Stefanski’s eyes widened and his face was shocked, revealing an unbelievable tone. "Do you realize that Dwight Howard is like that superman? Maybe one day he will follow the example of that shark leaving Orlando?"
It turns out that this person is Otis Smith, the general manager of the Magic Team now! I don’t know why he and Stefanski visited quietly in the middle of the season. Now, as Stefanski said, if it’s an ordinary transaction, you can show up in person if you need to communicate. If you go outside, I’m afraid it will cause people to shake.
Otis Smith and Stefanski talked a few more painful words. Stefanski couldn’t figure out what the other party was doing today. Although they had a friendship before, he wasn’t the only one who could decide if the interests of the team were involved.
So Stefansky tentatively asked, "I don’t know what the main purpose of your coming here today is?"
Otis looked at Stefanski with a straight face and said solemnly, "I don’t have any other intention but to ask your team if Andre Iguodala can be traded?"
Stefanski’s face changed like a cat with its tail stepped on. He jumped up from his seat and blurted out, "How is it possible that we have to sell Andre!"
Otis seemed disappointed, but then he continued to ask, "So can Tang Wenlong be traded?"
Stefanski’s grim face is gone. He was so excited when he heard that he wanted to trade Iguodala. "That’s impossible. It’s obvious to all that Tang’s potential is a Tracy."
Otis seemed a little angry at this time, and his tone was a little stiff. "What about Zhu Holliday?"
Stefanski didn’t say no, but thoughtfully said, "Otis, you know Zhu is also a great player in our team, and his potential is also A level."
Otis’s eyes flashed with joy. He came here to reinforce the position of weak point guard. It would be beneficial for the team if he could get a real point guard like Holliday.
At this time, Stefanski was also turning up waves in his heart. He remembered the team coach Doug Collins and his report a few days ago about the disagreement between Tang Wenlong and Holliday. After watching several live games, he really realized that the seriousness of the matter was not only a technical problem, but also a player’s mentality was difficult to adjust.
Two people each bosom idea was silent for a while.
Tang Wenlong spent a day or two on vacation in the gym.
There is a fitness club at the bottom of his apartment, and there are not many people on weekdays. Although it is a little worse than the fitness equipment in the gym, it is better than the distance.
Fang Chuxia said that she would only be able to study in new york in the next semester, where they can get bored with each other and solve their lovesickness through the Internet.
The nutritionist and trainer of the 76ers team made a detailed training plan for Tang Wenlong.
According to the trainer’s words, it is a gift that Tang Wenlong can still have such great strength in the case of "unqualified" muscle content, and if he wants to be a super winger, he must have top waist and abdomen strength and body flexibility.
The most outstanding player is Kobe Bryant, whose flexibility is the highest among the flank players, and his waist and abdomen are extremely energetic. He can complete many incredible folding dunks, which is exaggerated to the extreme backhand windmill, not to mention the usual backward jump shot in a twisted state.
So Tang Wenlong has received the same training as many newcomers who have just entered the league-increasing muscle strength.
Usually, excessive muscle strength training will make it difficult for players to find their familiar feel. It must be trained for a long time before they can get back to their original state. Tang Wenlong is no exception. He rarely practices strength on match days, which is what the trainer specifically told him.
After mid-November, the 76ers’ record gradually slipped out of the first echelon of Bulls and Heat.
In this issue, Tang Wenlong followed the team around the Southwest Division.
Lost to the Mavericks, lost to the Spurs, and then went back to the city with shame to practice hard for a few days, and then beat the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers head-on
This game belongs to the 76ers’ great victory. Without James Knight, it seems that he can’t play. Vallejo, JJ-hickson, Mo Williams and other starters rarely cooperate when playing, but Raymond sessions came off the bench and made a lot of exquisite shots and got the highest assists.
Against Tang Wenlong is the famous "Mr. Moon" Jamario Moon. His athletic ability is very good, but he entered the league too late. Before the age of 27, he was a wandering member of the minor league. Although he stayed in the NBA with great inspiration through hard work, he became slippery after the golden age of the 27-year-old player.
Last year, in the Heat, he was also called Wade’s good helper and excellent defender.
This summer, after signing an annual salary of 320,000 with the Cavaliers, I came back to show my state skating. At present, my shooting percentage is less than 43%, and my shooting percentage is not 30%.
Tang Wenlong has relaxed him for thousands of times. After playing wrongly with Holliday, his playing style is more free and changeable. Many times, when Iguodala breaks the ball, he will look for this younger brother who has a very high hit rate. He feels that his assists have increased recently!
One shot, one three-pointer, six shots, four free throws and a career-high 32 points and five rebounds.
Tang Wenlong became the best player of the day, but he was more sensational by three points than before, and he became the hottest player among the 21 rookie players.
So the new NBA official rookie list Tang Wenlong surpassed Turner to become the first in the league.
Many people really realize this scoring ability. off the charts rookie players averaged 1 point, 47 rebounds and 29 assists in 13 games. The three most important data exceeded the league average, especially the scoring, which was definitely outstanding in this league with an average personal score of less than 1 point per game.
Reggie Miller, a famous expert, expressed his love for this player.
"Yes, he’s very good. His hand shape is very standard, and his shooting arc is very reasonable. If his shooting speed is guaranteed, I mean, if his shooting speed is higher, he will definitely become the scariest pitcher in the league. Yes, I think he will become a super shooter."
Tang Wenlong didn’t expect that he would be defined as a super shooter one day.
This makes him so happy that he is already on the plane to Oklahoma that he feels that he is a genius and the limit. Will he be defined as an outside defender one day?
Chapter sixty-five Youth Guards
Oklahoma is located in the south-central part of the United States, with the Red River in the south and Texas across the river. Oklahoma City, the capital of a state, has a large population and superior economy.
The Ford Center Arena is a multi-functional stadium located in the center of Oklahoma. Like most NBA stadiums, concerts, social activities and ice hockey stadiums are also held here. First, before the Thunder officially entered the Ford Center Arena in May-July, the city of New Orleans was seriously damaged by Hurricane Katrina. At that time, the New Orleans Hornets temporarily moved to Oklahoma City to temporarily house the Ford Center Arena in those two seasons.
In 1998, Oklahoma city residents passed a renovation plan of more than 100 million dollars, which not only renovated and expanded the venue, but also built a practice venue, which was the brand-new venue for today’s Thunder team.
The Sonics, who moved from Seattle, changed their name and team logo, and a brand-new spirit was integrated into the whole league.
In the past two years, they have completed the draft and corner trading, and the whole team has been upgraded from the penultimate third in the West in the 7-season to the seventh in the West in the season, and they stand out from the strong teams in the West, and the Lakers are only seven wins away from the first in the West.
Kevin Durant, the star player, just turned 22 in September, and Russell Westbrook, the point guard, Sergey Ibaka, the power forward, and other main players are also just over 2 years old. The young Thunder has become the most famous youth guards in the league!
Such a team’s vitality and impact are terrible. They have made great strides in the season, and now they rank third in the western region and fifth in the NBA weekly combat power list.
Before the game, the home team gave the visiting team full access, reflecting the confidence of the fans in the victory and defeat of the two teams. It is estimated that even the 76ers fans supported the team’s victory emotionally and rationally bought the home team’s victory.
Tang Wenlong and his teammates arrived in Oklahoma City the day before, took a short rest on the first day and stayed in an officially arranged hotel.
The next morning, Tang Wenlong habitually did morning exercises and ran around the quiet street outside for several times. After that, his forehead was slightly sweaty and he returned to the hotel lobby. At this time, the hotel had arranged breakfast for players, and people like Nuo Sioni and Meeks had already got up and sat at the table to enjoy their milk and bread.
Tang Wenlong then pulled out a chair and moved a plate rudely, wolfing it down.
"Hey Don, do you get up so early every day?" Meeks and Tang Wenlong said hello.
Jody Meeks was a rookie who was traded to the 76ers last year after playing in the Bucks for half a season. When he entered the league, he finished reading this university and was a little more mature in front of Tang Wenlong and others. These days, his status has gradually improved and he has gradually entered the important rotation of Corinth.
"Yes," Tang Wenlong responded with a smile and then handed a newspaper to the door. He just came over to the newspaper.

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