"Ah, yes, Hong Peng, you see …"
"Ah, Hong Peng, listen …"
"Ah, Hong Peng, do you want to …"
Although the shine is like fairy sparrow all the way, Hong Peng’s ear is buzzing, but he is not upset about the shine’s personality. The more he shines in his heart, the more he likes it. Although he doesn’t say anything, he will act to show his love for shine.
Hongpeng’s journey has really changed a lot. He learned the heart to appreciate the scenery, to feel the feeling, to discover the beauty and to accept the truth.
Because of the appearance of shine, the original grumpy Hongpeng became quiet. Now he wants to accompany Shine and accompany each other. It has always been so simple to go straight to the end of the day.
When he meets Hongpeng, who can’t cross the river, he will first pick up Shine and then let himself wade into the river step by step. Even if the river soaks into his chest, he will still hold on to the people behind him without letting go.
When he meets Hongpeng, who can’t turn over the mountains and rivers, he will blaze a path with his bare hands. Even if it will make him covered with thorns, he will still turn his back on the other side and cut through the thorns without flinching.
What Hongpeng is most afraid of all this way is to shine tears, which can keep his beloved happy every day. Every day, he will pick the most beautiful local flowers for Shine and weave them into garlands for each other, so that he can personally put them on his head.
In order to stop the lover from eating the hard dry cake, Hongpeng will shine every day and go hunting after sleeping, and then go to the other side to find food the next day. He can always ensure that when he wakes up every day, he will cook the food himself. Sometimes there will be some wild fruits and sometimes some simple roasted meat in front of him.
Because of the appearance of shine, Hongpeng gradually faded away from his whole body, and gradually derived the world of mortals, so that there would be fireworks.
This day really makes Hongpeng feel comfortable. He really wants to live like this for a generation, so simply live with his beloved.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-one You and I are not afraid of anything
"Hey, I said Hongpeng, where are you taking me?"
Seeing that Hongpeng’s hands are covered with shining eyes and shining because his eyes are covered, he can also follow Hongpeng’s traction slowly, so he is afraid of falling himself and constantly asking Hongpeng while moving.
"You can see the horse. Don’t worry, I said."
But every time when Linger asked Hongpeng, the other party always used this sentence to prevaricate themselves.
"Okay, okay, here we are."
Suddenly, Shine felt that Hongpeng stopped behind her, and she stopped along with herself. When she wondered, Hongpeng’s signature sound came behind her.
"Why are you being so mysterious? Let me go!"
Hong Peng behind this just finished shine and can’t wait to say.
"Shine, then you have to look carefully!"
Hong Peng then slowly loosened his hands so that Shine could see everything in front of him.
You are greeted by the fireflies in the sky. Besides fireflies, the waterfalls in front of you are already covered with all kinds of wild flowers. Butterflies are flying back and forth around the flowers, accompanied by sunset glow, bright moon, clear waterfalls in front of you, and a trace of tears across Linger’s cheeks.
"Marry me, Shine!"
When Shine was surprised by this scene and covered her mouth, she didn’t expect that Hongpeng had somehow turned out a necklace woven by a flower stem, so she was held in the palm of her hand by the other party, while Hongpeng knelt down slowly in front of her and lowered her head slowly.
Hongpeng is very much like the scene when he first met Shine. At that time, he was also kneeling towards Shine, but that time he repaid the kindness and this time he loved it.
All this way, Hongpeng loved Linger and loved each other, and everything was that it always oppressed Linger’s responsibility and pressure.
Hongpeng’s surprise really made Linger feel surprised in some places. She was delighted, excited, shy and angry. Anyway, she still lost her tears in Hongpeng’s battle, and her tears dripped down her cheeks towards the flowers under her feet.
There is no superfluous words to see Shine, so quickly pull HarmonyOS up and bite his lips red. Looking at the person in front of him, he is like a breeze. He slowly closes his eyes and kisses each other’s lips.
The wedding for two people is so simple, there is no blessing from elders, no relatives and friends, there are stars and moonlight, there are gorgeous flowers and flying butterflies.
"I have another gift for you."
Staring at her lover Hong Peng, she gently said, "After that, she took Shine’s hand and went around to the waterfall side, then squatted down and took a piano from the sea of flowers."
"Before, you always said that you always wanted a piano and that you sang like a lark. I made one for you to try?"

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