Big shorts wondered that his huge eyes were looking at me.
I put up a middle finger to provoke.
I can’t believe that the big shorts understand why I always rush to cry.
Hey, hey, I saw the big shorts approaching, and I spun myself out of the attack range of the big shorts.
The big shorts roared angrily and kept waving huge sticks to chase me.
And I circled around the big underpants with my dexterity and lightness skill-I still felt that I was exerting lightness skill, but the later I suddenly found that I didn’t know whether I was flying with the wind or the wind was driving my body to move. I was the wind or the wind, and I seemed to have merged with the wind and gradually felt that I was no longer exercising lightness skill. I was like a fallen leaf, dancing with the wind when the wind blew, and I couldn’t help being intoxicated by this feeling. It was wonderful.
Suddenly, I cried in my ear and it thundered.
I stopped to see that in the past, big underpants were sitting on the ground crying and wiping their eyes, and their eyes were still rolling their eyes, and their big heads were still dangling.
Hey, I fell on the shoulders of big underpants and patted his head. What’s wrong, man? Someone cooked it.
Don’t look away when you drink big underpants. Your shoulders are still stirring and you are still sobbing.
Oh, my foot slipped and fell down with the shoulders of the big shorts, so I fell directly into his clothes along the neckline of the big shorts.
Drink and drink big underpants. Suddenly, like a frightened rabbit, he sweated and jumped up. He took me out of his arms and dumped me heavily.
I instantly felt that my body was falling in a beautiful arc, but I quickly made a turn in the middle and fell to the ground firmly.
Why are you? I opened my mouth angrily and cursed. Suddenly I saw big shorts. Big shorts. He, he, he, he, he.
Big shorts actually put their hands over their chests and hung their heads shyly.
I’m not. Big underpants are women. I suddenly speak.
Big shorts suddenly jumped on me and held me tightly in his arms. Help me! I cried, but nothing more terrible was going to happen. Big shorts pouted a maw and kissed me.
Wow, don’t! Help me! I’m crying at the top of my voice. I can’t be robbed of my first kiss in the mainland of desire by this disgusting guy
It’s creaking.
Big shorts saw people moving, but they didn’t stop. They still kissed me madly. I tried to dodge around. Come and get rid of this anthomaniac.
Chapter DiYiEr Bayesian machetes
Magellan, Alibaba, and other members all flew over with a gorgeous crow.
Indeed, Alibaba, you are really enough to take care of him, Magellan said tongue-tied.
Don’t let him go, Alibaba said fiercely. With a wave of his magic wand, his shorts disappeared, so I fell heavily to the ground.
President Alibaba wiped his sweat. Is it possible for me to check that the cyclops is in heat?
Hey, I got up angrily and shouted at Alibaba. What about my exam?
Well, you passed the first place. Alibaba took one look at Magellan and said
YES, I’m cold and dreaming, and I’m lonely and high-five.
Boss, what’s wrong with us? You haven’t come for so long, and you’re lonely and narrow-minded.
Come to fly a lot of happiness, beauty take the initiative to throw herself at Leng Mengzhe, hey hey, smiled and said
I’ll pull a few black lines on my forehead to close your ass.
I announced that Alibaba Gao said that the first exam was over.
We hurried into rows waiting for further arrangement.
Alibaba cast a glance at Magellan’s inquiring principal.
Magellan shook his head and then put his head a little.
Alibaba will face us and pass the first examination, with a total of ten people. I will call the name Ludwig, and you will apply for the magic martial arts class later. You will continue to work hard.

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