Black mans explosive flash punishment Wu Heisha was shocked by a meal, and Qi Qi flashed in horror.
And Yang Tian’s figure fell violently again and sprinkled a little blood rain along the way.
stay/hold one’s hand
The evil blood angered Yang Tian, who was once again injured, and at the same time, Le Yukuan also flicker again.
This opportunity to capture Yang Tian is certainly not missed.
Extremely frozen
Listening to black H’s novels, a cold binge, including the Emperor City in this world, the temperature plummeted immediately by rising the chill.
Bear the brunt of evil blood three people immediately frozen into a big black ice hockey.
Evil blood is good. At the same time, the blood flame leaps at the same time, breaking the ice hockey very quickly, and Le Yukuan is not afraid of getting out of trouble for a moment.
black hole
At the same time, the black evil spirit and the martial arts are specifically aimed at Yang Tian. He has put his closet skills to good use, and he will seize Yang Tian while the black evil spirit holds off evil blood and others.
The huge black hole will be swallowed up if it falls directly next to Yang Tian.
sound of crying in pain or suffering
In this crisis, Yang Tian’s potential broke out again, looking up and growling, and the Yan was weird. Now, by throwing down, he not only failed to escape, but also accelerated to the black hole and cut it in with a knife.
This knife is by far Yang Tianfa’s strongest one.
When the rotating black hole suddenly lags behind and then violently distorts, it will rumble and rumbling.
However, instead of disappearing, this black hole is spinning crazily, and its breath suddenly becomes chaotic and explosive.
Among them, the suction force of terror swallowing is ten times stronger than just now, and Yang Tiangen is directly involved in it without reaction.
Punishment, hate, hate and dark scold had to flicker at the moment and grabbed Yang Tian before.
At this moment, the palm of his hand is not full of attack power, but he wants to save Yang Tianyin. After Yang Tianyi’s blow, the black hole is beyond his control.
At this time, the black hole is chaotic, and once it is inhaled, it is difficult to go back.
Yang Tian was swallowed up by a black hole, so everyone would be busy for nothing. Although angry, he still had to save Yang Tian.
However, his move is suspected by others to be the biggest threat to Yang Tian.
First of all, the evil blood binge drinking is really personal, and it directly turns into a red mountain flashing towards the middle of the back of punishment.
Go and save him.
It’s even more nai to have to turn around and resist when you feel threatened by punishment and violence behind you.
Feeling the terror, the evil blood suddenly woke up and hurriedly forced the punishment to grasp Yang Tian together.
But after all, they are slow and caught one by one.
Several exclaimed with rings at the same time.

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