"So I finally decided to imitate your’ Long Mai Force’ to gather the entities of the heavens and the earth."
Here Xiaoqing sound paused a little before continuing and then said
"Humans give me wisdom, dragons give me strength, and three green dumplings give me immortality …"
"And this form of eyes gives me the qualification to be a ghost."
"Just like Buddhism and Taoism, I am now qualified to take Shinto."
The second chapter dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day
Eyes flashed a ray of Pei Wende suddenly realized what Xiaoqing this form means.
The incarnation of heaven and earth and the creation of ghosts and gods symbolize fear of death. There is no doubt that zombies are his best secular form.
"Unfortunately, this form is not complete."
Once again, the zombie changed back to human form and gently put it in his hand. Xiaoqing shook his head regretfully.
"In addition to referring to your Long Mai force, I also referred to the corpse we met at the beginning …"
"It may be because they have imitated their characteristics too much that this form will become what it just looked like."
Xiaoqing is very dissatisfied with her ghost form because it is so ugly.
It’s not so nice to say that Xiaoqing didn’t show much, but after such a long time, her aesthetics have already converged with Pei Wende.
Just like when I first fell in love with Pei Wende, Xiaoqing felt that the other yuan God, Mohologa, was quite in line with her own aesthetics.
After the formal taxiing, Xiaoqing was quite angry that she had neglected the fine-tuning of her body.
"What’s the matter?"
"Ghosts and gods are the shape of your previous appearance, and it is not necessarily the final shape."
Speaking of this, Pei Wende feels that he has a lot to say.
Because of his heterogeneous Yuan God-Mohologa has just become a black dragon with claws after several transformations.
He believes that the same is true of Xiaoqing ghosts and gods.
The zombie with ferocious face and wings on her back is her initial form, which will evolve with the accumulation and transformation of Shaqi sooner or later, which is more in line with Xiaoqing’s aesthetic form.
In fact, even ordinary people can change their bodies through perennial exercise, let alone change their spirits.
"Even if one day, it will be ugly."
Eyes flashed a little drunk Xiaoqing said this sentence and then decisively decided to end this topic.
"By the way, I found out what you told me before."
"There are some farmers in the mountain who are willing to replant tea trees, but the number and scale are not large …"
"The only guarantee is that these agricultural departments are voluntary and there is no landlord gate to force them."
See this situation PeiWenDe also be well-advised to change the subject.
Although he didn’t know when Xiaoqing was so proud of herself.
Immortality and strength are her pursuit, aren’t they?
"That’s good. After all, it’s better to experiment with replanting or not to affect the normal life of farmers."
Pei Wende has been thinking about replanting since Chongjinshan Temple.
After all, the Jinshan Mountain is not exhausted. Once the moths appear behind the Jinshan Mountain, whether they are harvested or officially recycled by the government, they have a great impact on Runzhou people.
So in order to ensure the prosperity of Runzhou, Pei Wende can find another way to find a "golden mountain"
And planting tea means Pei Wende Runzhou people looking for another "golden mountain"
It is not necessary to replant a large area, but to ensure that the harvest situation is partially promoted, so that Runzhou can maintain prosperity to a certain extent.
In addition to the necessary practice on weekdays, Pei Wende mostly helps the magical power of "proving the Tao in dreams" to select suitable tea varieties.
After several trial and error and improvement, Pei Wende finally completed the normal agricultural needs in less than a year, which was bred by several generations.
At present, the first batch of tea varieties to be replanted is the high-quality tea varieties carefully selected by Pei Wende, and the climate and environment in Runzhou are also very suitable.
"You spend a little more energy on this."
Xiaoqing frowned slightly, even if she was drunk, she also had this practice for Pei Wende.
"You pulled them back from the famine, and that’s enough."
"Now you’re trying to teach them all kinds of skills. Your brother probably doesn’t have your heart."
However, in the face of Xiaoqing reprimanding Peiwende, it is called shrugged his shoulders.
"You can’t say that food and clothing is the most basic problem. People always have to pursue a little higher when they live."
Seems to know this way to refute Xiaoqing Peiwende and then unhurriedly continued after saying this sentence.
"Besides, Runzhou’s prosperity is hard to come by now. Don’t you have the heart to watch it decline again?"
If Pei Wende’s efforts and time this year are the first, Xiaoqing is definitely the second.
This point of view is that it is hard to maintain the operation of the river, or that it takes less energy to run errands for Pei Wende than Xiaoqing.
Sure enough, Pei Wende expected the Buddha to overlook Longyou Lake and Xiaoqing was silent.
Seeing with one’s own eyes that the people of Runzhou are re-emerging a little bit from a waste of time, Xiaoqing has felt more than she did in the past 100 years.
"I agree with your brother now."
"It’s a wave for you not to follow him to’ reform’."
After a short silence, Xiaoqing once again raised his hip flask and drank heavily, and his face burst into a relaxed and pleasant smile.
"I have no ambition and I know that his’ reform’ is doomed to be futile."
Xiaoqing that slightly dumbfounded eyes PeiWenDe first revealed his views on Hui Ji ambition.
"My brother has the vision of recreating the’ Buddha country’ and practicing this vision to execute it …"
"But he ignored one point or he deliberately looked at the most important point …"
"The’ revolution’ has never been a matter for one person or a group of people, but a great innovation that must be participated in all day."
"My brother thought about feeding the people in heaven, but never thought about this kind of’ reform’. Even if it really achieved results in the end, it was just raising a group of lambs to be slaughtered to continue the life of the Tang Dynasty."
"The more successful his’ reform’ is, the more stable his position as a prince and nobleman will be."
"Only by letting the bottom people realize what they need again and take the initiative to make changes can we create a real’ Buddha country’!"
When he said this, Pei Wende’s tone was firm and strong, and his eyes exuded a look that Xiaoqing had never seen before
"Break and then be reborn!"
"Let the people know what they need and move towards this goal together to make this sun and moon change into a new day!"
"My brother lacks everything except the courage and courage to call the sun and the moon for a new day!"
Chapter III The Age of Everyone as a Dragon
"You really are crazy …"
Xiaoqing bowed her head slightly and didn’t let people see her expression at the moment.
"I knew you were crazy from the moment you brazenly preached the Avenue to a group of monsters."

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