From the military rank alone, these students have already held the rank of major when they graduated from the genius school, but almost no matter which army they are in, they are not as important as the officers. Now, due to special circumstances, the situation of the army may be slightly improved, but if they want to find someone to come with Zhao Li, they will be under heavy pressure and will be entrusted with this family.
In addition to being grateful for Zhao Li’s command, the students are all very solemnly guaranteed to complete it. However, Zhao Li still gave them a warning. Although this time the soldiers are unlikely to be transferred from the elite of major military regions to enrich them, it does not rule out that many veterans who have participated in the war have extremely rich practical experience. If they are not careful, they will capsize in the gutter. Many times, it is not a few masters who decide whether the battlefield will win or lose, but these grassroots soldiers.
Five thousand people lined up in a few square teams, quietly standing in front of Zhao Li, looking at these elite soldiers who have passed the primary qualification, but Zhao Li’s eyes are not enough.
Although Zhao Li didn’t say a word, the true qi has been habitually sent out, covering the whole site. Everyone’s movements are under Zhao Li’s control. Zhao Like knows everything better than Zhao Li and found several very unique guys.
"I need fifty temporary captains." Zhao Li looked around everyone and simply said his request. "Each captain will be eliminated from the training with extra points more than ordinary soldiers."
The soldiers in the field have been carefully selected for the army and military discipline. Everyone is motionless when they hear Zhao Li’s statement, but Zhao Li can feel that almost everyone is short of breath.
Zhao Li is very satisfied with this performance. Soldiers need to have this kind of non-transfusion. Although these people are not very good in terms of strength, they can transform into a group of military elites if they can survive the destruction of the base by the abnormal instructors of the special task force.
"The choice of captain is very simple." Zhao Li stepped back and pointed to the foot platform. "If someone can survive the attack of twenty people alone, then even if he is qualified, he can compete with other qualified people. If someone can directly survive the attack of fifty people, then I can directly order him to be the captain. Everything here is very simple. Whoever has a big fist is the chief."
"Everyone can go to Taiwan from here." Zhao Li pointed to the last person on the right and announced his order. Then he turned and jumped into the high platform and sat down behind the chair. A row of beautiful and thrilling beauties were Li Mengdie and Christine on the left and right.
Two soldiers have arrived at the high platform to prepare Zhao Li to look at them. Suddenly, everyone behind them can hear them and say, "Look carefully. I want you to be familiar with all kinds of fighting genres as much as possible."
When dozens of beautiful women answered "yes" coily, the sound made people want to commit crimes, especially when these beautiful women were more attractive than each other. Even the two soldiers in Gaotai were attracted by this sound and stopped to gawk at this side.
Zhao Li has closed his eyes like a catnap. The Taiwanese soldiers soon discovered this and suddenly became angry. However, Zhao Li is the chief executive and they just showed some shame. They started to take a look.
In a group of two, and even if someone wins in a row, the speed is not generally slow. Half an hour has passed before a dozen Zhao Li is impatient. Ma ordered that they be randomly divided into fifty groups and then selected at the same time. Of course, more than a dozen students were divided into their own groups.
This speed has become fast and one-on-one combat. When every soldier participates by himself, he also puts on the mood of watching the movie slowly. Seriously facing each opponent’s captain can add ten points, which means that he can make more mistakes when eliminating training. Everyone is serious.
Zhao Li hasn’t opened his eyes, while Li Mengdie and Christine keep a close eye on each group’s games and memorize some very creative and characteristic attacks and defenses in their minds.
As expected, after Zhao Li’s inspiration, more than a dozen talented school students soon stood out in this kind of battle. None of them were their opponents. The strength of the team far exceeded that of most of them, and they soon stood at the forefront of their respective groups.
On average, none of his groups can meet Zhao Li’s requirements, and less than 20 people can be elected in this way in the first round.
"It’s a pity that more than half of the captain is missing." Zhao Li once again came to the high platform. Although he didn’t watch it, all the battles had happened once in his mind. Zhao Li, who has characteristics, couldn’t help but shake his head.
"I have to say that I am disappointed that 5,000 people have even announced 50 captains." Zhao Li is really disappointed this time. Of course, at the same time, I hope that these people are not so good, but it also means that they are not deeply influenced by some deep-rooted things. Through devil training, they can still find a group that can act as adults.
Zhao Li’s words also aroused the indignation of those soldiers, but no one dared to jump out and speak out of the way when the current chief lectured.
"It seems that you are still a long way off." Zhao Li continued to shake his head to express his dissatisfaction. "But now that the horses have been selected, it is not appropriate to return. It is necessary to train for a few days to see the effect for ten days. I hope you can choose the right captain yourself." After that, Zhao Li also said nothing more, and turned away from the scene with all the beautiful women.
I don’t know how Song was trained and selected. Ten days later, when Zhao Li appeared in the temporary training ground again, 5,000 people had been divided into 50 brigades, each with a captain in front.
"Good, it finally looks a bit different." Zhao Li looked more imposing than before. The team nodded slightly, but the horse suppressed "It’s a pity that some gluttons are vulnerable. I’ll give you a chance."
At this point, all the soldiers have looked up at Zhao Li, Zhao Li turned around and motioned for Li Mengdie and Christine to arrive at the stage. "You can choose one of them. If one of the five thousand people knocks them down, this person will become the temporary battalion chief of the whole team."
Listen to Zhao Lida, this incredible command desk. The soldiers can’t believe their ears. Although two people are one-on-one with 5,000 people every time, even if the front person carries forward the style, it will consume two beautiful women. Is it true that Zhao Li is talking?
When everyone hesitated, Zhao Li once again stimulated everyone. "Why don’t you even have the courage to try?" Schrotten! Coward! "
"Report!" Someone shouted out
"Get out of the queue!" Zhao Li doesn’t restrict the soldiers from talking, and the horse tells people to step out.
"Sir, we are not losers or cowards. I apply to challenge you!" The soldiers told their demands in front of the public. When the soldiers saw Zhao Li, two delicate beauties, to stimulate them, they were already United. The soldiers’ voice was also everyone’s heart, except of course those students in the genius school
"Sir, you said that I applied to challenge you here!" The soldier continued to talk loudly, "If I win, I hope the officer will take back what he just said."

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