Star crazy body began to swing like a drunk, but it couldn’t lock his position. He seemed to swing like a horizon with the star crazy body. A knife gas came from the star crazy body and ambushed his heart. At this time, it burst out like a thick magma burst from the volcano, forcing the firm but gentle to cut the faces of Zhao Wu and others around him repeatedly.
Lin Luo instead closed his eyes at this time and didn’t look at the swaying star crazy figure. The whole heart sank to observe the gods and explore the star crazy position.
I want the breeze to blow and the sun to shine. I am me, and I am my world. No one can shake or interfere.
"ah! That is an absolute field! "
Looking at half Lin Luo, the whole person seems to be wrapped in a cocoon. Zhu Yuanjin’s face is heavy and watery. Obviously, he also knows that Lin Luo suddenly has a qualitative breakthrough.
Zhao ming glanced at his ancestor Zhao Wuyin and said, "What is the absolute realm?"
Zhao Wu seems to have stayed for a long time to react. "That’s the strongest field in the field. It’s an extreme understanding of the field. It’s a manifestation that a monk in the Nirvana period can understand such a field. This Lin Luoyuan baby actually understood such a field …"
Zhao ming and Zhao Wu looked at each other and saw the magic weapon of greed and desire from each other’s eyes. Lin Luo must have some kind of magic weapon
Lin Luo is immersed in a kind of bathing aura, controlling his own feelings and drifting to his side. His anger is cheering and cheering, and Lin Luo is intimate with him and dedicated to him.
It is the most difficult for people to control themselves. Many actions are to pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages. They are thirsty, hungry, hungry, and have a sense of direction. It is every monk’s desire to control himself. It is the first step for cultivating immortals to control themselves before they are qualified to control others, control nature and control rules.
Lin Luo knows the reason why he understands the absolute realm. Because of his powerful process of drawing symbols, he exercises his knowledge again and again, which makes his knowledge advance by leaps and bounds every day. Today, he was inspired by the move of "Drunk Dance Long song" by Xing Crazy.
The star is crazy and furious, just like thunder rolling towards Lin Luo, but when it comes to Lin Luo, it can’t hurt Lin Luo at all. The star is crazy and roaring with a knife, and a python phantom comes out of the knife and rolls around, sweeping up a storm. The snake head is clearly engraved with the word”, and the vertical pupil emits a ferocious snake letter, as if with a fishy smell.
Lin Luo slightly opened his eyes, erected the Yunxiao sword on his chest, and then retreated half a step. The tip of the sword pointed out that the sword seemed to be extremely slow, but it seemed to slow down, but in fact, it was an illusion that stayed in people’s eyes.
Monty python phantom roared into a cloud and disappeared, but the residual potential did not decrease. The star was crazy and frightened. His arms waved and rolled up, and a spiritual force collided with the firm but gentle, and he retreated several steps.
The steady star raised his arm. Although his arm was not injured, his clothes were divided into several pieces of bare skin with several white marks.
Star crazy gave birth to his arms and his clothes shattered. He looked at Lin Luo. "What’s the name of that recruit just now? Is it also a master Yan Juexue? "
Lin Luo relished the sword just now, feeling so comfortable and gentle.
"Just this move is called’ gentle sword’!"
Actually, this move is not from Master Yan’s Juexue, but from the sword meaning of Master Yan’s sword wall. When fencing reaches a high level, it will extend its own meaning.
To a certain extent, you can create your own moves.
"Gentle sword really kills people without seeing blood, gentle Lin Luo. I admit that Zhongzhou can surpass you than swordsmen, but after all, you are a child of Yuan Dynasty, and there is an insurmountable gap between the child of Yuan Dynasty and the period of deification. You rely on a charm, and you will die if we make the sea tactics consume all your charms."
Lin Luo smiled and consumed my talisman. I lacked everything except the talisman!
"And we also have a’ senior official’!" Star crazy life glanced at nearby Zhu Yuanjin.
Zhu Yuanjin dark scold it seems that it is not good to be alone, but he just wants to learn a Lin Luofu Zhu Yuanjin flew to Lin Luo.
"Come on, let me see what level you have reached and what kind of charm you can draw!"
Lin Luo looked at Zhu Yuanjin’s fiery red robe like a flickering candle and said, "The Zhujiajian family in Suzaku has always been good at drawing fire charms. I wonder if you can show me the six charms of single spark can start a prairie fire?"
Single spark can start a prairie fire Fu Huo Liu Ling Fu Attack Power Six Stars Defense Vitality
Lin Luo came to other places in Zhongzhou to look for the Six Charms, but he never found such a charm for sale, even in Tianbao Pavilion. Because of this, the charm is too powerful and powerful. Generally, a large family has such a treasure, and it is only when there is a major crisis that the roots are valuable. Lin Luo’s desire to observe it has also fallen.
Zhujiajian, the most powerful calligraphic family in Fuzhou, is bound to have six charms, or even seven charms, the fire-seaside charm.
I heard that Lin Luo wanted to have a look at the six charms. Zhu Yuanjin and Zheng Yizhen did have six charms in Zhujiajian, but not many. Because of them, Zhu Rong, the ancestor of Zhujiajian, can only draw a few pieces every year. Besides, recently, some old ancestors have been devoted to the study of the seven charms. Unfortunately, the last few pages of the Painting Symbol have been torn away and have not been found.
"It depends on the six charms. Don’t worry, I’ll let you see before you die. I don’t know how to draw it. I heard that you can draw five charms, fire trees and silver flowers. I don’t know if you painted it or Han Feng painted it? "
"Of course I’ll show you."
Lin Luo, who is involved in his own honor, is generous enough to admit that he took out a bag and saw several dazzling spars at once, which is not a charm.
Zhu Yuanjin’s eyes suddenly couldn’t help but open his mouth. The spar is engraved with five trees, and each tree has a strong spiritual force.
"Five wahoo silver flower operator! No, it’s impossible. Why is there a five-fold wahoo silver flower symbol? And there are so many Linluo "Zhu Yuanjin hoarse voice" which relic treasure did you get these charms from? "
Lin Luo was angry and the consequences were serious.
"I bought a watch last year. I bought a hiking bag last year. It’s super wearable. You falsely accused me of robbing a tomb. I have to tell you that I didn’t participate in the assessment on the third floor of painting. If I had participated in the imperial assessment, I would have become a senior official."
The first layer is full of ideas, the second layer is mountains, the water is water, the third layer is paintings, and then there are nine layers.
Zhu Yuanjin stared at several talismans in front of floating Lin Luo, and his eyes were full of heat.
"It’s a five-fold charm, and it’s an artistic layer, and my ancestors in Zhujiajian have this level!" Zhu Yuanjin looked at Lin Luo excitedly. "Lin Luo, how did you do it? Tell me the method and I will spare your life."
"Zhu Daoyou, what do you mean?"
"Zhu Daoyou, it’s immoral of you to do so!"
"I want him to pay for it, and no one can save Lin Luo."
People have accused Zhu Yuanjin of sudden changes. They know that the charm attracts the operator. That is a fanaticism that mice love rice and flies love shit!

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