Yi Yu absorbs every ounce of magical power crazily, and then pours it into Borneo’s face without stint, and will attack the twelve capitals. Yi Yu feels that it is in the field of mechanical convergence, but the strength gap is not made up by spirit and will.
See that ha ha bodhi old zu a face of grimace of a grin malicious way "young players! Now, if you beg for mercy, I’ll give Li Jingxiu a face to waste you and save your life! "
Yi Yu, however, if he doesn’t smell that the corners of his mouth are slightly upturned, he turns out to be laughing and laughing. The bodhi old zu once again feels that his majesty has been despised and he is very angry. "Good! Bunny! Since you are looking for a dead seat, you will honor your promise and shoot you to death! " Say and see that haha bodhi old zu stretched out his left hand and waved his hand.
But see Yi Yufang unexpectedly suddenly appeared a nearly ten-foot-long hand toward his celestial spirit, and now all the mana of Yi Yu is in control of Shiva’s complications to resist the twelve gods. Although she still has Taiyi’s five cigarettes to protect her, even if she has no mana, she can’t stop this magic weapon for protection. Haha, the bodhi old zu takes a life!
Seeing that Yi Yu will die next to the huge palm of the bodhi old zu, Princess Lotus is still hesitating. If she is concerned, she will never let Yi Yu die here, but now the magic road has just changed and her life and death are still unknown. If it is unwise to fight with the bodhi old zu at this time, Princess Lotus will once again look at the danger. Yi Yu sighed lightly and finally pressed her hand.
At this critical juncture, it is easy to see that the bodhi old zu suddenly held his left hand with a painful shout. If you look closely again, there is still a little silver-gray flame burning in his palm. Although the bodhi old zu immediately drove the Mars away with magic, it was only a breath of pain that the old devil sweated a little, which showed that the silver-gray flame was vicious.
Haha, the bodhi old zu is also secretly shocked. At this point, the small flame has just been faintly burning his Yuan God. If the old magic power is vast, it will be isolated. If it hurts the Yuan God, it will be a big loss. Haha, the bodhi old zu exclaimed, "What person! ? How dare you sneak up on the seat and die! "
"giggle!" Listen to a bell laugh "ha ha old ghost! I haven’t seen you for years, but you’ve grown a lot! How dare you let the girl come out and die! " As soon as I spoke, I saw a stunning woman dressed in blue on the altar, and the bodhi old zu who was driven away from Mars was meek and integrated into the woman’s hands.
See the woman caught it gently. At this time, she has supported Yi Yu to put a pill into his mouth. Looking at Yi Yu’s pale face, she felt sympathy and gently caressed Yi Yu’s cheek. If she hadn’t just tried it herself, she wouldn’t let him suffer like this.
Yi Yu light way "dirt! You have come, hehe, and I finally want you to protect me. Am I very innocent? " Looking at the usual arrogance, Yi Yu was so weak that she almost cried. Yi Yu answered, "But with the protection of a great beauty like you, people say that I am willing to eat soft rice."
Dirt gave Yi Yu a nasty rush. Zhi Xian got up and wiped her sleeve gently on her face. Suddenly, there was a hint of tenderness and honey in her beautiful eyes. The color was cold and murderous! Scale looked dumbfounded haha bodhi old zu cold way "haha old ghost just now you almost killed our family on her! And … I also heard you say you want to shoot him alive. "
""scale! You’re asking for dirt! You’re not … "That haha bodhi old zu was surprised, but the Lotus Princess exclaimed. This also blames the Lotus Princess for making a fuss. In those days, Deng Yin, Princess Honghua and the" scaling "thing were still raging in the fix-up world for decades before it subsided.
At that time, it was said that Wan Li was killed by Deng Yin and Princess Honghua, the adulterer and prostitute. Both Princess Lotus and Princess Honghua were sisters since childhood. Although Princess Lotus was a charming girl, she had some divinations on this matter. She also specially went to ask Princess Honghua, but the Princess Honghua vowed that she would die.
However, there is something weird about it everywhere, which makes people suspicious. The "Shen Dirt" is the third daughter fairy sister of Little Sumeru Mountain in the East China Sea, and she is very loved. If something really happens to her, how can her two fierce sisters not criticize? However, since the disappearance of Shen Gang, Shen Gang has been pretending to be deaf and dumb, and she has never gone out to seek revenge. There is not even a single scene. Some people suspect that Shen Gang’s roots are not dead, but she is a monk with a dead heart. It is also said that she has found another lover and soared to Xianque. There are always different opinions
Cut is just saying that the parties have remained silent at this time.
But even those who doubt that Shen Ganggen is not dead would never have thought that today she would be such a way to play. At this time, Tang Wan, Green Yi and Zhi Xian also came out to glare at Shen Ganggen’s side. Of course, the reasons for their anger were different. Tang Wan was naturally angry because Haha Bodhi old zu injured Yi Yu, while Green Yi was angry because of the scale, so was she.
Ha ha bodhi old zu saw it is a big surprise heart way "boy! What a ghost! What a powerful fox! " Of course, whether it’s Green Yi or Tang Wan, it’s far from being the opponent of the bodhi old zu. Even when the green robe bodhi old zu was in its heyday, its strength was far less than that of the bodhi old zu. But now there’s Shen Dirt here. If Tang Wan and Green Yi are added to help, it’s Haha, and the bodhi old zu may not be able to escape to the benefits.
Ha ha, the bodhi old zu surprised andao after seeing "scale". "How can this crazy woman be here? Besides, it’s different from Yi Yu’s rabbit cub! Don’t that year … "But this experienced and knowledgeable old devil took a closer look and immediately burst out laughing.
Haha, the bodhi old zu laughed. "You don’t want to be in this virtual situation. It seems that you really let your good husband Deng Yin and Princess Honghua do harm! Even the body is gone, dragging a pair of five elements, how dare you go crazy? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll break your spiritual source now and make you stunned at once? However, today, I miss that your two sisters and sisters have some friendship. Today, if I don’t kill you, it’s important to go back to Little Sumi Mountain in the East China Sea to cultivate a body! "
Although the Lotus Princess is not bad at repairing haha, the bodhi old zu exists, but this experience is slightly inferior. Just now, I didn’t see that the scale was actually a fire spirit. After haha, the bodhi old zu woke up, I realized that the scale application was actually an energy body, but the delicate mind of a woman didn’t make her jump to conclusions. Lotus Princess always felt that the scale application was very strong at this time! Very strong! Therefore, when the bodhi old zu spoke wildly and wantonly, Lotus Princess Jing chose silence.
Shen Dirt learns haha bodhi old zu’s wild words and doesn’t get angry. She casually glanced at the Lotus Princess to see if she recognized Shen Dirt so much. "Haha, old ghost, you and I have known each other for a thousand years!" You have no memory at all. No wonder you were possessed! In this blink of an eye, will you forget that you just burned the ghost and called Mars again and again? "
"ah!" Haha, the bodhi old zu was surprised. Just now, he was surprised that Shen Scale appeared and forgot that deadly Mars! Surprised, "Shen scale! What do you mean! Just now, I accidentally ate your sneak attack, and now you are physically weak. With your magic, you can be stronger in Gaoyuan God than you were then! Today, this easy jade person will kill you or retreat to get into trouble! "
Although the bodhi old zu says it is tough, at this time he has no intention of killing Yi Yu. If you offend a Li Jingxiu, it is not too because he knows Li Jingxiu best, although he is strong, but he is a very realistic person. Li Jingxiu and he will never fail in his great cause. A dead man and the bodhi old zu will turn against each other and try their best to show some low profile afterwards. Li Jingxiu will not delve into it.
But it would be too expensive to kill Yi Yu and offend the three sisters of Shenjia! Moreover, a woman’s mind will never be guessed, especially this "dirty madness" is famous in the whole field of repair. Before Qi Xiaer was born, she was a witch who turned pale.
No matter what the secret is, she has to stare at it day and night, and the means of entanglement is even more extreme. It happened that she had to repair a very high background, fight very hard, but she couldn’t run and couldn’t run. How many talents in the field of repairing the true world were destroyed in the face of Shen Scale? Haha, the bodhi old zu has decided to give in.
At this time, haha, the bodhi old zu still insists that it is necessary to kill Yi Yi, but it is a test of the truth and falsehood. Haha, the bodhi old zu wants to see how thick Yi Yu and the Qingcheng School he represents are in the East China Sea, and whether the two sides have reached any agreement.
"giggle!" "Dirt upon hearing is a charming smile" you this old thing talk so unreasonable! It’s funny that you want to kill your husband but want him to retreat! "
"ah! What did you say?/Sorry? ! You ….. You’re not Deng Yin … "The Lotus Princess was shocked but didn’t know when this" Shen Scale "actually remarried, and the only thought that flashed through the bodhi old zu’s mind was" political marriage ".In his opinion, Shen Scale and Yi Yu refused to produce love.
"Scale also ignore all surprised way" ha ha old ghost! Don’t rely on your immortality. You’re crazy with girls here. Now I’m a spiritual body, but I can still break your immortality.
Split the daylights out! "Say" dirty body suddenly gushed out several zhangs flames and burning throughput.
Haha, the bodhi old zu saw the big shock and exclaimed, "Armageddon thunder and fire! You are actually a lightning bolt and a thunder fire to recast the flesh! "
"Scale" laughed. "You still have some knowledge. You haven’t lived in vain. It’s good these years. It’s the tempering of the fairy and the lightning! I don’t know if this can break your indestructible body? " Say "Shen Scale" and no more nonsense, fly up and take up dozens of zhangs of silver-gray apocalypse, thunder and fire, and go straight to that haha bodhi old zu.
Although he was frightened, he was not weak again, or it was not enough for him to shrink back when he faced the truly indestructible fate of thunder and fire. He saw the bodhi old zu haha, "Come on!" With a wave of his arms, the twelve gods and evil spirits were divided into twelve points, and immediately the ninth palace was ranked together, and the yin and yang turned to divination to run. It was the day when the monks were frightened that the twelve gods and evil spirits were arrayed.
Look at that haha bodhi old zu’s grim face. He took out a small flag with a red background in Phnom Penh and threw it at the middle. It rose at the sight of the wind and instantly became ten feet in size. It was this big flag that stood in the array of twelve heavenly gods and evil spirits.
Shen Gang, although a fairy named the right way, is actually a witch. She has been trapped for hundreds of years and has been depressed and hard to fight. Hong Hong is very excited to have an opponent with equal strength today. Seeing her dragging ten feet of lightning and thunder, she crashed into the haha ? ? bodhi old zu’s twelve gods and monsters, and she didn’t use any skills.
Just said that Yi Yu’s energy level gap against Haha bodhi old zu is hard to resist. At this time, Haha bodhi old zu and Shen Wei reached out their hands and immediately could see that Gao’s twelve gods were extremely high-level energy in heaven and earth, but in the face of more fierce crimes, this haha bodhi old zu twelve gods were inferior by three points.
Will see that after Shen Biao crashed into the large array, this large array of twelve heavenly gods and evil spirits was hit by this fierce woman, and that haha, the bodhi old zu’s face was actually a little white, but for this old devil’s caution, he used to sacrifice the bring up the rear Baoqian early, even Shen Biao, which would be knocked away by him.
Haha, the bodhi old zu was so strong at first sight, but he was surprised, but he was also aroused by the fierce gender. Haha, the bodhi old zu smiled all day and seldom got angry, but this old devil is definitely the most fierce and vicious monk today. When he saw haha, the bodhi old zu’s eyes were as bright as a light bulb, and he directly shot two light bulbs to sweep the scales into the array. Unexpectedly, the green robe bodhi old zu was shot when he was in trouble, which had the same effect.
Haha, the bodhi old zu is really desperate, but this application for scale is too strong! Although I have just seen the power of Armageddon, but haha, the bodhi old zu still doesn’t believe that a godsworn without flesh can go anywhere, but he doesn’t consciously care.

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