It’s a strange strategy to attack the strong old fortress of the aristocratic family but aim at his lineage. The first sentence is that a fucking character is really a genius but a despicable genius
After the Tang Dynasty, the trend of boasting people’s hope gradually disappeared, and the Jin and Yuan Dynasties had served Yi Di, and the emperor might as well worship Tugu Qingshi and so on. However, some people wanted to climb in and wait for Liu Shizhong’s song, saying that it was laughable, but they didn’t know that ordinary people in the market were easy to fight, and that stubborn Jianghu companions were good at showing their official names. Many people said that the words were not vulgar. Listen to me and count them one by one, calling for selling meat, calling for Zhong Fu, selling rice, calling for Junbao, grinding noodles, and calling for Defu
Before the outbreak of others, most of them were talking, but at the chance, they accidentally stole a few words, which made them elegant, elegant and high in status, and their genealogy was also improved. They also needed to find a ancestor who was either a famous Confucian or a famous minister, and others were as gentle as their predecessors. However, fools have already seen through this trick and common saying that they are very white in their hearts.
So they resisted, damn it
However, people can’t despise the old shadow of sweeping people, but insist on doing something despicable when others say that their ancestors are always despicable, or add violence to their mother’s life, but it is still despicable to take the opportunity instead of building the Games.
China people are still waiting, relying on their family or relying on their ancestors. If they don’t reform, they will always be scolded by the state, and it will be in peacetime.
But occasionally, it is an exception or a surprise or a feeling. I once saw a farmer’s father pointing to a bowl of food at lunch in my hometown and telling his father that it’s not bad, mom. Try it. The father replied, I don’t want to eat mom, but you can eat it. It’s simply alcoholized. Now it’s ok, my dear.
July 19th, 1925
China has always said that closed-doorism is not allowed to go, and others are not allowed to come. From breaking the door for guns and touching a string of nails, everything has become send-away. Don’t say that it’s just artistic things. Recently, a batch of antiques were sent to Paris for exhibition, but I didn’t know what was going to happen. Several masters held several ancient paintings and new paintings and hung them all the way in European countries. It was said that Dr. Mei Lanfang would be sent to the Soviet Union to urge symbolism not far away, and then I would like to go to Europe by the way. I don’t want to discuss here that Dr. Mei
But none of us brought it according to the ceremony of reciprocity
Of course, it’s not a bad thing to send it. Nietzsche once boasted that he was the sun, light and heat, poor, but he didn’t want to get it. However, Nietzsche was not the sun, and he was crazy. Nor was China. Although people say that digging up coal is enough for the world for hundreds of years, hundreds of years later, of course, we will turn our souls into heaven or go to hell, but our grandchildren should still leave them a little gift, or they can’t get something to kowtow and beg for a little leftovers as a reward during the festive ceremony. Don’t misunderstand this reward.
I don’t want to say anything about sending it here, otherwise it’s too unfashionable. I want to advocate that we should be a little stingy and take it out.
However, we were frightened by what we were sent. First, British opium, Germany abandoned guns, then French powder, and then the United States printed all kinds of domestic gadgets every day. So even sober young people were frightened by foreign goods. In fact, this was because they were sent instead of brought.
We have to get our brains out and look forward to it.
For example, a poor young man among us got a big house because of his ancestral deeds, let me put it this way. Don’t ask if he cheated or robbed it or legally inherited it or became a son-in-law. What should I do in exchange? First of all, I want to take it regardless of whether it’s seven or twenty-one, but I object to the old owner of this house, who is afraid to walk in the door for fear of contaminating it. It’s a concubine who is furious and set fire to protect her innocence. However, it’s foolish to accept everything this time because she is envious of the old owner of this house. Of course
When he saw shark fin, he didn’t just throw it on the road, which made it popular, and his friends ate it like radish and cabbage. He didn’t come to the banquet. The distinguished guests didn’t see opium and fell into the Mao toilet in public to see its complete revolution. They were sent to the pharmacy for treatment, but they didn’t sell the cream until it was sold out. Although the smoking utensils in India, Persia and Arabia are all different, it can be regarded as a national quintessence. If you travel around the world on your back, people will definitely see it, but I think the rest can be destroyed, and a group of concubines are also
In general, we have to bring it, and we have to put it down or destroy it, so if the owner is a new owner’s house, it will become a new house. However, first of all, we must be calm and brave to distinguish whether it is private or not, and people can’t become new people without bringing it.
June 4th.
What happened after Nora left?
On December 26th, 1923, she gave a lecture at the Literature and Art Meeting of Beijing Women’s Normal College.
What I’m going to talk about today is what happened after Nora left
Yi Yisheng is a writer in Norway in the second half of the 19th century. Except for dozens of poems, all his works are plays. One of these plays is usually about social problems, and one of them is Nora.
Nora, a puppet family translated by EinPuppenhei in China, but Puppe is not only a matchmaking puppet child holding a human figure, but also an extension to how others command him to be a man. It is also Nora who lived contentedly in a so-called happy family at first, but she realized that she was her husband’s puppet children and her puppet, so she left the door and then closed. I think everyone knows that there is no need to elaborate.
How can Nora not leave? Or the answer is that Mrs. DieFrauvMeer Hai is married. However, a lover suddenly asked her to go with her one day on the other side of the sea, and she told her husband that the foreigner would face the end. Her husband said that if you let you go now, you can choose and be responsible for it, so everything will change and she will not leave. It seems that Nora can live in peace if she gets this reason.
But Nora, after all, is gone. How can I answer questions after I leave? And he is not responsible for answering questions even if he is dead. Because I am writing a poem, it is not a problem, and answering questions is just like Oriole’s. Because he wants to sing, he doesn’t want to sing for people to listen to. It is very ignorant of the world. When many women hosted his banquet together, the representative thanked him. When the puppet family liberated women’s consciousness, he replied that I wrote that article, but it was not.
What happened to Nora after she left? However, others have also expressed their opinions. An Englishman once said in a drama that a new type of woman left her family and finally degenerated into a brothel. What should I call her another China? The Haiwen family said that she finally came back when she saw Nora, but it’s a pity that no one else saw it unless it was sent to him by Yi Yi, but she was engaged in speculating that Nora was either degenerating or coming back. Because it was a bird, it was inevitable that she was caged and there was an eagle cat outside the door. If something has paralyzed its wings and forgotten to fly, it is true that there is a way to go, and another way is to starve to death, but starvation is out of life, and the problem is not a way.
The most painful thing in life is that the dreamer is happy if he can walk without looking. The most important thing is not to wake him. Don’t you think Li He, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, has been in trouble all his life, but when he died, he told his mother that Amadi had caused the White Jade Tower to be completed. Isn’t this a dream? However, a small one, an old one, a dead one, a dead one, a happy one, a happy one, and a dream? I think it will be great at these times. I can’t find my way, but it is a dream.
But never dream in the future. Alzhiba Suifu once borrowed his novels to question the dream of the future gold world. Because he wanted to build that world, he first aroused many people to suffer. He said that you had given the gold world to their grandchildren, but what did you give them? It was the hope of the future, but the price was too high. This hope required people to sharpen their senses, feel their pain more deeply, call up their souls to witness his rotting remains, but only to dream these times would be great. I think we can’t find our way. We want dreams, but not dreams of the future, but dreams of the present.
However, since Nora woke up, it was difficult to return to her dream, so she had to go, but when she left, she didn’t fall into depravity or come back. Otherwise, she had to ask her what she had brought with her besides awakening her heart. If she had a purple velvet scarf like the gentlemen, it would be no good if it was two or three feet wide. She still had to be richer in her bag, and to put it bluntly, she needed money.
Dreams are good, otherwise money matters.
The word "money" is hard to hear or must be laughed at by noble gentlemen, but I always feel that people’s comments are not only yesterday and today, that is, before and after meals, but there are often some differences. Anyone who admits that food needs money to buy and says that money is despicable, if he can press his stomach, he will always be hungry if he hasn’t digested the fish. He will come back to listen to his comments a day later.
Nora’s money is elegant. Let’s just say that the economy is the most important thing. Money can’t buy it, but it can sell human beings with money. One of the big shortcomings is that we often need hunger to remedy this shortcoming. For the sake of preparing not to be puppets, the economy is the most important thing in the meeting. First, we should get equal distribution between men and women at home. Second, we should get equal power between men and women at the meeting. Unfortunately, I don’t know that this order still requires fighting or maybe it is more intense than asking for political participation.
It is a common thing to ask for the economy, but it may be more troublesome than asking for noble participation in politics and the liberation of women. It is like winter. However, we have to save a person who is going to freeze to death, or we have to sit in a bodhi tree and meditate on all human methods to save all human beings. However, if I choose, I will immediately sit in a bodhi tree because I have to take off my only cotton-padded jacket to freeze myself. At home, it is not a big objection to say that I want to participate in politics. When it comes to economic distribution or not, I will meet the enemy.
Fighting is not a good thing, and we can’t instruct everyone to be a soldier. So the peaceful method is also valuable. This is the future. Chinese relatives will be able to distribute their property evenly at that time. They will get the equal economy equally and without conflict. After that, they will take care of themselves. Although it is a distant dream, it is much closer than the dream of the golden world. But first, they need to remember. Poor memory is beneficial to themselves and harmful to their grandchildren because they can forget themselves. I can gradually get rid of the pain and often make the mistakes of my predecessors again because I can forget. My daughter-in-law is still abused by her mother-in-law, and she hates being born as an official. Every time she used to berate an official, she was born when she oppressed her, that is, the family revolution ten years ago. Perhaps her age and status are all gone, but her memory is also a great reason. The remedy is that everyone buys a nebk to remember his present thoughts and actions in the future. After the age and status have changed, refer to the fake hate children. When they want to go to the park, take a look and meet each other.
The essence of the world’s laissez-faire spirit is resilience. It is said that Tianjin Green Peel is very bossy after boxing and banditry. He told him that the luggage is small. He told him that it was two yuan. He told him that the road was near. He told him that it was still two yuan. He said that it was not enough, but the toughness was great. People said that it was too old-fashioned to ask for the economy, so they replied that it was too despicable to ask for the economy. They said that the economy would change, so they still replied that they needed the economy.
In fact, at present, it may not be difficult for a Nora to leave, because this character is very special and fresh, and it is impossible for people to sympathize with people who live and help them. However, if a hundred Nora leaves, even the sympathy will be reduced by 110 thousand, and they will be disgusted and will be financially reliable.

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