Li Jing and his son grew up together. Under the full force. Will the east China sea dragon king AoQin and Peng Zu temporarily forced back. Busy with the earth and fled. Qing Yu defends Master Wen from escaping. The golden pagoda in Jiang Ziya’s hand was blown to pulp. The soul also drifted to the altar.
The Shang army was defeated. Ziya led the people in the Zhou Dynasty. Great victory.
And the duke of Zhao at war with Kong Xuan. Also forced by the hole, there is no strength to fight back. See the tide is gone. More unwilling to fight. Saw Zhao Gongming’s resignation. Kong Xuan smiled and said, "Take your time. We haven’t killed Xing yet. " Say that. Twenty-four sea god beads were sacrificed. Two or four dinghai beads were sacrificed in mid-air. Emit five colors of light. Straight to Zhao Gongming.
See twenty-four fixed Haizhu. Zhao Gongming, however, has a feeling of heart-to-heart connection. It’s clear in an instant. Nu way: "Kong Xuan. Yours is not a son. Take away my testimony. I will not rest with you. " Say that finish, but reveal the original shape. Turned into a clear wind and fled. The colorful lights of two or four Dinghai beads will fall down. Feel the blow to the hollow. There is no effort. See you in Kong Xuan. A frown. I promised not to use the five-color divine light. So it’s not good to offer a five-color divine light to accept Zhao Gongming who escaped. Can only let Zhao Gongming fled back to business.
Recall what Zhao Gongming said just now when he fled. Hole is not suddenly. Since Qing Ye gave him twenty-four sea-anchoring beads. He felt a little uneasy when he offered sacrifices. Right now. It is also impossible to give full play to the power of Dinghai Shenzhu.
"So that’s it. Dinghai Shenzhu was originally a treasure of the public testimony. I don’t want to be respected. Blame the master said earlier that I had cause and effect with Zhao Gongming. It seems that it refers to this matter. " Kong Xuan thought.
"Master elder brother. How are you? " Lu ya came over. See Zhao Gongming’s Kong Xuan standing in the original daze. Asked not worried.
Kong Xuan said with a smile, "What can I do if you let me go, Fourth Martial Brother? Even the magic ancestors can’t take advantage of me. " Then the twenty-four sea-anchoring beads in the air were collected.
Lu looked at the direction of Zhao Gongming’s escape. He said: "Interception is known as a thousand immortals coming to the DPRK. There are not a few people who are profound in magic. I just didn’t think that Zhao Gongming’s strength reached the late stage of Luo Jinxian. " Kong Xuan nodded. Then he said with a smile, "Although people are great at intercepting three religions. But we don’t have to be afraid of it. When the time comes, the soldiers will stop. Water has means to cover up. Just kill him. "
I don’t want to discuss with Kong Xuan what people have done in explaining the three religions. Words after Zhao Gongming fled back to the Shang camp. I learned that I was taught by Confucius. It’s hard to hate in your heart. Then he said to Master Wen, "Brother Wen. Don’t avenge today. I can’t get it out of my mind. Wait till I go to Sanxian Island to borrow my third sister’s treasure. Then I reported this revenge. "
Master Wen said, "Good. Brother, go and come back quickly. I’m looking forward to the treasure you borrowed. " Zhao Gongming nodded: "I will go back as soon as possible." Say that. He resigned from everyone. Riding Hei Hu Tengyun to Sanxian Island.
Qinglian Mountain. Qinglian Palace. Qing Ye and Nu Wa asked for a book with seven arrows. Then he called Caiyun boy in and said, "This is a demon family thing. The book of the first seven arrows of the famous nail. You take it and go to break the enemy with your younger brother Jiang Ziya. "Then said the nail head seven arrows book. Caiyun Tonger obeyed and left.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Nail head seven arrows book
Worship the gods in the wild
Chapter one hundred and thirty Nail the first seven arrows book night for commutation ticket
Zhao Gongming rode Hei Hu Tengyun to Sanxian Island for treasure. Not at that time to | Hei Hu. To the front of Sanxiao Cave. Let out a cry: "Third Sister. Can you be there? " Not long. Zhao Gongming saw the three younger sisters of Yunxiao Qiongxiao Bixiao meet him. He said, "Big Brother, please come in." Four people entered the abode of fairies and immortals. Jianli, sit down Xiao asked, "Big Brother. Why are you free to come here today? " Zhao bitterly told the three clouds about it.
After listening to the three clouds. Qiong Xiao said bitterly, "Heaven teaches people too much. Big brother asks for help. We should help ourselves. Sister. What do you think? " Yunxiao pondered for a moment and said, "The gods have been sealed. All the disciples of the four religions should finish killing and robbing the gods. The elder brother’s business is what the children cut off from teaching. Moreover, it is also a master’s intention to deal with Tianjiao. When it comes to this. " Then I called the boy in. He said, "Go to Houdong and bring the fishing drum to the old master." The boy should be respectful. Carve. The boy brought the fishing drum. Give it to Zhao Gongming. Zhao Gongming took the fishing drum.
Zhongyi Xi. Give thanks to the third sister.
"Sister," said Bi Xiao. | Kong Xuanyou is the first person under a saint. I’m afraid eldest brother can’t win by fishing drums. If we don’t lend the golden dumpling scissors to our big brother. " After listening to the clouds. And Qiong Xiao nodded: Gong Ming was moved. But he stood up and delayed: "Three sisters. This must not be the case. Jinjiao scissors are the treasures that you have been carrying around for many years. If anything happens to my brother. If you lose it. At that time, it will be difficult to die for my brother. "
Qiong Xiao said, "Big Brother. How to say something unlucky. We lend it to you. If you lose it, you lose it. Nothing. Our friendship without tens of thousands of years is not as good as a spiritual treasure? Don’t say anything more. " Other two clouds are nodded and said to be moved by Zhao Gongming’s heart. At the same time, I felt guilty for a while. Yunxiao took the golden dumpling and cut it. Give it to Zhao Gongming. Then he said, "it’s a small thing to lose the baby." When the time comes, eldest brother will still lose to Kong Xuan. Life is important to escape | Three sisters are practicing the Yellow River Array. It’s not done yet. Dacheng will then go to Jizhou to help Big Brother. "
Qiong Xiao Bi Xiao is a postscript. Zhao Gongming’s heart is very warm. I thanked my three sisters. After leaving the abode of fairies and immortals, I will ride Hei Hu back to Jizhou. Suddenly I heard someone behind me: "Brother Zhao." Not from zheng. Look back. But I saw an aunt coming through the clouds. Zhao Gongming said with a smile, "So it’s my junior sister. Many have never seen each other. "
The bearer is Zhao Gong’s younger sister Zhi Xian. Zhi Xian came to Zhao Gongming. Asked: "Brother Zhao. There you are. Why don’t you come to my abode of fairies and immortals? " Zhao Gongming said wryly, "I have something important to go to Jizhou. I can’t stay longer. " Zhixian: "Jizhou? What did Brother Zhao go for? " Then Zhao Gongming said everything. Zhixian said, "I’m also trying to stop teaching. Go with yourself. "
Zhao Gongming is overjoyed. People go to Hebei together.
And back.
When Zhao Gongming returned to Jizhou. Master Wen and others greeted him with a bill. The ceremony is over. Master Wen asked, "Brother Zhao. How was your trip? " Zhao Gongming said with a smile, "Baby has borrowed it. Tomorrow, we will call the array to break the enemy. Just remember the merits with me. " Master Wen and others welcomed Zhao Gongming and Zhi Xian into the business camp with great joy.
The next day, Zhao Gongming and Zhi Xian called outside Jizhou. Jiang Ziya frowned: "Zhao Gongming was defeated yesterday. Come to call again today. You should borrow badly, baby, so dare you. Big brother. What do you think? " Xuan said with a smile, "It’s all right. I went to fight. Just grab him. " Then Kong Xuan ordered the generals. Open the city gate to fight.
Kong Xuan is riding a Mo Qilin. Come to the front. Look at Zhao Ming Dow: "Younger brother. Not for a day. You look much better.
"Zhao` Ming smell speech. Stuffy. Sneer: "Brother Cheng Kong Xuan went easy on me yesterday. I came to thank you today. " Kong Xuan smiled and said, "You’re welcome. Under the same ancestors. should be It should be. " Zhao Gongming chest tightness: "today. We will do it again. " Kong Xuan nodded: "Exactly."
Zhao Gongming came to Hei Hu with a clap. Without saying anything. A purple electric hammer was offered. Let Kong Xuan look a little dignified after Zhao Gongming offered a purple electric hammer. Then a small drum was sacrificed. The drum surface is square. There are aquatic animals in the world who worship the sky and draw pictures. Both sides are khaki in color. Ordinary. Kong Xuan exclaimed, "Fishing drum." Zhao Gongming means, "Exactly." Say. Its top shows half an acre of Qingyun. Mind a thought. Purple electric hammer body purple electric coil. Bombarded down to Kong Xuan. While the fisherman made a dull "thump" sound. It’s not loud But when it reached Kong Xuan’s ears. Kong Xuan only felt as if he had been hit hard. Can’t help but be shocked. Busy with a cloud on the top. There is a colorful peacock on its top.
Here we go. Kong Xuan drinks a lot. In his hand, Qinglong Wuxing Ji stabbed the purple electric hammer and the fishing drum. First, dissolve the purple electric hammer attack. Then twenty-four beads were sacrificed. Give out five colors of light. Then fell to Zhao Gongming.
See twenty-four anchor beads. Zhao Gongming is full of hatred. I don’t care about the five colors that fall. I turned into a breeze and hid.
Zhao Gongming smiled and said, "Kong Xuan. You think you didn’t use your five colors. You can beat me? Today is the day you die.
. Then the golden dumpling scissors were offered. Jin Jiao scissors stand in the air. And then split it into two. These two dragons are not ordinary dragons. It is an ancient Taoist dragon. After being surrendered by the sky. Refined into this treasure. The two bibcock tails intersect. When touching the enemy. One pay and one cut. You can be Jin Xian or born to die.
Kong Xuan recognized the golden dumpling scissors. Can’t help patting Mo Qilin. The clouds are rising. Hiding away. However, I saw the head and tail of the two dumplings cut by the golden dumpling scissors intersect. Explain it. Will Kong Xuan behind many Zhou Ying soldiers in two.
Zhao Gongming laughed: "Kong Xuan. I see how long you’ve been hiding. " Kong Xuan sneered: "I don’t know the so-called. Do you think you can kill me with a treasure? " Only behind the colorful peacocks on the top of Qingyun, there are five dazzling brilliance. It is divided into five colors: green, yellow, red, white and black. The yellow light in the five-color brilliance shook. Then I saw the fishing drum coming towards the yellow light like a rabbit that had only seen the smell. Zhao Gongming sees Kong Xuan’s five colors. It’s not good. See the fishing drum running to people out of control. Anxious and surprised.
Instantly. The fishing drum was run away. Here we go. It is the purple electric hammer. Yugu, this young aunt has come over. Purple electric hammer, this aunt must also come. Kong Xuan will black a shake. Sure enough. My sister ran after my aunt.
Zhao Gongming saw the nasty and angry. Sacrifice the golden dumpling scissors. Cut it to Kong Xuan again. I wish I could cut off the hole | work.
Kong Xuan ha ha a smile. After a shake. Jin Jiao scissors came running again. It’s a hundred attempts, and it works every time.

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