won’t blame me. Don’t blame me for being ruthless. Blame your so-called miracle, you jinx, you waste. Today I will get rid of your joke for Zhao Fu!"
Zhao De, who was crazy and growling, was crazy and whipped Zhao Xuan over and over again. Before long, she was covered in blood.
"Zhao De has the guts to kill me today. If you can’t kill me, Zhao Xuanchi will get this account back early!"
I didn’t expect Zhao Xuan’s mind to be more determined
"How dare you provoke me now?"
On the other hand, Zhao De also became more popular because of Zhao Xuan’s sentence.
"Little chop suey, stop it for the old man!"
And when Zhao Xuan was unconscious, she vaguely heard Zhao Dahu’s voice.
For Zhao Xuan at the moment, Zhao Dahu’s voice is as sweet as the sound of nature saving her from suffering.
"Big … big emoko …"
But before Zhao De finished speaking, there was a burning pain in his right face.
Zhao Debai’s slap was drawn by Zhao Dahu for Zhao Xuan.
"Get out of here for a few days. Don’t let me see you again, you little bastard, or I’ll see you again and again and hit you again!"
A reprimand angrily to Zhao Dahu very easily will Zhao De this gang is scold away.
"Are you okay, dear son? Let me see. Let me see you. Tell me about you. Why don’t you stay in the house and come out? You don’t know how many troubles you will face when you come out. I’m silly sister. You look at your whole body …"
Before Zhao Xuan shed tears, the five-big, three-thick, dark-faced man took the lead in shedding his tears and sobbed while holding the man who had already been lying in his arms.
"Dear son, brother doesn’t hurt. On weekdays, I always stay alone in the house and really talk. I don’t want to somehow. I am also the Zhao family. I am the Zhao family’s blood flowing in my body. Others will not dare to do anything with me. I don’t know what’s wrong with Zhao De today. I’m not allowed to set foot in this garden. I’m also excited by Zhao De to get him back a few words. Don’t worry, I will do a good job in early screening and then choose the best trip."
Although Zhao Xuan doesn’t even have the strength to speak at this time, it is intermittent to speak, and she gasped several times on the way, but these words were really finished by her.
"You can forget it, dear son. Just listen to my brother once. Stay at home and wait for my triumph this time. Do you know that Brother Rong has promised me the day before yesterday that when I finish this execution, I will take you on a two-month long vacation, and then I will take you to travel and have a good time?"
While rushing towards yiguang, Zhao Dahu constantly comforted Zhao Xuan because he found that after Zhao Xuan had said those words, the whole person’s spirits were more weak. He was really afraid that his sister would faint because of her own injuries before she got to yiguang’s arms.
"This is what you said. I didn’t force you. I listened to you. You can’t break your word …"
In the end, Zhao Xuan closed her eyes this time because she really didn’t have the strength to open her eyes again.
"I will never break my word. I will never break my word …"
And Zhao Dahu in addition to constantly repeating this sentence is to run harder.
When the mind returns to the body, when the rain washes the face …
When people in the valley gradually rest, when the lights of every house are all over the window …
When a night of thunder and explosion …
When a flash appears in the sky …
"So Beitang, you should know that everything we have done is for the vast number of people, and everything we have dedicated is to save this day. We have done justice, we have scattered justice, and all we have done is the sense of mission in our hearts, the sense of responsibility that we have always been proud of. What we are doing is Tiandao Road, and we are facing the chaotic enemy outside the sky. You must understand me, understand what I have done, and understand that we are in the moral Beitang. I love you and I am sorry."
After saying this sentence, Zhao Xuan suddenly threw aside his original oiled paper umbrella, then caught in the rain and hugged Yu Beitang’s generous body. Then he stood on tiptoe slightly and closed his eyes, patting his face with rain and gently kissing Yu Beitang’s mouth.
This is a kiss of love, but also a kiss of hope.
The significance of this kiss must be understood by Yu Beitang better than anyone else.
The only thing Yu Beitang can do is to hold his wife tightly and his lover tightly, and then the rain hits his face. There is nothing else he can do at this time.
Because the army led by Li Er has already arrived in the city.
When memories wash away my heart along with the rain, I am truly white. I don’t need pity, pity or understanding.
Because I’m Zhao Xuan, the forerunner of guarding the secrets of all things.
Chapter five hundred and sixty Pioneer Yu Beitang
Sometimes you don’t have to say it when you love someone.
Because action will show your heart.
Sometimes you don’t have to be too grandiose to love someone.
Because you can know your true thoughts in your eyes.
Sometimes loving someone is so simple, there are not so many fancy routines and so many annoying trivial nagging.
Sometimes loving someone requires you to give your heart and wait for the return.
If Zhao Xuan’s love in his heart is compassion for the world of mortals and great love for everything, then Yu Beitang’s love in his heart is for one person.
Because Yu Beitang’s mind and body are occupied by Zhao Xuan, there is no way to make room for the rest of the things.
Of course, love for Yu Jiang is a father’s love for his knees and a father’s hope for the future.
This love is not that love.
On that day, it rained so recklessly and beat my lover’s eyebrows so coldly and patted his lover’s shoulder. Yu Beitang knew that this was the best time to leave.
How can it rain when you leave?
At least at this time, in this situation, it’s a great occasion, and it’s a great response to the sadness in their hearts.
In the distant valley, people gradually put out the candlelight in this sparse spring rain, and then let the family enjoy a moment of peace in the rainy night.
And further afield, danger is approaching and killing is brewing.
This is very clear in Zhao Xuan’s heart, and her husband Yu Beitang is also very white about the current situation.
This is a killing, this is a war to avoid the law.
It is also clear to Yubeitang that it is hard to face this boundary.
But now, for Jiemen and Zhao Xuan, it’s really not a time when Li Er went to recklessly, because the weapon in the ancient ruins, which was forgotten by the time in the depths of Yulin Mountain, was buried in the coffin hundreds of meters away.
Zhao Xuan and Yu Beitang are very thorough in this regard. They are both white. If this weapon is taken away by you, then this day will really be chaotic.
Ten years ago, Yun Ze alone was a disaster to the whole Jinzhou, which made the local people struggle to survive in the turbulent years.
And just this spring, it was a direct blood sacrifice for the whole Lingchuan city, which made tens of thousands of people directly die in this blood sacrifice.
How big a shock will this antique, which is about to come out, cause?

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