Xiao Yilong shook his head and said that he was very calm.
Uh, what’s cold and dark?
His face hasn’t changed much whether he defeated Falda by hand or the emperor released the sky, which means that he is not afraid in his heart.
This may be because he didn’t know that Dong Shi Tian was terrible, etc. Maybe he cried and cried for mercy. Xiao Yilong looked up at his friends and said that Meng Fei is not like you. He is not sure that he will never do it.
Wait and see. I feel that today’s incident may be unexpected, and the East Emperor may lift a rock and drop it on his own feet.
Leng You’re amazing. He knows Xiao Yilong quite well. It’s absolutely true that he’s quiet. It seems that Meng Fei has said so much. It’s really optimistic about him.
But he can’t see it when he is too cold.
In addition to a calm face and a calm breath, it is no different from others.
But at this moment, his eyes suddenly stared at the blue robe figure in the fighting field and his body was stiff.
Tianwang jingjie
The mighty breath broke through the body and stood like a pike in the sky, and its pressure made it easy to identify the realm of repair.
Meng Fei, a blue robe hunting ring, suddenly broke out at this moment, and instantly enveloped a fighting field in the atmosphere of the earth. The coercion stirred the surrounding protection of the fighting field and the indefinite flashes flashed endlessly.
This Meng Fei is actually a generation of kings.
After a short while, the East Emperor shook his head slowly. This Meng Fei didn’t reach the level of king, but it was even more amazing in his view.
Extreme respect for the environment and control of the animal soul can be compared with that of the king. This character is a fate, and his future achievements are limitless.
This kind of character is definitely worth wooing.
In the heart of the Eastern Emperor, it is a very cost-effective thing to think that there are still many beautiful women waiting to be married in the blood at home, but it is a great deal for them to attract such potential, strong youth and strong suspicion.
Or your own daughter will be more sincere in soliciting.
Princess Yinchuan’s face is hard to hide. This guy really hides most of his strength than he did just now. Falda didn’t let him burst into true cultivation, and the most important point is whether this cultivation is his final card. She knows for sure in her heart.
It seems that it is possible to win the first world war today.
But at this moment, she Yu Guangmin noticed the change in the look of the East Emperor’s eyes and suddenly couldn’t help but jump hard.
This old guy wants to dig the wall Chapter nine hundred and ninety This is abandoned?
With this in mind, Princess Yinchuan almost couldn’t help but turn against him directly. She always digs other people’s corners. When is it someone’s turn to dance hoes in front of her?
The Eastern Emperor can see things as Princess Yinchuan can see that Meng Fei’s position in her heart has soared, and it is absolutely private and no one is allowed to get their hands on it.
Emperor Dong Shi Tian frowned. No wonder this Meng Fei dared to fix it by hand. It turned out that he was hiding a lot. He was comparable to Tianwangxiu and cooperated with the animal soul source. It was indeed quite tough.
But these are not enough for him to see.
This person has a faint smile on his mouth and a direct outbreak of precursor breath. He is also a generation of kings.
Meng Xiong’s magical powers are amazing, and he can also learn from it. In this day, the lion’s power can be released to the east, and the sleeves of the robe and sleeve are madly gathered together with a wave of his hand.
A huge virtual shadow suddenly emerged from the void.
This is a ten-meter-long lion king with a silver horn, which is very famous in thousands of stars. The lion king has a silver armor all over his body. The tiger is as powerful as a lion, and his claws can easily tear the stone talent. The blood clots in his eyes are extremely impressive.
This silver lion king is a soul form, which seems to be hidden in the East Interpretation of Destiny House. He was fed by his gods’ refining and refining. As soon as he appeared, the silver lion king made a virtual roll and saw a flash of light.
Its soul, form and body are like a body filled with flesh and blood, becoming fierce and fierce, and its whole body is filled with powerful flesh and blood.
The Lion King with Silver Horn is ten meters long, and his whole body is shining with silver light. He growled at the wind, and the claw knife suddenly grabbed at Meng Fei’s chest, as if to give him an instant heartbroken.
The energy fluctuation of the Silver Horn Lion King is terrible. This guy doesn’t look like a soul form. It seems to be more ferocious than before he died. The fierce momentum surprised Princess Yinchuan’s side and Wudu’s eyes changed slightly.
Even Princess Yinchuan has just lost her beauty, and her eyes are flickering and her eyes are tense.
Meng Fei lost a quota in her hand in this World War I, which will not only help boost the arrogance of the Eastern Emperor, but also make it even more difficult for the Eastern Emperor to get a great opportunity.
No matter what she doesn’t want Meng Fei to lose, she will be surprised by the strength displayed by Dong Shi Shu. Finally, she knows that the outside world is right, which is more powerful than Dong Shi’s natural strength.
She’s different. Her father, East Real Madrid, laughed easily. Beside her, the maid was eating slowly and Wu Danxiao said something.
He doesn’t seem to be worried at all. He already knew the ending and decided that he would win easily.
No one is optimistic about Meng Fei.

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