In the end, the two of them will take turns to escape halfway, which is considered to be ready for the trip.
According to the memory of the fairy fairy, it is not too far away from the gate of sending immortals in a heavy day, and it is only thousands of miles according to the distance between people.
If two people in the human world flash away in an instant
However, the celestial rules are not enough to suppress the spiritual realm of the two people, and it is still far from the true fairyland. It is difficult to tear apart the celestial realm and flash away.
Besides, even if you can flash, you can’t display it at will. After all, now the celestial world is gradually collapsing, and the roots are coming out from knowing the instant flash. If it happens to hit the crack, it will be in trouble.
Ready to sail, each of them left a fairy knowledge mark next to the fairy pool, and immediately found a position to escape out of the shape barrier and fled to the unknown distance.
At the beginning of the escape, the two men were absorbed at the same time, and it was quite comfortable to cope with the tacit understanding.
However, after a while, the two men took turns to carry each other. Although the speed was a little slower, it was more secure and lasting.
This time, the two people had a more real feeling about the vastness of the celestial world.
The two of them went to the fourth day of thinking about the whole celestial world, but the destination of this trip was the 32nd day.
It’s hard to imagine just how big the whole celestial world is at the edge of a celestial area and sending it to the fairy gate.
According to the fuzzy memory of the female fairy who bears the water vortex, the requirements for fairy knowledge and soul are much higher every day when she goes to the celestial world.
If there are special reasons, the immortals in the low-order fairy domain cannot go to the high-order fairy domain, otherwise they will be suppressed by the high-order fairy domain.
Of course, once you become an immortal, you will not be restricted by this and you can practice in heaven directly.
And the fairy can often go to the fairy peach garden in the west pole because the water vortex fairy seal is quite soft, so she can bathe Xiantao at regular time and water Xiantao trees by the way.
In other words, in addition to guarding the fairy pool, the fairy also works in the fairy peach garden, but her identity is quite similar to that of the gardener of Bai Dazhangmen.
It may not be a problem to suppress the high-order fairy land. After all, now the fairy land collapses, that is, most of the fairy land enchantments have collapsed and scattered, and there is no suppression.
Ziyan has a water vortex immortal seal, which can be used to start the journey to the Heavenly Heaven and send Xianmen to Xiantaoyuan, and maybe even send a faction.
Chapter nine hundred and fourteen Unreal Wonderland
Thousands of miles have experienced several dangers and have been resolved by two people together.
At one time, the most dangerous crack with a width of tens of feet and a length of more than 100 feet broke and flashed, and the magical power of purple water vortex was like a drop in the bucket to avoid sideways 2.
However, the huge crack is like a giant mouth, and the suction surge almost engulfs two people.
When desperate, Ziyan used his soul-exploding magical power to send the master elder brother and the Sun, Moon and Golden Wheel out of the dangerous place.
There is only a wisp of ghost left in Ziyan’s soul-splitting body. After a pause, the Golden Wheel Baiyun Tower decides to move on, and then make plans by going to the nearby Xianmen.
If it’s a big deal, I’ll start again with my sister.
In order to avoid spiritual consumption, Baiyun Tower then put the wind-escaping avatar to the extreme without any cracks and entanglements.
After all, the ghost carrying the moon, the moon, the golden wheel and the pool can’t fall into the crack for no reason.
However, the subsequent changes were somewhat unexpected.
At the same time, the two human bodies separated a soul from the Kunlun celestial realm, which made the self-fairy gate escape into the mortal fairy pool, and after some washing and training, it actually had the same thoughts with the escaping soul in the positive celestial realm.
This change made the soul of the disease escape a slight delay and immediately got together with the soul of the fairy pool
With the resonance of gods and knowledge, the spirit-splitting body beside the fairy pool is actually directly escaping for thousands of miles and directly merging into the spirit-splitting body that is halfway escaping.
Two soul-splitting fusion is very natural, and Ziyan is also aware of this change. The soul-splitting near the fairy pool instantly escapes into the fusion of the residual soul of the golden wheel in the moon.
I didn’t expect the celestial rules to be so wonderful. With this wonderful method, two people can’t help but feel more confident in exploring the unknown celestial world.
Then the two bodies were divided into dozens of ways and fled to the fierce sun and the Yaochi fairyland to swallow the immortal spirit and refine the soul.
Knowing the rule of the celestial world naturally makes full use of it. Since the strength of the spirit may be compared with those powerful immortals, it can make up for it in quantity.
Of course, there is a limit to the number of soul-splitting due to the spiritual realm.
The more divided souls there are, the weaker a single divided soul will be. You must swallow the immortal spirit in the fairyland and cultivate it for a while, otherwise you will even bear the suppression of the immortal gate.
If the soul is consumed too quickly, it will affect the soul practice
It’s better to divide the soul than necessary.
Moreover, at the same time, two people who are fleeing must have at least one soul to keep intact, so that they can better cope with all kinds of dangers. If both of them fall, there will be more soul-splitting bodies in the cracks.
After some twists and turns, it took them five hours to get to the field according to the former evasion method.
Look at the place from a distance, it is still complete, and the two men secretly breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.
There is a half hope that the fairy gate will be sent to the west pole in good condition here.
Slowly hovering around Xianmen for a while without noticing any abnormality.
There is also a protective barrier outside Xianmen, which keeps Xianmen intact.
The difference between the fairy pool and the fairy pool is that the enchantment fairy array and the fairy gate are all intact and there is no ghost.
Not only in the Xu Fangyuan ward, there is not a ghost in the ten miles, which is quite strange.
The danger I encountered when I was just escaping was not only that I didn’t crack, but also that I was scattered and wandering.
These ghosts are extremely sensitive to the fluctuation of cracks, and most of them can avoid them at the same time, and they are also very sensitive to the breath of the soul.
Even if the two people in Baiyun Tower converge their breath, they can still be inspired by the passing tour.
For these ghosts, most of them will avoid it and cut it off, which will waste time for no reason and have to pay attention to the cracks around them.
Supposedly, this enchantment is the favorite of wandering souls. I don’t know if I can leave a trace here.
Did everything follow the fairy gate to the west pole?
I was thinking about Xianmen, and suddenly there was a fragrant and pleasant smell, which slowly drifted out around Xianmen.
Even if Baiyun Tower and Ziyan are only soul-splitting bodies, they can feel the sweet and pleasant taste.
This fairy gate is really attached to Fairy Peach Garden, and the fairy gate over there should be intact.
In view of this, the two men first plunged into the little enchantment that enveloped the Xianmen-shaped enchantment, and needed the divine note to flash out of the crack.
Follow two people to escape together, and there are still several ghosts that swim more than ten miles away.
Mindful of Baiyun Tower and Ziyan at the same time, the imperial sword Gang was ready to make moves, but it seemed that the wandering spirits were not directed at them.
I saw those wandering spirits looking for the overflowing breath of Xianmen and heading straight for Xianmen.
It seems that the nearby ghosts are really attracted by Xiantao’s breath and fled to the other side along Xianmen.
Just a thought about the operation of Baiyun Tower.
Blessings and misfortunes often feel this way again …
Xianmen seems to be extremely dangerous, but it also hides opportunities.
Now that we have reached Xianmen, we can’t give up speaking out of turn. What’s worse, both of them have prepared dozens of separate souls, and more than ten of them have been waiting for each other in Xianchi, so they will deal with all kinds of dangers.
Two people glance at each other at Ziyan’s running water vortex fairy seal to protect them, and they jump into the fairy gate with the feeling of happiness and misfortune.
Stepping into the eyes of Xiaguang Wandao seems to be in the sacred land of Xianting.
The fairy rhyme is magnificent, and the temple of Qiongge is surrounded by Xiantao forest.
A wide place in the misty forest seems to be hosting the guests of the fairy family. The jade table of the fairy has been filled with fairy treasures and wine, and each table of peaches is even more attractive.
Suddenly I saw this scene, and the two of them flashed to one side at the same time.
Thousands of years have passed, and there are still such lively scenes. If something goes wrong, there will be demons.
Party a flash to open the original position, a virtual fluctuation, colorful fairy dust straight down.
The two men’s eyes sparkled with pure mans eyes, and the scene in front of them was instantly broken, showing the phase.
Xianmen’s place of restoration is the scene of Xiaguang Wandao, which has completely changed its appearance.
Dark and eerie, this place has been built into a magic cave.

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