Li Yueling’s fist added 20% heaven’s true qi, but it was good that the policeman didn’t immediately fall into a coma, and the policeman Li Yueling didn’t let his toes slightly knock. His temple strength was just right. This guy fainted on the ground without even humming, but Li Yueling came to the martial arts academy and unexpectedly came to deal with the police one day.
Li Yueling’s thunderous move had just grabbed the baton and prepared to smash it. The policeman surnamed Xu panicked and just reacted to pull out his gun. Li Yueling was already greeted in lightning speed, and his hands were firmly buckled like iron tongs. His wrists were secretly thirty percent heaven’s true qi, and the policeman surnamed Xu was pinched miserably.
The policeman surnamed Xu’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat and his eyes were horrified. He looked at the face from Li Yueling at the moment. You don’t want to mess around here, but the public security bureau. This is a felony for assaulting a police officer. Now he regrets why he sealed the door so tightly that no one can know what happened inside.
Wrong Li Yueling coldly denounced, "Do you deserve to be a policeman?" Don’t I don’t know, please curry favor with a few dude brothers, and you’ll be selfish and frame up the old man. If you were a civilian, you’d get away with it. It’s really hateful. At some point, Daniel lee Reiki won’t fight together to stare at the policeman named Xu, and his eyes are getting sharper and sharper.
Supposedly, this policeman surnamed Xu is also a veteran of that kind, but in the face of Li Yueling’s sharp eyes of clarifying water, he actually felt a thrill. What do you want to do now? If you let go, you will still have a chance, otherwise.
Otherwise, I don’t want to listen to anything, otherwise, it’s time for me to ask you. Tell me where the third interrogation room is. Li Yueling’s hands deliberately added a component, and suddenly the policeman surnamed Xu screamed and his face was horribly pale.
A trace of gloom emerged from the eyes of the policeman surnamed Xu, and he choked back his wrist and suffered severe pain. He quickly told Li Yueling the location of the third interrogation room.
Li Yueling didn’t have time after he got the gold warm jade in the bearing. He took a loose wrist and kicked him to the ground. He disdained to say, "Let’s reflect here." It seems that it seems that the policeman surnamed Xu spoke to Li Yueling not long ago, but he was unexpectedly flexible by Daniel lee.
Depending on the ground, three people, Li Yueling, walked quickly to the interrogation room door and conveniently locked it and went to the third interrogation room. Perhaps it was because there was no one in the aisle of the Public Security Bureau at lunch, and Li Yueling was happy to make less trouble and speed up the drive.
Twenty-third Shijia Zhang strength one
When Li Yueling forcibly kicked the door of the third interrogation room, a scene made Li Yueling want to run away.
Jin Nuanyu lay motionless in front of the interrogation table like a coma, his eyes were slightly dim, his hair was messy and his clothes were messy, but the elder brother Qin Shaohan, who had been playing in the shopping mall and cafe, was fiddling with Jin Nuanyu’s forehead with one hand and his hair was hanging freely behind Qin Shaohan, and three well-dressed young men were lined up side by side. Everyone’s face seemed to show a sinister smile, and one of them was holding a baton and shaking it constantly.
The real law of this situation does not make Li Yueling’s anger rush wildly, and the four dude brothers can’t help but stare blankly when they see the door of the interrogation room being kicked by Li Yueling. It’s obvious that all four of them recognize Li Yueling as the poor man who was framed by them.
In fact, things didn’t go as far as Li Yueling thought. After Ye Shao told the police surnamed Xu to teach Li Yueling a lesson.
At that time, four people also don’t understand why Li Yueling would be so abrupt. When Ye Shao planned to reprimand before, Li Yueling had already poured his anger into his fist, which had been sent to the door to find Ye Shao. It seems to be the most unlucky one. Li Yueling’s super fast fist can’t take his reaction opportunity. It is already a solid Li Yueling fist hit.
The kite seems to have been hit by this blow, and it fell to the ground two meters away, and then it was unconscious after a miserable hum.
After seeing Li Yueling’s fist, Qin Shaohan and other three people immediately panicked and started to sneak out. Li Yueling would not let go of the three of them. First, he kicked the open iron gate with a bang, and then he rushed to the front of the three people like a cheetah. The combination boxing of Heaven and Qi rained down on the three people. In Li Yueling’s violent attack, three people always relied on their family background to eat dude. Where can they still fight back? It took less than a moment. The worst thing about being a pig’s head is that Qin Shaohan was scared to faint, but the other two are not much better than him, and they are all bleak.
However, Li Yueling didn’t intend to stop. At this time, he fainted at the interrogation table. When he turned around and saw Li Yueling, he immediately exclaimed, How did you come? You didn’t kill them all, did you?
Jin Nuanyu’s words are not wrong. Today, the four dude brothers who fell to the ground almost lost their anger and gnawing strength. Plus, when Li Yueling beat them up, they were nosebleeds in their faces, and they were covered in bright red blood. At first glance, it really made no difference.
I can’t die. After Li Yueling answered, he quickly walked to Jin Nuanyu’s side and asked anxiously, did they treat you badly?
Hearing Li Yueling’s words, I asked strangely. First, Jin Nuanyu showed a puzzled look, but after looking down at his present image, I suddenly knew what Li Yueling meant. Jin Nuanyu greeted Li Yueling with a look of half anger and half shame. Where did you think? A few of them just talked nonsense to me, and I couldn’t help but hit them with my hands. It should be easy to solve these small roles, but that guy was good or bad, and he was stunned by a baton attack. It’s not the kind of thing you imagined in your head.
Li Yueling couldn’t help feeling sorry when he heard this. What do you mean, I imagined that kind of thing in my head? I just wanted to explain a few words and suddenly there was a shout outside the interrogation room.
Look inside, you’re surrounded. It’s impossible to escape. Let the hostages surrender first. Then you should confess to leniency. There’s a chaos outside the door. It’s obvious that many people have gathered.
Now Li Yueling suddenly feels in distress situation. What is this? It seems like a movie, but he is one of the villains. But this is not too outrageous. It is not rare from that propaganda that such a conclusion has become a crime of openly threatening hostages in the police station.
Jin Nuanyu’s mind immediately judged that the two were in trouble according to the propaganda. Jin Nuanyu’s mind turned and Yueling gave me your mobile phone and I gave it to them. If we don’t contact Grandpa now, we will really suffer.
I don’t have a mobile phone. After Li Yueling shrugged his shoulders, he pointed his finger at Qin Shaohan and others lying on the ground, but they must.
Hey, grandpa, I’m Yue Ling, who is trapped in Huangpu Public Security Bureau Branch. Someone framed Yue Ling for stealing in the mall.
Master Jin Jinjin immediately called back Sanyi, who was in the sea, after receiving Jin Nuanyu’s words.
At the moment, the Kim family’s master in the main residence hall of the luxurious manor was livid and growled that he dared to touch the jade Yueling. This matter must not be stopped.
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your master fly into a rage. Jin Linyu tentatively asked Dad, what do you mean?
I want the four old men with rich brothers to be educated in Taiwan, so that they will all be responsible for the sun. If Yueling is missing half a hair, even if she wants to turn the sea over for me, she must chase it to the end.
Dad, the situation of Yueling on her is not optimistic now. Let’s think of some way to get them back first. Jin Tiequn’s knees are three or two women, and Jin Lin Hong is the most calm and wise. She analyzed the eye situation and immediately woke up to Jin Tiequn.
Jin Tiequn’s nose is slightly humming. This just nods that Lin Hong will do it for you. Go directly to the municipal party committee Luo Ji. He will accompany you to Huangpu Branch. After two hours, I want to see my granddaughter in Jin Guxian.
Jin Linhong hesitated a little after the meeting. Let the vice mayor of Ji accompany me to the VIP room. Jin Linhong is also considering that if you want someone in a small Huangpu branch, you will be the first real person in Shanghai, but you are not qualified.
If I let you go, I’ll be sure to remember. I just want to show those bastards that if they dare to arrest people at random, they must bear the responsibility. They have to pay for this stupid behavior, Jin Tiequn said with awe
By the way, tell Luo Ji what I said and let him have an idea, too. Well, you go quickly. Don’t let my granddaughter be wronged.
Twenty-fourth Shijia Zhang Strength II
Jin Linhong secretly smiled bitterly at his master. What’s the matter? It’s like he’s not worried about the two children at all. Don’t say that Yueling is a child who is more warm and jade or his own daughter. But Jin Linhong is sure that his master will be serious this time.
After ordering Master Jin Linhong to turn into his fourth daughter Jin Xiuqing, are you still the first instructor of the National Security Bureau?
Jin Xiuqing is a belle of thirty. Don’t look at her as a gentle belle. Jin Xiuqing is the first person in the Kim family to practice the sixth level except the master. You know, he is ten years older than him. Jin Linyu is also a minor in the fifth level. Jin Xiuqing seems to be the second master in the Kim family. When he saw the master asking questions, Jin Xiuqing immediately replied, yes, I went to the National Security Bureau’s sea branch to train them the other day.

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