"This Chunyang Palace is my thing. If you enter my site and rob my treasure, I can justify killing you."
Su Ying stepped in the previous step and looked down at many gods and gods. "You can live to reality, but it is not easy to retreat now, but you are still here."
"A little guy dares to be so presumptuous!"
Xuangeng God suddenly rose from a towering door of the divine realm, and a keel appeared in the middle door to cast a gorgeous throne. God sat on the throne and leaned out a big hand. Fiona Fang’s dozens of Zhang Daowen was cast and caught to Su Ying with a big smile. "You talk funny, but if you dare to stop me, you will die!"
He is like a Taoist pattern condensed to form a flesh and spirit, all forged by Taoist patterns, and the immortal body is strong and horizontal.
Xuangeng heaven is thirty-three days, once ruled by Xuangeng God King.
In addition, the whole Xuangeng day, the King of God Xuangeng lived for 100,000 years. However, only when a person created a huge and more qualified son and daughter than millions of sons and daughters of his race can he be called a god and a saint.
Xuangeng is one of the gods, and his strength is extremely strong, which is more powerful than that of many other gods, such as Yang Wei. The completeness of the door of a divine domain shows that he has been immersed in this realm for many years to create a perfect door!
A loud noise came to him, and his hand slapped Sue with a smile. "I can easily pat you into a paste with my palm …"
Su Ying stood still and Xuan Gengsheng’s big hand suddenly smashed and failed to shake Su Ying!
Xuangeng God was taken aback. Su Ying looked up to him and looked like the sun, the moon and the sun, and there were streaks and traces flowing in the sun and the moon.
In his left eye, generate suddenly made several streaks and roared at Xuangeng God. These streaks were like skyfire, burning at a very high temperature and a virtual fire. Seeing the streaks condensed, a head of three-legged sun screamed and screamed at Xuangeng God!
"Just a god will want me to do it with a glance?"
Xuangeng God jumped up from the throne and reached out his hand to grab the three-legged sun. "I will smash the magical power in your eyes, blind you and turn you into Cyclops!"
However, the sun’s claws and claws caught Xuangeng’s god’s hard connection, and the massive force and skyfire pressure on the side could not help but hum, and the keel throne crashed and shattered, but it was destroyed on the spot under the tremendous pressure!
The sun’s three feet and one claw shook Xuangeng God hard, but the other two claws grabbed the Taoist goalkeeper of Shenyu, grabbed several lines and cracked them, and then his wings fluttered forward and beat them hard.
Listen to a loud bang, and the door of this sacred domain was blown up by the head of the sun, and the number of broken roads and traces spread everywhere!
When XuanGeng screamed, he was shot and flew backwards. In an instant, he hit a copper pillar in the back and was smashed into a pool of paste!
"You said I met you with a gaze method? I just stare at you with one eye! "
Su Ying looked back and saw the first three-legged sun crashing away, turning a road of skyfire into a road pattern and returning to his left eye. "If it’s two eyes, I can stare you to death!"
After a while, the copper pillar was crawling endlessly, and Xuangeng God recovered his body and glared at Su Ying’s hand and wiped the blood from his mouth without saying a word.
Everyone’s heart is awe-inspiring. Although Su should say that one eye will stare Xuangeng God into a paste, some exaggerations come out of his eyes. generate’s eyes are not just that simple, but a complete avatar.
Taiyang’s eyes were sharper, and he immediately recognized that Su Ying’s avatar in his left eye was the seal of the sun in his nine-day Chunyang Palace.
However, even so, Su Ying, with a magical power, can crush Xuangeng into a paste and almost die tragically, which shows that his strength is indeed strong, and he is definitely the strongest person in the place.
"Jade Palace needs a hundred brothers. Now there are 113 people here. If you don’t retreat and want to take my Chunyang Palace, I’m afraid Jade Palace can recruit two brothers!"
Su Yinghuan looked at many gods as if to say a trivial thing lightly, "because I will kill all of you."
His tone is light, as if to say that it is not more than a hundred masters of gods or kings of gods, but a group of chicks can crush a group of chicks with one foot!
As an integral part of his body, this branch of the world keeps giving him huge essence, as if these essence were once partially repaired and left in the world tree, and now these are just repaired and returned to his body.
As soon as those road lines and marks poured into his body, they immediately began to decompose and reorganize into Su Ying’s own repair.
These road marks contain more information than abundant information, and all kinds of information about Tao are so huge that Su Yinglai can’t digest it!
Seeing that the reorganized Taoist pattern is integrated into the 33 celestial realms, the 33 celestial realms are getting stronger and stronger.
He repaired the rapid expansion body, and all kinds of Taoist patterns began to condense, and even the Taoist patterns of the 33 celestial realms began to faint, and all things in the world began to condense by Taoist patterns. How much information these Taoist traces contained made his eyes wider and wider!
All his repairs are going to open the door!
Tianzong Taoist goalkeeper condenses the road marks into a door and then opens the door, which is the divine king!
Su Ying is not a divine king now, but she has touched the edge of this realm.
However, Su Ying needed to open too many doors, 33 of them, and 36 of them were created by himself.
However, if he wants to absorb all the rules of this world tree and repair it himself, then Su Ying’s thirty-six doors can be opened.
At that time, he will be the king and the strongest king!
Today, the four chapters are asking for recommendations, asking for recommendations, and then it is a small climax.
Chapter 1242 You know nothing!
However, the laws of God and King contained in the world tree are too huge.
Su Ying can absorb it at present, but it takes a long time to digest such a huge message.
Not only that, but the world tree in Dantian also absorbed the energy from this world tree and began to thrive, absorbing the traces of Tao and rhyme in the roots and branches of the world. Soon, a kind of trace of Tao and rhyme appeared on the surface of this Yushu, and the traces of the world branches were exactly the same.
Su Yinggen’s method of understanding the natural law, absorbing and refining the natural law, and seeing all the rhymes and rhymes around him like a ribbon.
The colorful hidden avenue behind Su Ying, which is composed of stripes and rhymes, exudes more energy than fierce and powerful ones, which can withstand even the heavens!
Everyone can’t help but slightly change their faces when they see these rhymes. Each rhyme represents a kind of heaven and earth avenue, and the rhymes are even more powerful. There are more than one kind of heaven and earth avenue, but dozens of kinds of heaven and earth avenues are mixed together to hide the charm!
And with the passage of time, Su Ying’s momentum is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more Taoist rhymes and divine lines are floating behind him to make the heaven turbulent!
He has a kind of demeanor like a king of gods, giving people a feeling that the king of gods is coming!
The image of Su Ying, the king of the gods, is washed away with all kinds of gods and stripes!
The only difference is that Su Ying currently moves these Taoist rhymes.
All kinds of sounds in these Taoist rhymes are like heavenly sounds, like Yue Xian, as if there is a great truth in the sounds, so that people can realize the Tao after listening!
"It turns out that the coffin of God and the coffin of God King in this Chunyang Palace are not the best things. It should be the fragment of this world tree!"
Jiuyang’s eyes lit up, and his eyes moved from Su Ying’s back to the world tree. This branch was overjoyed and laughed. "I didn’t expect this pure sun palace to have such a treasure! The Taoist rhyme behind you should be the world tree with heaven and earth avenue. I don’t know if you take the world tree heaven and earth avenue as your own, but you still can’t move this Taoist rhyme and god tattoo! "
"World tree?"

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