What should I do now? Destiny coldly caught a glimpse of destroying Cang Lan, but I was caught in the line of sight by my sharp eyes.
It depends on when your eldest brother will come back and destroy Cang Lan. Gently hold down Jiang Yu’s wrist, and his breath is so weak that he can hardly feel the frown. Something congenial has gone so deep.
Suddenly, the blue light flashed in front of me, and Cang Lan suddenly looked up and saw that the clothes were slowly marked, and the man walked half-length against the sky, and the fairy light fell from the sky. Generally, people bent slightly to see that the juvenile road seemed to have suffered.
Those green lights immediately turned into soft feathers when they returned to Mark Gong’s hands, and then they continued to shrink. Blink of an eye, and then they merged into his palm. When they looked at the red pupil, they turned and laughed, and the bones were cracked.
He glanced at his elbow, bone spur, arm scar, and turned sideways. He took a breath and blinked and said, Don’t you feel pain?
I’m in pain to death. I put my arm in Cang Lan’s arms, but I still smile with a chill.
Mark Gong’s eyes are complicated, and the puppet master looks too delicate, just like a puppet who will live at any time.
Let’s send a golden bird letter. Destiny snatched the rosewood pot from Canglan’s hand and threw it into the hands of a guard behind him. Get up on your knees and say, Brother, delay at such a critical moment.
He’s already very quick. Mark smiled and looked at people with different looks. Looking at it, he said that it’s not as simple as going from his own home to his neighbor’s home from Shenzhou to Shanhai mainland. Oh, don’t be nervous. On the count of three, he must come in with a strange man.
Destroy the surging billows and stir up eyebrows without moving. Breathe in with a low indecision in your ear.
One or two marks have gently raised their fingers and casually turned to the side of the temple. Suddenly, they lifted their eyes and flashed three times.
What’s the matter? Is my day Xuanzong forced to be demolished? Chapter 61 People are old and drunk.
They turned their heads to see the white clothes fluttering in a canopy of destiny, and the wind walked into a mess, stepping over the eaves tiles and hissing like steam rising, and instantly making a free white smoke.
That’s what happened when the wind passed by destiny. The smoke was scattered and broken, and the eaves tiles were all turned into smoke. At that time, it was half of the mess.
Destroy the surging billows and slowly get up and watch the destiny wind go all the way. It’s amazing that the knife-shaped eyebrows pick a smile at the moment.
It’s a magical thing. The wind came back from the mainland of mountains and seas, but there was a trace of dust all over the body. The white clothes were still spotless, and the fine white velvet feather forsythia had not changed its direction.
He said, on the count of three, you will show up, but when Cang Lan lifts his shoulder mark, his slightly playful smile will be exposed from behind.
This is the miracle mark. You are willing to give up your destiny in the misty rain on the balcony. The wind smiled gently and clicked a little mark in the direction of the public. It seems that the public is really skillful.
He was sure that you would come in and destroy Cang Lan and suddenly smile. A pair of blood pupils and chills are deeply pegged to the destiny wind tunnel. What about the strange man you came to?
Destiny wind looked motionless and looked behind him. The strange man saw me. Where is the essence of pure fog in Xuanzong?
What destroyed Cang Lan Han Zhong? A sideways light bump over the destiny wind, and his shoulders moved and his body instantly stepped outside the slant hall. At this time, a broken slant hall was bathed in the bright light of fish white, showing a kind of luxurious and broken strange fusion.
Destroying Cang Lan squints and looks like a wide white jade high-order figure in front of his eyes. It is ghostly and free to fly constantly through layers of fog. It turns out that destroying Cang Lan is faster than blinking and flying around his line of sight for several times.
At the same time, a large area of thick fog is getting thinner, and several places have melted into thin clouds. Just now, the violent ghostly storm in the temple was actually sucked in a clean wind, but it was the ethereal dust of Xuanzong alone, and I couldn’t feel a trace of sinister ghostly again.
All the people also walk strewn at random beside the destruction of surging billows, while Lotus China leans against the destruction of surging billows and looks at his side face continuously.
Destiny, wind, scars, and men walk side by side to see that Fei Ying is funny in front of them, and they can’t help laughing at a mountain and sea. Mainland people have always been so calm to help, and they have to play for a while first.
Yeah, you’re not afraid to offend people by saying that. She chuckled and looked at the destiny wind and dumped a bunch of pale golden hair. She laughed and was careful that people turned around and flew away directly.
That won’t happen. The wind’s eyes sank, and the backhand closed her lips and whispered to Mark Gong. When I said that the ancient evil man was here, he was clamoring to come.
Oh, mark, when you lift it, you will see that the face is as motionless as heaven and man, and suddenly there is a dangerous light like eagle predation in your eyes.
At this time, the hand of Cang Lan suddenly falls and taps on the shoulder of Destiny Wind, but the eyes are fixed on that Fei Ying Road Destiny Patriarch. We, the strange man, have had enough. Jiang Champions won’t last long.

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