Shura turned around and stared at Duan Fei coldly. You can die in my hands, and others can’t touch you.
Say with hundreds of dead behind the first.
Except for a little sweat on his cheeks, Duan Fei never even messed up his breath. He stared coldly at the officers and men who were approaching. His eyes were locked in the central official warehouse and he jumped half-way to him.
It’s another fight to kill hostile characters, but it’s dramatically changed. In the face of sudden killing of officers and men, the ghost gate Junge has tacitly chosen to join forces after the life-and-death struggle.
When the whip in Shura’s hand was swept away, it was a piece of raw skin and wailing. At this moment, Guan Li suddenly jumped to her and just grabbed her whip. Shura, I’ll meet you.
Shura looked contemptuously at her mouth and couldn’t evoke a small role. If you want to die, I will be like you. Just pull the whip at her and even wave dozens of official glasses to avoid slamming when her breath is unstable.
She knew very well in her heart that Shura was not possessed, and she was definitely not her opponent. But now the situation is different. She must seize the opportunity to defeat her when she was weakest. However weak Shura is, after all, she is a master of heaven and earth. Her eyes were cold and a whip wrapped around the official glass neck and dragged her from the horse to the ground.
Officer glass endured the pain, grabbed the whip with both hands and struggled to get up. Shura’s strength was strong and she was thrown to the ground, and the whip rained down on her slender body. Officer glass bit his teeth and covered his head with both hands to find every opportunity to escape.
On the other side, several lieutenants stopped Duan Fei in front of Guan Cang, but where are they? Half the recruiting department sent Ming Guan Cang’s body to General Qing Lanchao. His eyes were wide open, and he grasped the knife in his hand without fear. The others also killed their eyes, but fighting for two hours in a row has made them exhausted and suffered a lot of injuries.
Just then, I don’t know who shouted a wolf first, but was drowned in the shouting and killing waves around.
Then people were terrified and shouted Panther Panther.
In an instant, both officers and men, the Ghost Gate and the Junge people were shocked by the scene before them.
Far away from the dust, a group of wild animals rushed towards here. First, a silver-gray wolf and a panther followed the rare fierce beasts such as tigers, lions, hounds, brown bears and bison. The thunderous momentum kept those officers and men who used to fight in the battlefield stunned for a few seconds and then turned and ran.
Run! Run!
Ah tiger
It’s true that those people who wander around the rivers and lakes seem to be calm. They quickly guard around the owners and stare at these animals for a moment, but everyone’s eyes are full of surprises. Although it’s a suburb here, how can you not be surprised at the sight of so many wild animals in the mountains?
Silver Wolf Panther swooped forward to detain two officers and men, and their fangs were exposed to their necks and they bit them.
Ah, after two screams, there were two more bodies, and they quickly aimed at a target
Seeing that this group of trained officers and soldiers were hit by wild animals, Guancang had to make the retreating officer glass guard at his side to fight back the whip wound and command the remaining military forces to resist and retreat, but those wild animals were like possessed, and they followed these officers and soldiers closely. At last, Guancang was left with less than 200 people.
People are stunned. It’s so weird.
Suddenly the silver wolf panther stopped to listen to the song, then turned around and came slowly not far away. A woman turned around and these beasts seemed to follow her.
Yes, yes, the girl’s frost exclaimed almost at the same time, and a touch of white dust had been swept away.
Xiaoxiao ourtenant in front of that look at people.
Duan Fei promised himself for a moment to confirm whether it was a dream or a reality. He held her tightly in his arms a few steps ago.
Smelling the smell that belongs to him in his arms, Xiaoxiao hugged his waist and rubbed his face on his chest until I came back.
Responding to her is his tight embrace.
Shura stared at the picture in front of her. The whip in her hand became tighter and tighter, and her knuckles turned white. Suddenly, her face was cold. She stretched out her hand and touched the tears at her fingertips. She froze.
She’s crying. She’s crying
Is this irony or a joke? She, who has long abandoned all cruel desires to fill her heart and disguise her appearance, remembers how to cry.

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