Jiang Qiyi thought for a moment and nodded seriously, saying that according to the information released by the Holy See, Qin Chu is at most a seven-level necromancer. His best skill is despicable sneak attack and face-to-face contest. I am sure I can beat him. What’s worse, I also listened to your opinion. It’s a really good idea to change women’s clothes and sit in the car. When I meet Qin Chu, I will sneak attack him first and return him as a man, and he will be more sure.
Qin destroyed himself, thinking that a simple girl has so little IQ and wants to sneak up on me. Look, this girl’s chest is not so big. Why doesn’t she have a brain?
Jiang Qiyi suddenly found that the young priest’s eyes were so bold that he couldn’t help staring at his chest and face for a moment but couldn’t bear to scold him.
Since she was a child, there were many martial men around Jiang Qiyi, and all day long, quarrelling broke out, and a word was inconsistent. It was the first time for her to talk to a pastor who had no attack ability. This novelty made her curious about this young man to some extent and seemed to have a vague desire to protect him.
Qin destroyed, of course, I don’t know that the female knight has been protecting him as a small animal in her heart, and she is trying her best to learn more information. Since a Knights Templar of the Holy See is beside her, why not ask questions?
Miss Yee, I don’t think the level of martial arts wizards in Cangyue mainland is too white. Can you tell me one? Compared with what you said just now, the Qin Dynasty is already a seven-level wizard, and the seven-level wizard is already very powerful? I know that my therapy has reached the second-level level and I don’t know if it is severe.
Jiang Qiyi giggled two times and showed a pair of daughters. Then, from the perspective of Cangyue’s mainland martial arts level, there are generally three kinds. One is fighting according to the fighting level, which is divided into ten levels and four levels. It is barely a good player. The fighting is a threshold. Anyone who walks past can be called a true enemy and is sanctified by ten levels. In fact, it is also distributed after ten levels. Then I can know now. Let’s talk about the magician’s division of martial arts. Like we went to the Qin Dynasty, it is estimated that he will break through the first level and reach the order.
Generally speaking, the value of wizards is higher than that of fighting, because the number of wizards is small and the hand power is not comparable to that of fighting at the same level. We usually think that wizards are higher than fighting at the same level, but if the ten-level fighting is one-on-one with wizards, fighting is mostly dominant.
Qin destroyed nodded and thought that the holy order still has a big gap, just like the ninth paladin Su Chimei who died in his own hands. Both of them are fighting the holy order, but their strength is completely different. Even now, if you have met Su Chi copper, you will probably die. The two gaps are not personal experience and imagination.
It should be very difficult to be a strong holy order. I heard that the Vatican’s master cloud is how strong a holy order is. Qin Chu deliberately tried to ask, and his look was even more expressive.
Jiang Qi smiled and said that the cultivation of the holy order is of course very difficult, but it is not as difficult as you think. There are only nine knights of the holy order in our Knights Templar of the Holy See who are only twenty years old. The oldest knight of the holy order is one hundred and sixty-two years old this year, and as far as I know, there are fewer than thirty people in Cangyue mainland who hold the holy order to cultivate strength. This is still a known number and I don’t know how many unknown masters are hidden among the people.
You’ve been through so much at such a young age, and I think maybe you can become a saint in a few years.
Jiang Qiyi smiled and neither admitted nor denied it.
Qin destroy thought this girl although all simple, but strength or see the Vatican will give her a hallows, it is estimated that her hapless ninth knight is also a younger generation of masters, but it is a pity that he is doomed to be unable to reach the holy order.
By the way, what else is it? You said two kinds of fighting wizards. Qin Guo asked casually.
Jiang Qiyi smiled gently, reached a finger to the sky, then bent his arm and made several simple gestures.
Bing suddenly became alert and looked up and immediately saw the blue eagle hovering 100 meters above their heads, and the flight path was actually the same as Jiang Qiyi’s gesture.
Gee, you are very sensitive. If you cultivate elemental magic, you must be very powerful. Alas, it’s a pity that you are a priest. It’s a pity that Jiang Qi is outspoken and shrewd. Just say what comes to mind
I don’t think that eagle is you during the day. What are you two?
It’s a good thing that Qin destroyed the dark heart and didn’t rush to seize the sword, otherwise God’s eyes are sharper than those of animals. Once his whereabouts are exposed, he will call in a large number of masters and die. It must be himself
Jiang Qiyi smiled slightly. The third kind is that the real masters of animal order will summon animals, spirits, beasts, Warcraft and necromancers to follow them into an indispensable and important battle force. To comprehensively evaluate a master’s true strength, it is necessary not only to look at his physical attribute series, but also to add animal order to evaluate the beast’s grading. You can almost walk sideways even if you take the first level of Warcraft.
Also this kind of thing, wouldn’t it be very powerful for me to find a holy order of Warcraft and follow me? It’s even worse than the holy order. It’s also the first time I’ve heard such a thing. Think about Qin’s clan, but Qin’s brother is just a small clan. Compared with the core brother carefully cultivated by the Vatican, it’s still much worse.
Jiang Qiyi holds the carriage fence with one hand and laughs lightly. How is it possible for a fool to do such a thing, not to mention whether the holy order of Warcraft will follow so weak? Even if you are a true holy order of Warcraft to protect your opponent, it is also a holy order. A sword will kill you, hehe
Qin out face a dark deliberately not a conversation.
Jiang Qiyi suddenly felt that he had made some gaffes. People’s cultivation just didn’t have the strength to assist the profession. It was really inappropriate for him to say such things.
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that men shouldn’t be so stingy. In fact, priests are also very good, but helping people may be very close even when they meet Warcraft.
Qin extinction is not sulking like this girl knight thinks. He is thinking that he has summoned bioluminescence. I don’t know how many levels of necromancer creatures are. On that day, its performance in Tongtian corpse tower was so amazing that it is hard not to doubt that it is at the top of the necromancer biological chain, but it seems to be a little weak later.
If wisdom means anything to the skeleton soldiers, then why don’t the martial arts all take it as a good thing? Forget it, or don’t think about letting it continue to grow for a while. Let’s talk about it later. Qin came to her senses and pointed to the sky and said, What kind of bird is this?
Jiang Qiyi smiled again and said, Reverend, there are so many things you don’t understand. I’m a four-level Thunderhawk. It won’t fly when it’s used to outsiders since childhood, or I’ll show you.
When they were talking, they suddenly heard the thunder eagle make a clear sound. Jiang Qiyi looked up and saw that the thunder eagle changed its flight path and circled several times rapidly.
This is an eagle dance. It says that a large number of people are approaching us. When Jiang Zhuan’s face is fiercely stretched out, he grabs the big sword.
Qin destroyed thought that the coming would always come against himself, and it was impossible to brag with the wind.
Yee, don’t touch the enemy’s dark situation first. Besides, maybe Qin Chu is mixed among this group of people. Qin Chu has a righteous face but is full of nonsense. It’s not a big sin to cheat a little girl. Every man has done this several times in his generation.
A sudden horseshoe from far and near soon, there is a group of black armor cavalry in front of the caravan. About ten people are all dressed in black armor, and the knights are long guns and swords. As soon as the cavalry comes, they surround the caravan and force the vehicles to stop.
First of all, a burly general in black armor rode a dark, high-headed horse, which was half a foot taller than the horse next to him. Plus, he sat on the horse’s back and was almost half as tall as the flagpole of the team. Judging from the theory that the general’s power was even more exaggerated than that of Jiang Qi.
The tall general waved his hand and immediately ran to the front of the caravan.
One of them, commander Su Chitong, commander of the Northwest Brigade of Gaodao Cavalry, ordered the line to search for Qin’s disorderly party and others, and all of them had to be inspected in the cargo department.
This makes almost all businessmen eagerly turn their attention to the status of the female knight templar in the rear car, but her eyes are stopped by Qin Dynasty.

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