But Ji Shu wants Lao Ke and them to earn this money, otherwise it will be more troublesome for them to cut corners for her in case they feel uncomfortable.
There is no professional supervision for such a small project, and it depends on the workers’ consciousness.
"Uncle Ke, thank you so much this time. I’ll give you 39 yuan by hand. We’ll get it all right in half a month, and I’ll give you the materials."
Lao Ke’s mouth couldn’t help but lift up. Ji Shu would be a man who sees through and doesn’t make a bargain. They all took out their best craftsmanship, and Ji Shu asked for the materials later, so he agreed.
"Little sister, I think you are a real person. I’ll tell you a few more words."
Ji Shu pricked up his ears.
"We are not almost ready these two days? I see, a group of people have been running here all the time recently, just staring inside. Yesterday, we were almost done, and these people came to take pictures and I drove them away. "
Ji Shu’s face looked puzzled. "There are no gangsters here. The management office is very strict. It should not be to find fault. Is this?"
"Hey, I shouldn’t care, but your mother often makes some meat buns for us these days. Your family is real. I asked Lao Chang to quietly follow them yesterday."
Lao Ke finished winking at a worker behind him.
The worker named Lao Chang nodded and said, "I watched it with the past and guess what?" Hey! "
Lao Ke’s face collapsed. "Don’t always sell the key points!"
This old man, who often speaks with a northern accent, is as funny as Xiang Xiang. He said, "There is a shop at the end of the street, and the photographer has just started to decorate it."
Ji Shu understood that this is a competitor copying his own decoration style?
"Thank you, Uncle Ke, for telling me this news. I will pay attention to it."
Lao Ke, who collected the money and packed things, said to Ji Shu, "We have already customized the signboard for you, and we can start business at any time as soon as we get to your side."
When Lao Ke and others walked away, Ji Shu frowned and hesitated whether to go to the end of the street, but she also made an appointment with reporter Guo to see the newspaper reporter of Polytechnic University for a while.
When I came to the activity center of science and technology students, Ji Shu saw that reporter Guo had been busy at the door to say hello.
A female student with short hair also raised her eyebrows to see Jishu, who could feel the cold eyes across the distance.
Ji Shu is wearing a sapphire thin tweed coat, jeans and a thin black turtleneck sweater today, which looks neat and clean.
Sapphire blue is a good match for Ji Shu’s skin, which makes her white but not weak. Her cheeks are blushing a little because she is in a hurry in the morning. The corners of the mouth smile like a spring breeze, confident and enthusiastic.
Reporter Guo couldn’t help but say, "Xiao Song, this is what I said about Miss Ji Shu, the owner of [Mama Cuisine] restaurant."
This name was decided by Ji Shu and Liu Caijuan two days ago. Everyone liked reporter Guo very much and agreed that Ji Chang had written these four words in colored pen and posted them at home.
Song snorted "Hello Comrade Ji Shu"
Ji Shu and this comrade Xiao Song have never seen each other. Why is she so hostile?
Song leads Ji Shu and Guo Feixia into a classroom in the activity center.
"This is the office of our polytechnic university newspaper."
It is said that the office is actually a dilapidated classroom with some tables and chairs and some awards hanging on the wall. It should be the school newspaper that won some awards.
Song entered the office and seemed more emboldened. He said to Ji Shu and Guo Feixia, "If my senior sister didn’t come to us specially last night and asked me to receive you, I wouldn’t even consider it."
Guo Feixia’s face was surprised, and Ji Shu was even more puzzled by the two monks.
Guo Feixia said patiently, "It’s also hurtful for Xiao Song to advertise in the school newspaper, isn’t it? I don’t know what your difficulty is? "
Ji Shu smiled indifferently and she didn’t want to speak too early.
"Our school newspaper pays attention to the construction of students’ spiritual culture, and it is full of the latest policies on domestic and national affairs, as well as off-campus news and literature readings. We have never accepted businessmen’s advertisements …"
She straightened her waist, squinted her eyes slightly and stared at Ji Shu. "What’s worse, a small restaurant in the night market street where the south gate of the school is not flowing?"
Guo Feixia spirit not dozen 1 come immediately high tone "what did you say? Now the country is engaged in reform and opening up, not to mention that you are a school newspaper, even our metropolis daily can advertise! When your senior sister introduced you, she didn’t say that you were such a person with eyes above the top, otherwise I wouldn’t have come! "
Song is above a smile, "your newspaper is no longer a pure newspaper, full of greed and copper stench. How can we be the same?" Reporter Guo, do you still have a conscience media person when you pimp and introduce businessmen to advertise? "
Wow, this hat is buckled too big.
Yu Jishu and Guo Feixia froze and didn’t know what to say.
You have something to say.
How did Ji Shu suddenly repair the Luochang? There is no preparation at all!
There’s more tonight!
Chapter 115 Chapter 115
In Jishu and Guo Feixia, you look at me, I look at you, and I can’t speak. When the door opened, another person came in.
Ji Shu looked askance and saw that it was a young male student with neatly combed hair. He was slightly fat and not tall, wearing a blue plaid shirt, a gray cardigan and glasses.
What’s the matter, this dress looks like it makes him twenty years older, or does he just want to be twenty years older?
The young man first said to Song, "Didn’t Song Qiaoqiao agree to come to the student union office for a meeting? Didn’t you say it would be solved in five minutes? "
Song saw the young man immediately piled up a face of smile "President cao embarrassed school newspaper things bother you worry about! I’ll refuse them. "
After that, she turned to face Ji Shu. "Miss Ji, reporter Guo, our student union will have a meeting and we won’t have time to talk about it in detail. As I just said, our school newspaper will not accept such advertisements."
Guo Feixia’s face was full of qi. Seeing that she was about to get angry, Ji Shu stopped her and winked at her.
Then Ji Shu said to Xiao Song, "Excuse me, Mr. Song, where does the school newspaper come from?"
"You don’t understand this, we students have experience, so don’t worry about it."
"So that’s it. So according to your idea, the school newspaper will never accept advertisements?"
Before Xiao Song could answer the young man, that is, "President Cao", he said righteously, "It is true that the country is engaged in reform and opening up, but there is a bottom line! Campus is the purest pure land, how can it be polluted by money! The school newspaper students’ spiritual food is even less likely to have a trace of copper smell. You should hurry and don’t do anything because you have left the society! "
President Cao pushed his glasses. Ji Shu noticed that there was a lot of oil on his glasses, and his hair was greasy. It was really … greasy!
JiShu sneer at "you also know that you haven’t left the society! President Cao, don’t be a real person just because the students call you a president, but do business, one is willing to fight, the other is willing to get the school newspaper, and I don’t want my money. Do I still beg you for it? "

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