Vigorously crack the tiger tiger eyes slightly narrowed and glanced at Lin Dong’s blood spirit behind him. This is the only way. It’s not those ungrateful humans. Tell me, what price do you want me to pay?
It was when he said this that his eyes sparkled
Lin had a stretch as if he didn’t see these things. Then he pointed to the cave and smiled lightly. Just give me Monty Tiger Bone.
The monthly ticket has been touched for an hour.
Everyone monthly ticket wood Chapter four hundred Tiger bones come to hand
When Lin’s words came out of his mouth, the valley’s industrial spirit seemed to have suddenly solidified, and the tiger’s eyes were staring at Lin with a fierce look.
Come on, you’re as big as those guys. You have a tiger’s mouth and a white and sharp fangs. Sneer at a way
There’s no pie in the world. If I don’t do it today, you won’t be able to keep monty and tiger bones, and even your life will have to be lost.
I also made it clear to you in advance that if you want my hand to help you, you must pay the price. At that time, you should have guessed what I said the price was.
Now that I have promised to say these words now, can I recognize that you are deliberately playing me? My eyes are also passing through a chill.
I don’t deny that you helped me, but Monty Tiger Bone is something I’m going to rob for the second time, and I will never give it to you.
I have some Nirvana Dan in my hand, and I can give you this as a reward.
Lin’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, but things are not as smooth as expected. It seems that it is not a simple matter to make this tiger crack vigorously and be good at monty.
See Lin didn’t speak that vigorously crack in the tiger eye is also a flash of some police timid eyes glanced at Lin after blood spirit behind him, he knew it was hands-on, he may not be able to in this blood spirit after Lin joined forces to gain the wind.
Hey, hey, you must make the atmosphere so stiff.
And just when the atmosphere in the valley was solidified, the lazy sound of the little raccoon finally rang, and then it swayed its body and now it moved its shoulders.
Demon spirit
Looking at Lin’s moving shoulders, the small raccoon dog is now cracking vigorously, and the tiger Zheng soon surges up in the tiger’s eyes with a dignified fear. Although the small raccoon dog is petite in shape, I don’t know if he feels a kind of pressure from his body.
Hey, big guy, you don’t want to transplant it into your body when crossing the Nirvana robbery, do you? If you do, I’m afraid you won’t live long. The blood of the Monty Tiger clan is overbearing. Even if you forcibly merge, your mediocre physique will exert its power, but it will make the bones and bones do more harm than good.
I heard that the tiger’s eyes changed, but Qi didn’t refute him. Moreover, he knew that it was extremely risky.
Nirvana robbery is extremely difficult to survive. If there is no Monty Tiger Bone, I am also a narrow escape. I am still struggling to crack the tiger’s heavy road. I have unconsciously lost some malicious crimes for Xiao Yi’s voice. With the unique induction of the monster beast, he seems to be able to detect it in front of me. It seems that there is a fierce crime that is several times more violent than him.
It seems that you just want to get through that second nirvana robbery. Forget it. It’s not easy to recruit you when you practice to this point. You won’t have to resort to those threatening routines.
This is a unique martial art cultivated by the Dark Deep Tiger clan. If you can cultivate it into a nirvana robbery, you should be able to rise by about 30%.
Dark and deep tiger refining body martial arts.
Hearing this, the tiger that cracked vigorously suddenly couldn’t help but lose the dark deep tiger, which is one of the three families of the tiger family. Their refined body and martial arts are extremely strong, which is simply a rare treasure for their tiger monster beast. He is really something that believes in small waving and light is simple, which is what this means.
Small raccoon dog also won’t be that extremely shocked and cracked. When Tiger Claw throws it, he throws the light in his hand at him and looks at it. Then he grabs it quickly, and then the light is simple and turns a lot of information into his mind.
However, it is the dark deep tiger clan’s refined body force, and those strange information are streaming in my mind, and the tiger eye is also suddenly lit up.
Big guy, bring me Monty Tiger Bone. Small raccoon glanced at the crazy tiger who cracked vigorously and slightly left the pie mouth. Although this force is not too strong in the dark deep tiger family, it is comparable to a treasure for this tiger who cracked vigorously.
Heavy invasion in crazy crack to tiger smell tiger eyes flashed a bit hesitant, this force can make me more than thirty percent?
Small raccoon eyes slightly narrowed suddenly become dull, many big guys, my patience is about to be finished by your ink, but the world has never shown my things, and I’m ready to wipe my mouth and not be a person.
The voice slowly fell and the small raccoon suddenly stepped forward, and the body was suspended in a half-faint way. An extremely large virtual shadow formed behind it. The virtual shadow fanned slightly and covered the world. big wing, like a tiger demon spirit, trembled and fluctuated quietly.
Dog-day demon trick
Vigorously crack the tiger’s eyes and fear to look at the huge virtual shadow behind the small raccoon. It is obvious that cold sweat suddenly surges up. Obviously, even in the demon domain, it is a top-level race and it is not devoted to cattle.
Day demon recruit adults don’t get angry, I’ll get you the monty tiger bone, but this big crack tiger bottle is also clever. Look at this little trick and you will know that some angry people will never procrastinate again and quickly turn around and rush into the cave.
Looking at the huge virtual shadow behind the small move like a tiger in panic, it was only then that the terrible fluctuation was dissipated. Soon it laughed a little and seemed to fall back to Lin Dong’s shoulder. See? This is the deterrent effect of recruiting master. Now you should know that it is terrible for the demon to recruit the gens.
Lin stand stand hand also won’t this smug guy eyes looking at the cave, there will soon be rapid and heavy footsteps, after a long time to crack the tiger figure again, but this time, a huge black skeleton is painted on the shoulder.
The black skeleton was heavily placed on the ground, and all of a sudden, a valley was trembling for that kind of weight. Even the forest was moving, and then he projected his eyes carefully.
This skeleton is completely dark, shining like pure iron, cast in black iron, and even if there is a tiger bone left today, it is still filled with an extremely fierce and domineering tiger bone.
In this fierce domineering spread, even if it is vigorously cracked, the tiger can’t help but go back a few steps, and the eyes are crazy and staring at the tiger bones.
From the skeleton shape, I can vaguely judge that this beast was really a tiger. It is conceivable that if this is a living monty tiger, the fierce domineering should be breathtaking. This monty tiger can be called the monster beast, the tiger family and the three families, but it is not a hollow reputation.
Small raccoon body fell on the monty tiger bone from the tiger bone diffuse fierce domineering for it as if there is no deterrent effect, its paw patted the tiger bone and then nodded at Lin Dong, saying that it is indeed a monty tiger bone.
Hearing the small move to confirm that Lin’s heart is also a heavy sigh of relief, I finally got the idea. This little inflammation should be able to advance into nirvana and get rid of the beast, right?
Lin also fell into shape and looked at this monty tiger bone and then put it into the dry Kun bag with a wave of his sleeve robe in the extremely reluctant eyes of the tiger.
Haha, thank you, Brother Tiger, for giving Monty Tiger Bone a gift. My heart is also quite comfortable. I immediately looked at him and looked at him vigorously. "
Vigorously crack the tiger shook his head with a wry smile, but soon he was thinking about just getting Wu, which diluted some depressed days in his heart. The identity of the demon raccoon will inevitably not be brushed with him. This Wu should also be extremely unified.

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