The sword flashed and the black dress person’s head was thrown away.
A master can do many things by competing for ten seconds. This short absence has caused him to die dozens of times.
"A demigod? Bullshit! " Kick the black dress person’s body into the water. Windson disdains to leave the pie mouth and take out the key. Take a closer look and make sure that this is indeed the key corresponding to the golden beam keyhole.
But … a key to a virtual door? This idea is really ridiculous.
But Lin Feng can’t care so much. His soul force controls the key to fly to the keyhole on the surface of the light beam. When the key touches the keyhole, the golden pillar suddenly rises. A clear keyhole turns in Tianhai. The key is bounced back to Lin Feng’s hand, but Lin Fenglian is sucked into the whirlpool without any reaction.
Surrounded by turbid seawater, Lin Feng feels like he has entered a mysterious passage. There is no air around him, and there is a mountain of oppression that can protect his body and rotate with the current.
After about half a quarter of an hour, Lin Feng was swept into a cave by the current. This is a deep underwater cave that stretches everywhere, but surprisingly, the seawater flows along the river inside after entering the cave, and the rest of the place is full of gas.
Lin Fengyue jumped out of the water and looked around at the dry stone.
The light in the cave is extremely dim, and Lin Fengxiu can barely see the sea water pouring into the mouth of the cave about 30 meters. Immediately after that, it seems to be under a lot of pressure, and Lin Fengxiu is generally controlled in the river channel of the cave. It is the rugged rock wall around the river bank that is full of uncanny workmanship. Occasionally, some unknown insects will make a faint whisper. If you don’t know that you are at the bottom of the sea, Lin Fengmust admit that you are somewhere in the mountainside at the moment.
Stay alert and move on.
There are some residual bricks and broken tiles on the feet, which can be vaguely distinguished. The buildings in the crystal ball are exactly the same.
About 100 meters further on, we reach the end of the cave. The sea water is poured from a hole in the stone wall, and it doesn’t know where it flows, but it is a door! A golden round door with the same keyhole!
Lin Feng takes out the key, and the soul force controls the key to be inserted into the lock hole, and then the key rotates by itself, and then Jinmen is big!
Strong light suddenly shot Lin Feng alert and retreated for a distance. Now there is a spacious place in Jinmen. Lin Feng feels a pure and vast breath bursting out from the inside. It is a rich fairy aura!
Is this that passage to the celestial world? Windson can’t help but daydream.
Be careful to enter the chamber of secrets. Everything in it is visible. The most conspicuous thing is a few scattered bones. Although I don’t know how many years have passed, the surface of the bones has not been eroded by time, with a light and soft silver light.
These should be the remains of some unworldly masters, Lin Feng judged
The innermost skeleton posture is weird, with its back facing Lin Fengfu in the corner. The palm of your hand covers the gap between the phalanges of the rock wall and gives some scratches faintly.
Windson quickly before gently moving the palm of your hand surface coverage is like a line of ancient Atlantis text!
I hit a ghost!
Seeing this line, Lin Feng immediately felt a little creepy because the fine print was Lin Feng Hello!
This undersea cave should have been a long time since the formation of the "Three Great Six", but at this time, a bone that has been dead for several years suddenly appeared on the stone wall and carved a greeting to you …
Is it a coincidence? Is Shibi refers to a celebrity who values himself? Lin Feng comforted himself.
When they look carefully again, there is another sentence in Lin Feng’s face, but that sentence is not deeply written and slightly distorted.
"Table jade Jane will tell you one.
The last stroke of the word "cut" dragged a little long, and the ending position was impressively the fingertip of the other palm!
Windson shocked him again. He really didn’t dare to guess what kind of identity the deceased was before his death. He could portray two sentences at the same time!
Of course, Lin Feng doesn’t believe that he is showing off his strength, so there is an explanation that the master was dying when he wrote these two sentences, and he put his hands together when he saved.
With all kinds of speculations, Lin Feng turned his attention to the stone table and found a jade slip very smoothly.
Will a wisp of spiritual force into the jade slips, a lot of information immediately appeared in windson’s mind, and the most important picture was the bloody meteor shower and the collision scene between planets.
Once again, I felt the horror of that year. Lin Feng was immersed in compassion for all beings, and suddenly the picture turned sharply and an old man with a white robe and a long beard came out.
"My name is Harper. Don’t be surprised, young man. Like you, I also have foresight, but your foresight is to fight and my foresight is to predict the future." The old man said with a smile.
Can predict the future? Actually someone has this ability … Windson feel incredible.
Then Harper simply introduced some historical situations to Lin Feng. Although he spoke casually, Lin Feng listened with nerve-racking.
"Although our array has escaped the perception of heaven and earth and stayed in this world, things finally revealed that the meteor shower was actually condemned by the celestial world!" Speaking of which, Harper is a little sorry
"Since you have soared in Du Jie, why don’t you go to the celestial world and choose to hide in the human world?" Windson asked this question before he realized that the other party was just a wisp of thoughts a long time ago, and it was impossible to communicate by himself.

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