However, due to the serious injury, Yuan Ye was not too far away, and he was afraid to be seen along the way. He left clues for the Tu family to kill their own people, and directly blasted a big hole in the place not far from the battlefield to retreat and heal.
In case the mouth of the cave is still sealed and quiet, Yuan Yepan sits on the simple ground with his eyes closed, full of watery energy and viscous, and slowly pours into his body along his breath. But this time, Yuan Ye knows that although Mu Rong and Xi Mo are so strong in the status of Tu family, after all, they are not the treasure of Tu family’s core brother ring. Especially, I’m afraid that the ring of Han Guhuang Tu Changfeng is more valuable than the rest of Tu family combined. It’s just that few people robbed him.
While healing, Yuan Ye entered the mouth of the cave slowly. Ten days have passed. On these ten days, his extremely serious injury has gradually healed, but with the improvement of the injury, Yuan Ye has not shown signs of awakening. His body assimilated the stone statue and has always maintained this posture since he came in. However, no one knows that his body is not as flat as expected when Yuan Ye’s surface is still on the mountain.
Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump
Yuan Ye knows that this purplish red energy is the fourth fire power of the wild seven’ o, but according to the wild seven’ o achievement method, the water spirit needs to practice five peaks to reach the limit, and then it can be cultivated. Now the water spirit root has not reached the limit, and the fire spirit has been cultivated for six months.
Although I don’t know what this is, this doubt is a wonderful thing, so Yuan Ye didn’t deliberately stop it. Instead, with the gradual movement of the vertebra, he also got eleven fire spirits and gradually entered a state similar to a deep sleep. When he fell into a deep sleep, his heart was still beating slowly at the extreme rhythm, and his blood was dripping tirelessly, washing the flesh and blood of Yuan Ye’s meridians, and eleven fire spirits were constantly entering his body.
With such changes, Yuan Ye’s breath is slowly rising, and it is also quietly passing away in this practice.
One hundred days, Yuan Ye sat in a closed dish for a full 100 days. I’m afraid even he didn’t expect it, but in that semi-sleeping state, he forgot it, as if he was immersed in the wonderful feeling of rising power and transformation.
And Yuan Ye’s skin in the cave also presents a faint purple beauty S, which vaguely seems to be able to see some movement of the skin. These purple colors are moving and filled with an extreme earth B movement.
B is sparkling, but now that kind of B light is dang Yang’s body, and the purple light spreads from his heart and immediately spreads to every tribe in his body.
Of course, the change is not Yuan Ye’s appearance, but his breath has reached the five-turn primary peak in these hundred days, and it is only a short distance to break through to the five-turn peak level.
Fire spirit cultivation obviously brought Yuan Ye a lot of benefits, but when Yuan Ye’s breath reached the primary limit of five turns, he still didn’t wake up from that semi-sleeping state.
One hundred and ten days, one hundred and ten days, one hundred and twenty days and one hundred and fifty days.
One hundred and ten days, after six months, the quiet cave suddenly showed a strange sound, which sounded like water, and the line of sight looked in the direction of the sound. It was from that dish that Yuan Yeti saw that Yuan Yeti suddenly moved violently, and the energy was actually condensed into a series of wind whirling around him.
The rotational speed of the air swirl is getting faster and faster, and then more and more energy is poured into the static chamber and sucked into the air swirl, and the volume of the air swirl is also expanding rapidly.
The mouth of the cave sealed by Yuan Ye was directly torn to pieces by the increasingly fierce wind at this moment, and the dazzling light shone from the outside, and then the purple light department came into Yuan Ye’s body in the next moment and replaced it with a dazzling golden light, followed by a green shade and a green light, which finally reached the same level as the golden light, no matter how big it rose, and a cold blue light finally followed. At last, the blue light soared, the golden light and the green light stopped, and the purple light once again stopped at half the golden light and green light.
Golden light and green light occupy an absolute dominant position, blue light is slightly weaker, while red light is even weaker, but this weakness is relative to reality. All of these four forces are enough to make people tremble. Because Yuan Ye is already a five-level level combat effectiveness, he can definitely rank in the top 20 of the honour list. This situation has far passed Yuan Ye’s period.
After all, this time, the injury was too heavy. Yuan Ye was worried about whether something would happen to him now. Who wanted to break the knot and didn’t do it now? Instead, every cloud has a silver lining once again directly impacted the fifth grade with the help of the mysterious achievement method.
A long breath spit Yuan Ye this just got up, a slight grip on the palm of your hand, an extremely strong sense of power, which spread from every cell in the body like a flash.
Good strength Yuan Ye felt a little bit of a physical state, and when he saw it, he passed over with a bit of madness. After practicing for six months, I’m afraid his fighting capacity will not be inferior to that of killing dragons at all, and the power of fire and spirit also gave Yuan Ye another ability, that is, the power of refinement.
Quenching is of great help to the body cultivation, just as Yuan Ye’s original refining device is of great help to Yuan Ye’s cultivation in the future, and quenching also has another effect, that is, the degree of fire control of Yuan Ye will increase linearly, and the refining device will also increase.
After all, Yuan Ye suspects that array method is the most important refining device, but fire control is equally important. For so many years, Yuan Ye’s mastery of fire has not improved much, which is also why his refining level is the best on the second floor of Wan Zunxing. Several refining masters will get rid of it once and for all, and finally make up for it because of the rise of fire power.
This time, every cloud has a silver lining’s strength and refining level have been greatly improved. Yuan Ye can’t help but sigh again that if it hadn’t gone through a life-and-death war, I’m afraid that the fire power would still not have waved itself before, and with the help of eleven fire spirits, it would have directly broken through to five peaks, which would not have been raised to this level.
Yuan Yeran won’t wave the opportunity to directly upgrade his three major sub-artifacts to the eleventh level after the refining strength has been greatly improved.
Whether Crimson Lotus’s sword is still extremely armored or whether the combat effectiveness of three-pole boots has greatly increased and Yuan Ye’s fighting weight in the future has also increased.
However, Yuan Ye still needs water and fire, but it doesn’t seem so urgent. After all, at the beginning, his strength was weak, and he barely cultivated a water and fire, so that his strength could be greatly improved. However, with the strength rising, the water and fire, including now, have not improved his strength so much, just like Yuan Ye tried to break through five peaks without fifteen water and fire. It is not reliable to rob a butcher’s point.
Now Yuan Ye is in urgent need of another thing, that is, to respect the realm, or to get another hundred, so that Yuan Ye can get the qualification to challenge Tu Changfeng, the ancient emperor of the vast sea, or else he will never be destroyed.
And if you want to find Zunjing n, there is nowhere more suitable than Fog N Mountain.
Ps, let’s call it a day. Chapter DiYiErEr Giants make a bet.
From that cave, I left Yuan Ye and went directly to Wanjialou, Fog Soul Mountain. I am preparing to enter Fog Soul Mountain from that Wanjialou area.
On the second floor of Wan Zun Star in Fog Soul Mountain, there is the most famous treasure, but it is also a powerful cemetery. Every year, I don’t know how many powerful people enter it to find the spiritual power and die. Every year, experts from all over the country will gather together to enter the vertical life when the spiritual power explodes, and they can fight for a chance to get a hundred spiritual power. Here, it can be said that there are many powerful forces, and the two powerful forces are qualified to build two palaces on the edge of Fog Soul Mountain.
In addition to these two giants, there are also five families. Although there are no palaces here, they can’t be underestimated. The most important thing is that these five families have joined forces and formed a huge force that is not weaker than that of Wanjia Building. These five families have always been Tu family.
Yuan Yedu’s arrival at Fog Soul Mountain did not take too long, but in just six days, he vaguely saw the outline of Fog Soul Mountain.
Yuan Ye, who has been on the road for six days, also got a general understanding of the situation in the past six months. After being killed by himself, five Tu family members, the ancient emperor Tu Changfeng, the elder Tu Changyun, and the second generation brother Tu Long, Tu Snake and Tu Wolf, except that they are also famous, but Yuan Ye’s practice has made the Tu family even crazier.
It was a heavy blow to Yuan Ye, and the Tu family’s practice of resisting their forces everywhere because of Yuan Ye was intensified. The pace of killing female martial arts was significantly accelerated, especially for those women who resisted their small forces. The result was that the Tu family was more fiercely resisted, and most of the Tu family members at the bottom were killed and injured because of the constant struggle of various trends, while the Tu family’s high-level officials tried their best to absorb female martial arts because of their scruples. In this short period of six months, they have created four top ranking officials.
It’s so precious that people in different levels can be recruited to be superior to others. Because of this evil gng method, four more people have been honored for half a year. However, the forces don’t want to provoke the object, but the creation is far less than that of Yuan Ye’s killing the Tujia. After this time, the forces of Wan Zunxing can no longer be regarded as the third level of the five families.
The Fog Soul Mountain finally met again. It seems that I accepted that it had been completed long ago. Yuan Ye looked up and cast a glance at the distance to cover up the fog soul mountain. The fog soul mountain measured two buildings from the mountainside to the lush Wanjialou, but the mountainside was filled with dense fog.
This time, I entered the Wanjialou in the Fog Soul Mountain, and the majestic palace in the region was surrounded by a high-rise wall, where ren was constantly buzzing and full of noise.
How come there are so many people this time and it seems that the strength is good? Yuan Ye is a little confused. This is Wanjialou site, and even outsiders should not have so many people now.
With this doubt, Yuan Ye successfully entered the palace after showing his killer identity. The palace was almost full of weapons and guards, and the cold eyes kept sweeping around.
Seeing this Wanjialou’s tight defense Yuan Ye is also stunned. It seems that something is wrong to need so many guards in broad daylight.
Immediately, Yuan Ye stepped up his pace and entered Wanjia Building. After seeing the five-story palace, there was a very spacious bluestone square in the center of the square. At the moment, the stone stage was almost occupied by a dense sea of people. The noise made people’s eardrums hurt. Several curious eyes were looking at the center of the square. Two waves of people were far away from each other. They were very polite to each other, but everyone could see that there was a deep hostility behind the politeness.
In that Wanjialou area, it is not Duguyue who is in charge alone, but three people sitting in Wanjialou area. Duguyue is one of them. The other two are all white and old, but they stand at will with a majestic momentum, which makes people dare not underestimate Wanjialou. Other high-rise buildings stand quietly behind these three people, but they are all golden robes. These men are either young or mature or old, but with one exception, they are all full of pride.
There is no doubt that Wanjialou confronts Zongyang, and three people sit in the lead. The leader is a strong man with a strong face and a faint feeling of not being angry. There is also a mature and moving ji body beside him. This woman’s face in red is full of a kind of yu confusion, which makes men feel very moved. On the other hand, a strong man in a latosolic red robe stands with many red spots on his old face.
In addition to these two forces, there are many other forces around them, including Yuan Ye’s old enemy Tu Jia, the Tujia elder Tu Changyun, who settled here for half a year, and the Tujia gradually recovered from that kind of tension.

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