Taking advantage of Duguliu’s unique ability to grasp the fighter plane, Lin Feng saw an opportunity to open his limbs like an octopus and jumped at the beautiful woman’s hot charming body.
"Bang bang bang!"
The truth tells Lin Feng. There is a price to pay if you want to molest a beautiful woman. In a flash. Windson got four blows, but he also succeeded in pressing the beauty on the bed, and the dagger "shadow" was also put on the beauty’s slender neck like a swan.
Beauty suddenly stopped all actions.
1 of "poof". Just want to open my mouth to explain Lin Feng can’t help but spray one mouthful blood on the face of the beauty below. Previously, Lin Feng was hit by a heavy tank punch, but he was forced to suppress it with Dan medicine. At the moment, I was seriously injured by the beauty, and Lin Feng only felt that my chest was like a fire.
"What do you want?" The beauty finally spoke.
"Ahem …" Windson coughed a few times and said irrelevantly, "My name is the rank of warrant officer of the federal trainee mecha manipulator of Windson Earth. Not a terrorist of a polar organization! "
Beauty one leng but quickly reaction to come over blinked calmly asked: "windson? Trainee mecha manipulator? oh Are you the five-star master of the fighting family? The grandson of President Chen, the great-grandson of Dean Sun? "
"Yes, it’s all me!" Windson said with a wry smile.
"Then why do you have an assault rifle?"
"They want to catch me when I grab the land!" Lin Feng said simply.
Beauty can’t help but nodded some believe windson. There is no need to tell a lie when the other dagger is on his neck.
"Ahem …" Windson coughed again. Blood flowed from the corners of the mouth.
"I’m sorry!" The beauty felt guilty when she saw windson.
"I don’t blame you. If I were in this situation, I would do it."
"You … can you …" Beauty seems to be awkward.
"What?" Windson asked doubtfully.
"I said, can you get off me?" The beauty blushed slightly and said.
"Oh." Windson this just reaction to come over. Himself, it seems, are still on somebody else’s little girl. Slightly hold up the body a little windson and stuffy hum 1 heavy pressure down.
"Ah …" The beauty exclaimed and quickly hugged Lin Feng anxiously and asked, "What happened to you?"
Windson closed his eyes and made no answer.
Beauty will quickly windson lifted down from his body carefully on the bed carefully check it up. Now windson has been in a coma.
Beauty anxious in windson chest massage a few times still no response to beauty had to bow their heads.
Windson lips want to give him artificial respiration. The frightened beauty showed a smug smile at the corner of her mouth without wind.
Yes, Lin Feng was faking it. He wasn’t in a coma at all. He just didn’t want to be beaten for nothing. He wanted to get some interest back. The beauty of the blow around at the moment of hitting windson was he cleverly removed most of the power, but Rao is so windson is still injured. Coma can pretend to vomit blood, but it’s all real.
Windson heartily enjoy the beautiful feeling of being soft and full of elasticity when in contact with beautiful lips. It took a long time to pretend to spit out one breath and open my eyes.
The beauty who fell on Lin Feng now opened her eyes and cried out in surprise: "How do you feel now that you wake up?"
"It will feel better if you kiss a few more times!" Windson teasing.
"You …" The beauty reacted and asked, "Are you pretending to be in a coma or have you already woken up?"
"I just woke up …" Windson smiled and said, "You … can you …"
"What?" The beauty asked doubtfully.
"I said, can you get off me?" Windson laughed and sent back what the beauty just said to her.
"You …" Beauty quickly jumped down from windson, gnashing her teeth with anger, but afraid to start work. After all, this gigolo in front of her is still a seriously injured person.
"All right, stop it. What are you going to do now?" Windson asked while pretending to put his hand into his pocket is actually took out a Dan medicine from the ring and swallowed it. Now the medical cabin is occupied by Chu Yu, and Lin Feng can only use Dan medicine to suppress the injury. But even if there is another medical cabin, Lin Feng has no time for treatment. He hasn’t forgotten that terrorists outside are still looking for him.
The beauty also became serious and asked, "I should ask you what you are going to do now." The terrorists want to catch you, not me. I don’t have a grandfather who is the president of the Institute of Science and Technology or a grandfather who is the chairman of the Federation. "
Women are really narrow-minded, windson secretly shakes his head and is speechless. At this time, I don’t forget to satirize myself.
But now is not the time to care. Lin Feng thought about it and asked, "By the way, you haven’t introduced yourself yet. I’m not sure if you are one of the terrorists."
The beauty laughed and said, "You can call me An An. Whether I am a terrorist or not is up to you."
Windson gave a wry smile again. This is no time to do this. Shaking his head, Lin Feng asked again, "So you didn’t want to help me?"
Judging from the skill of Ann just now, windson is more sure that she is also an officer who went to the federal military academy to guard the star. For such a good helper Lin Feng don’t want to let go.
"I know what you mean!" Ann got serious and said, "I am indeed a member of the Federal Military Department. As for my real name and identity, you will know it later. I can’t tell you for the time being. However, it is also my responsibility to deal with terrorists and defend the safety of the people! "
"My purpose is to protect myself. It is not the time to deal with terrorists and protect the safety of the people." Windson said with a wry smile, but also gave up the idea of retrieving information from the "Elegance" brain. Since she said so, those information must be false.
An An hesitated for a moment and then said, "Now is really not the time to deal with terrorists. They are outnumbered and control many hostages. If we are not careful, it will not only be difficult for us to protect ourselves, but also harm those innocent hostages. You know, those terrorists are unscrupulous guys. "
Windson nodded and ordered "Xiao Pang" to show the situation outside the room. Now the smoke on the outside passage is about to disappear again, and Lin Feng is more anxious. He doesn’t have a fourth smoke bomb.
Ann was surprised to see the holographic projection displayed on the wrist watch type small intelligent terminal in Lin Feng’s hand and asked, "How did you do it?"? Did you invade the brain of Elegance? And what about the smoke? "
Windson admire took a look at Ann not the kui is a military secret personnel suddenly he who sees through the essence of the problem. However, he did not explain the source of the holographic projection, but said, "I made the smoke. Originally, I wanted to escape to the crew rest area on the ground floor, where there were no surveillance cameras, but the things in the hands of the two terrorists guarding the stairs were really scary. As a last resort, I pushed your door open and tried to stay away from it, but I was almost killed by you … "

Chapter eighty-six Hijacking (10)
AnQiao face a slight red ignored windson’s complaints and said after a careful look: "It is indeed the best choice for you to escape to the rest area of the crew at the bottom in this case. However, the two small-caliber energy cannons on the stairs are not easy to deal with. "
"Yes." Windson scratched his head and had a headache.
"It’s a pity that you only have an assault rifle, or the two of us may be able to kill both terrorists by shooting at the same time." Ann also frowned and thought hard: "I can’t aim in the smoke, but if there is no smoke, we have to deal with the enemy behind us at the same time."
"Why are you going to escape to the bottom with me?" Windson surprise asked.
"Yes, if there is a chance, who wants to sit still in the room?" An An said helplessly, "I left the door unlocked just to observe the situation outside. I didn’t expect you to break in suddenly. I was shocked at that time."
Windson took a knowing look at Ann. It’s really not safe for a stunning beauty like Ann to hide in the room. If it weren’t for the smoke bombs thrown by Lin Feng for the first time that didn’t spread here, I’m afraid I would be attracted by the terrorists who searched him like Chu Yu. Now I’m afraid I have to escape with Lin Feng in peace. At the end of the day, it was Lin Feng who brought trouble to Ann.
"I’ve robbed an assault rifle, but the two terrorists on the stairs are very alert. I just shot them both with two assault rifles at the same time, but none of them hit …" Windson said with some embarrassment.
"Do you still have an assault rifle?" Ann looked suspiciously at Lin Feng’s body and said jokingly, "I have a lot of secrets about you now, so can you conjure up a flash bomb or a shock bomb again?" If there is, we may still have a chance to fight. "

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