Chapter six hundred and forty-four
When this sentence of Lin Dong sounded on the platform, it was suspected that it caused a light wow in an instant. Many brothers’ faces were startled, and Lin Dong simply ignored their wishes.
He’s a brave guy, sail
Some brothers are also surprised to look at this scene, and soon there is a bit of appreciation in their eyes. Today, Tongchuan has a sigh of relief, and the only way to solve this problem is not complicated.
Strength is a universal pass everywhere, and it is no exception in the desolate temple.
Tongchuan is actually very white. Even if he taught Lin Dong a lesson today, I’m afraid it’s hard to change the fact that he won the Danhe initiation. After all, Lin Dong really contributed to Daozong’s reward, and the two temple owners will certainly not change it because of his opposition. However, he insisted that his hand could not swallow this tone. Second, he wanted to take this opportunity to crush the new teacher younger brother’s spirit. He had to let him know a little later. Even though he was a champion of the Hundred Dynasties War, he brought some pride because of this title, but he had to be honestly gathered up in the deserted temple.
However, to Tongchuan’s great surprise, Lin Dong actually directly opposed the guest host, and he had directly challenged him before he said it completely.
In this way, no matter whether he ends up winning or losing, this courage has already made many people sit up and take notice, and it is even more shameful to start with. After all, Lin Dong is also a newcomer who just joined the deserted temple and lost to the old brother Tong Chuan, which is not a shameful thing.
In the distance of Danhetai, two figures float in the sky, and their eyes are all looking in the direction of Danhetai. One of them is Daodao, the deputy master of the deserted temple, and beside him is an old man with white hair and beard, who looks senile, but only when his eyes occasionally pass by Jingmang can he show that he is not an idle generation.
And this white-robed old man is the master of this deserted temple.
Hey, this little thing is always different from ordinary people. Sailing, enlightenment, smiling and looking at the distant Dan Hetai laughed
It seems that you are very concerned about the forest movement, and the white-robed old man smiled and said softly
His talent, potential and heart are all about choosing a good seedling. If he is well trained, he should be able to become the most outstanding person among the younger generation in my temple.
Enlightenment stroked his beard and immediately had a meal. Those little ubers in the Temple of Heaven might not fall off the wind.
But there are not many young people when you say that.
Dust, the owner of the deserted temple, really smiled. He looked far for a moment and then nodded and said, This little guy has many secrets. Of course, now he is our Taoist brother. If he doesn’t harm sects, he will always be Taoist brother.
These two little guys compete to see who has a better chance of winning. Chen Zhen looked at Wu Dao and asked with a smile.
Concubine Sichuan will suffer.
Enlightenment smilingly thought that in the ancient battlefield, even Yuan Men Cao Yu was forced by Lin to be more embarrassed than a mess. It would be a big mistake to judge Lin’s combat effectiveness from the surface.
Dust really raised his eyebrows for a while, and then he looked at the platform with great interest. Then I want to see how colorful this little guy can make you value it.
courage and insight
Tongchuan stared at the thin young man in front, and his eyes were slightly squinted, and there was a surge of anger. I think this is the first time he has been treated with arrogance by a new brother. Immediately, he also stepped across the violent force and swept like a storm, and that kind of fluctuation was stronger than that of Qin Tian in the Yuan Dynasty.
I won’t bully you if you are a younger brother for ten rounds. If you still haven’t lost the Danhe initiation, I won’t say another word of nonsense. Don’t you dare answer it?
Tongchuan’s deep drink rumbled on this platform like a muffled thunder in the powerful force package.
Brother, I’m afraid it’s not necessary even though the contract is ten times.
Lin dynamic body microseismic body alum force is also surging up, although not as strong as Tongchuan, but it is directly to resolve all the oppression of Tongchuan.
Courage is a good thing, but you should also know too much. Since you are so arrogant, let me test your ability as a champion of the Hundred Dynasties.
The anger in Tongchuan’s cold eyes is even worse. Today, even a new brother who has just started learning can’t solve the problem. Then he has no place to put his face.
Tong Chuan’s big hand holds a bright golden light, which is directly caused by the outbreak of chalk in his body, and a golden broadsword with amazing fluctuations and spread in his hand.
Shua shua
Tongchuan stepped on the golden broadsword in his hand, and suddenly it shook a dozen mighty knives and mangs, and the gas was torn by living at the moment, and the sharp wind broke out.
In the face of Tongchuan’s offensive, Lin Dong is the palm of his hand, and immediately a green light broke out in his palm, which directly turned into a blue scale shield.

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