The Four Emperors felt very uncomfortable when they asked themselves for gifts, but he nodded his head in response.
People will naturally look at the eyes of skyshatter embarrassment, but they don’t feel anything about it. It takes skyshatter to get used to it slowly, and he will get used to it.
The four immortals XuanXing and others sat down after greeting.
"Tu Meng, who did you invite to attend the Luo Suo wedding?" Xiahou the Great asked.
"I’ve sent invitations to the three patriarchs, the top ten forces, all the immortals and some first-class sects." Tumen the Great wanted to think.
"Well, it’s almost the same." Emperor Xiahou nodded. Emperor Tumon said that these characters are all prominent in the whole celestial world. If they can all attend the wedding ceremony of Luo Suo, the fame of Luo Suo Xiandi will surely spread all over the celestial world.
Being able to have so many masters come to congratulate Luo Suo is bound to have a much higher prestige.
The next day, Emperor Xiahou suddenly received a message from his immortal emperor that there were people from the underworld and the demon world appearing in the fairy land.
"Something happened to Tu Menglan’s Xian Xianyu, and I have to go back and deal with it." Xiahou Emperor frowned.
"oh? What is in such a hurry … "Tu Meng’s words haven’t finished yet, and his message bead suddenly lit up.
At the same time, the message beads of Gengzhai Emperor, Aorong Emperor and Sishao Emperor also lit up successively. After checking the message, Tumeng Emperor frowned as deeply as Xiahou Emperor.
Their department received a message from their own immortal emperor, and there were demon and demon people in the five immortals at the same time! And the two worlds teamed up to slaughter the celestial beings!
Chapter 36 terror blue thrush demon statue!
"What happened?" The five immortals received the news one after another, and Xuanxing immediately realized that it was wrong.
Something must have happened in the celestial world that can make the five emperors smell and change color!
"Demons and demons have entered the celestial world," the Emperor Tumon frowned. At the same time, he also wondered in his heart that the passage of the celestial world would only be opened once every 300 million years, while the passage of the celestial world was just closed two million years ago. But what about the people in the underworld?
There is also the passage between the demon world and the demon world, which has almost never been opened. The passage between the fairy world and the demon world has been opened once! And that was hundreds of billions of years ago. Now people in the celestial world have forgotten the demon world for a long time. What the Five Emperors knew was learned from some ancient records.
"Demons and demons?" Xuanxing and others feel the crisis, and the celestial world is facing an unprecedented crisis!
"Come with us for skyshatter" suddenly appeared in Luofu Hall with Duanmu Xianzun, Shen Tu Xianzun, Hao Lianxian Zun and Hua Yu Xianzun.
At this time, the three realms of fairy, demon and demon communicate with each other, and the two realms of demon unite to slaughter the celestial realm, and the celestial fairy must come forward to mediate this matter.
Skyshatter got up and nodded and promised to come to the celestial body, which added a responsibility to maintain the celestial body. This is the mission of all the immortals. Before they ascended to the celestial body, the immortals would ask a celestial body about it.
"Xuanxing, do you want to go with us?" Duanmu Xianzun looked at Xuanxing. Ten thousand years ago, Xuanxing Feather Xianzun met each other. As a result, they were evenly matched. Xuanxing definitely had the strength of Xianzun!
"Me?" Xuanxing was a little surprised that several immortals actually wanted to go with them.
"Not so" Shen Tu Xianzun suddenly interjected "Xuanxing, don’t go to the celestial world with us. Can you survive this crisis? Maybe … I hope it’s you."
Shen Tu Xian Zun made Xuanxing wonder that he could save the whole celestial world by himself?
Hao Lianxian statue and others nodded thoughtfully. "Xuanxing, please stay for skyshatter. Let’s go." Duanmu Xianzun should move away and Hao Lianxian statue and skyshatter also left successively.
"Master, master elder brother, he …" Lin Lin and others went to Xuanxing’s side and asked anxiously. It was very obvious that skyshatter followed the four immortals to meet with the magic statue and demon statue, and went to the joint level master of the fairy and magic world, which would definitely be much more than the celestial world!
"Don’t worry, skyshatter will be fine" XuanXing comforted Lin Lin several people. After all, Duanmu Xianzun and others are not stupid. They should not turn against more than a dozen masters.
"Tumen Luosuo wedding …" Xiahou Xiandi asked.
"Forget it, cancel it for a while, and we’ll talk about it later." The Tumen Emperor was a little lost, and he just invited Luo Suo, a leading figure in the celestial world, to make Luo Suo famous all over the celestial world.
But at this time, the demon world attacks the celestial world, which can only be done.
"Tumen the Great, then let’s go back first." Xuanxing suddenly said
"Well, go home." Tu Meng Emperor nodded in understanding. After all, Xuanxing is also a well-connected figure. Such a sudden change in the celestial world should naturally go back and settle his younger brother.
"I’ll go back with Xuanxing, Emperor." Luo Suo suggested to Tumen Emperor.
"No" The Emperor Tumen refused without thinking. At this time, the celestial world was in chaos. Luo Suo rushed out and was likely to encounter danger. Although Luo Suo was already an early master of the immortal emperor at this time, who knows if there was an emperor master in the demon world who entered the celestial world? I absolutely can’t let him take the slightest risk.
Emperor Tumen is counting on Luo Suo to take over his class. Naturally, he won’t let Luo Suo leave Xianjun House.
Moments later, Xuanxing’s master and his disciples left …
At this time, the five immortals appeared everywhere in the whole celestial world, and their department frantically killed the celestial people! Moreover, these demon and demon people’s departments are immortal masters!
However, the number of demons in the celestial world is not that many immortals occupy an absolute advantage, and the celestial world temporarily holds the initiative. However, because these demons appear too suddenly and they are all first-class masters, there have been nearly a thousand fairy casualties in the celestial world at this time.
Xuanxing and others immediately called a dozen second-generation brothers to the hall after they came back. All the matters of Xuanlin Sect in recent years were managed by these dozen second-generation brothers.
There is nothing special about Xuanxing calling these brothers. It is to let them bring back all the brothers scattered in the celestial world, and at the same time, they are not allowed to leave Xuanlin Star without their own permission! Xuanxingda’s order is also a last resort. Only in this way can the losses of Xuanlin Sect be minimized.
And Xiao Tian’s three people were not idle. They called all the uniting brothers together. Twenty-one of these brothers reached the same order to them. No one was allowed to go out without permission, otherwise the practice would be abandoned and expelled from Xuanlin Sect!
A few people are trying to scare them. After all, the whole Xuanlin Sect has twenty-one of them in addition to their own four people. They have cultivated the whole coagulation yuan, and naturally they can’t bear to waste it, let alone expel it from their legacy.
Xuanxing suddenly felt a little selfish, and the celestial world was jointly attacked by the demon world, and he ordered his younger brothers not to go out.
However, Xuanxing didn’t make his own decision and regretted that Xuanlin Sect was established only two million years ago. The number of masters in Xianjun period was small, and there were thirteen masters including Xiao Tian! And they are all practicing the whole coagulation yuan definitely younger brother! Xuanxing attaches great importance to these younger brothers. Naturally, he doesn’t want these younger brothers to have any accidents.
If you let Xuanlin send his younger brother out to fight against the demon demon people, it is equivalent to pushing them to death! These brothers will definitely damage more than nine floors! Xuan Lin sent his younger brother to make no contribution to the celestial world.
Although the overall strength of Xuanlin Sect is absolutely the first in the celestial world, it is only because Xuanxing and Skybreaking have been red-feathered. Without them, Xuanlin Sect is the second-rate Sect in the celestial world at most.
However, Xuanxing has already made plans to personally resist the demon underworld attack by herself, which should be worthy of the whole celestial world.
At this time, the Five Emperors sent their respective immortal emperor departments out to let them guard their own fairy land and act according to circumstances, and all the immortals in Xianjun House also sent out!
Although all the immortals in Xianjun House have an extraordinary position and enjoy good treatment, they must rush to the front line when the fairy world is facing a crisis!
In the major sects of the celestial world, they took measures. The Xuanlin Sect almost restricted the freedom of the younger brothers to go out, so that the master of the immortal emperor and the immortal emperor could walk around the celestial world to temporarily deal with the demon world attack.
At this time, the demons who enter the celestial world are masters, and they are all immortal-level places, even if they let their ordinary brothers go out, it will kill them
Five immortals, such as skyshatter, suddenly appeared here in the center of the celestial world.
See the virtual quietly suspended in a circular channel with a diameter of thousands of meters, and strange energy comes out of that channel.
"It was fairy demon world channel qi" five fairy andao.
The fairyland passage has not been opened for hundreds of billions of years, and several fairies have no special intention. This passage only pays attention to the fairyland passage in the center of the fairyland every 300 million years.
After all, it is impossible for the immortal gods to cover the whole celestial world, and it is even more impossible to note several channels in the center of the celestial world at any time.
Besides, there is always a process for the opening of the two realms, which lasts for thousands of years. In this issue, some immortals are bound to find something different, so that the celestial world will be prepared. On weekdays, several immortals will not pay attention to several passages in the center of the celestial world
This time, the fairy demon world seems to be suddenly enlightened. Generally, no immortals have found the precursor of the second world passage, but Tu Meng, Xian Zun and others are not surprised. The fairy demon world passage was suddenly enlightened hundreds of billions of years ago, and the fairy world was not prepared at that time.
I saw eleven people standing at attention quietly beside the passage, and these eleven people are masters! Magic statue! Demon statue!
"Ha ha … Duanmu, we meet again." At this moment, a magic statue suddenly moved to the front of five immortals and greeted them warmly.
This person is the first master in the underworld, Qi Oboro!
"Hey, how did you get into the celestial world?" Shen Tu Xian Zun asked everyone that the channel in front of them is the channel of the fairy demon world, but people in the demon world will appear in the fairy world?
"Ha ha, this is your bad luck in the celestial world. Our demon underworld channel also happens to be opened. We will come and see our old friends together in the second world." Qi Oboro walked over to the tunnel.

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