Lei Zhen yin and yang that huge energy coping with mountains, feeling the aggregates will destroy the power of feminine Gotama two people face suddenly completely dignified up, the two of them now almost lose combat effectiveness in the face of such a terrible attack situation, I’m afraid.
Spell the roar snap ring feminine female Gotama body suddenly trembled in an instant, the two men at the same time will force the body injury to suppress the power instantaneous extrusion to a palm print a sword of light at the same time mercilessly bombardment in the huge Lei Zhen Yin and Yang.
Knock, three terrible energies collide directly, and the terrible impact force roars like a tsunami.
Ten people surrounded me and completely solved the three ball brothers. I completely solved the five you two. I picked up the ball and looked at it. I was actually joined by two people and slowly went to Lei Zhen. Yin and Yang Yuan Ye’s eyes were cold and the left palm was stretched out again, and its momentum was also instantaneous at this moment. A few blinks and five’ o fusion force is instantaneous.
Not good, he also recruited Yuan Ye, and the change was also noticed by Gotama. When the face was changed, it was not waiting for them to disperse and escape. Another terrible force of five’ o fusion was the sudden pressure on two baizhang beams to burst.
Did you escape? Yuan Ye’s eyes were cold, and two tricks exploded at the same time in the feminine woman Gotama.
Just seriously injured and subjected to such a terrorist attack, both of them were suddenly raw and bloody, and the stream was generally continuous, and the deep explosion rang through their body surfaces one after another, even the dense bones were exposed for more than half. This continuous terrible attack directly blasted the two people into less than half a basket case.
Seven masters together unexpectedly also lost the top ten masters in the Yuan Yeqi Chapter 1459 of Warcraft.
The most terrible thing is that these seven people plus the first three people are already the top ten of the thirty great statues, and all ten of them have been defeated by Yuan Ye, his Warcraft hand. Who is Yuan Ye’s opponent on this third floor?
Perhaps many people think that Yuan Ye has no great power to support his strength and is not the most powerful, but at least this third layer seems to be able to stop him now.
Without hesitation, Yuan Ye directly put this person into the world without killing them. However, it is necessary to start with a total of nine big statues and nine turns to the peak. One big statue and nine turns to the peak is strong. These top ten masters are already on the third floor. Isn’t it necessary for him to walk sideways? Even in the day, this force is still not underestimated. After all, the big statue and ten turns are very powerful, but the same number is very small, and it is even more pitiful.
Will Yan Lu and other seven Yuan Ye eyes are also swept around the virtual world who wants to "world" today, I am the weakest time, but I won’t have a chance if I don’t come later.
As Yuan Ye’s words fell, one by one, he hid from the empty space and looked at the big statues one by one, but without any ferocity, he smiled and handed over compliments. These people were the strongest, but the big statues turned to the peak weaker than the previous ones. However, even if the remaining 20 people joined forces, whether they could surpass the previous 10 people, regardless of who could deal with them, even if they were stronger than the previous 20 people, many people were very worried that Yuan Ye would come directly and put their slaves into the world. After all, their strength was finished, but they had a good hand.
Seeing this big respectful appearance, Yuan Ye was also a sneer at the idea. Suddenly, ten people were admitted to the Amish world, but at this time, ten people were almost half dead before, and several people were much better. After all, today’s Amish world is full of aura, which is good for retreat and healing. The most important thing is that the Millennium is a year. At this time, they have actually retired for nearly a day.
At this time, these ten people didn’t show any disrespect, and they all bowed their bodies and dared not look directly at Yuan Ye. This scene directly made the rest of the great and frightened people know that these ten people were forced to sign a soul contract, and they could do whatever Yuan Ye wanted in the future unless they wanted to accept the immortal soul or die directly.
You take my world, I take yours. This is a gamble. I win. Yuan Yeyin rings in the open field. All ten people listen honestly.
Introduce yourself, let me know.
Smell speech the ten big statue looked at each other from each other’s eyes, and saw that it was really tragic that the humbled big statue turned strong and turned into slaves of others. However, even if the ten people were humbled, they didn’t dare to violate Yuan Ye’s order. The first three people first looked up slightly, and the first way was to repair Luo Cha in the third floor.
Later, the old yn male transvestite with yellow robe also respected Lu Qian, the owner of the third floor of Longxian Island.
Ni Jun, the patriarch of Huazong
Oh, you three sects are entangled with me. Yuan Ye mumbles suddenly and looks at that yn Yang shemale evil way. I’m curious about you men and women.
Smell speech that Huazong patriarch’s face tender and white muscle ru was shaking and his lips trembled.
Ye nodded, and then the remaining seven people also briefly introduced themselves. Yuan Ye was also satisfied with the introduction and smiled. Oh, you people are either patriarchs or door lords, but it’s a pity that they are all on the third floor. One day, I will be a cow B.
Yuan Ye was immediately that everyone was surprised in a cold sweat. This guy doesn’t look at any background ambition but is not young. The top ten families have given it to even the strongest people in the day, which may not be the ability.
All right, ten of you go to your own ancestral gate and bring me some sacred spirits, 10 robberies artifacts, armor and weapons. It’s not difficult for me to get all of them. Each of you can get 200 sacred spirits, 500 armor and 500 weapons. I hope that when I come from the God-level test area next time, you can all be ready. Don’t tell me that you can’t get this thing for a master.
Yuan Yewei smiled and looked at the ten men. He was worried about himself and respected his soul. He didn’t have enough weapons for fifteen thousand elite brothers. It’s really not Yuan Ye’s character not to dig now.
When the ten men were devoting themselves to the battle for heaven and earth, they adopted one force at the beginning. It is really not difficult for each person to take 200 pieces of armor and 500 pieces of weapons. After all, which big power has no arsenal and no master refiner is bound to be strong even if the scale is not 10,000 buildings.
Adult, do you want these things or do you want to go to the God level for testing later? It’s not difficult for us to go back to Zongmen to get these things now. Otherwise, I’m afraid you can’t get them on the third floor. At this time, it’s clear that the master is not repairing Luo Cha, but Yuan Ye, who was forced to become someone else’s slave, has dealt a great blow to him, but calm down. He also knows that Yuan Ye is good, he is good, and Yuan Ye is dead, and he will die with him.
Oh, Yuan Ye is one leng.
Yang Tian continued, "The fact that ten of us have been admitted into the world by you has been seen by many people. I’m afraid that soon everyone will know that we have become your hands. How can our clan continue to let us take the third-tier management? Soon, our clan will send a new third-tier management to take over from us, and we will completely leave the clan. According to the rule of Wan Zunxing, each of the 30 major forces can send a great honor to us. Ten of us are afraid that we will return to heaven soon. How will adults get what you want?"
Yes, yes, I patted Yuan Ye on the forehead. I thought that you will soon cease to be masters of all families, but you forgot that the ordinary great Buddha can’t stay on the third floor of Wan Zunxing. How long will it take you?
Ps hand was scalded. Update one chapter first. Two chapters later. Chapter DiYiSiLiu God level test.
When I go back to Zongmen, I can go back and forth in less than ten minutes. Although we will not be the patriarch soon, we still did the Lord’s thought before the few orders were reached. After years of hard work, Zongmen should not. How about this thing for us?
Smell speech Yuan Ye looked at others, and the remaining nine people nodded in succession. After all, many treasures are in the ring, which is very convenient to take. Most of the wealth of that clan is in the hands of the patriarch, and it can be taken now.
In six or seven minutes, Yuan Ye will get all the treasures that need to be respected, and these people will soon not be the third time they have been in charge of getting nothing, and then Yuan Ye will be directly separated from these ten people, but they will be in charge of their own families. Soon, their lives will be completely changed because of today’s events. No one can say whether this change is good or bad, but these ten people are humbled. After all, being a middle-level manager of a big power is many times better than following a young man with no power background.
Yuan Ye, however, no matter how much he went directly to the tower, Yuan Ye’s eyes inadvertently looked at the ten different Chanyunhai, the patriarch of Quanzong. People know that Chanyunhai can still be his patriarch or that it will be Yuan Yean’s insertion in Quanzong’s chess game, which may be big in the future.
Finally, I stepped into the leapfrog tower to meet Yuan Ye, a middle-aged man with a square face. Even now, Yuan Ye seems to be unfathomable. This middle-aged man should meet him in the human test before, and the middle-aged woman is as energetic as the Buddha, and her strength is also strong and terrible. It is said that the weakest of the three energy transformation guardians here has great power and ten turns.
With the pace of this middle-aged man, Yuan Ye, a little jerk, walked through the level test. When he walked to the level test, he saw a bald man with a scar face and a gray skull face coming over. This person was none other than Yuan Ye, a former Yuan Ye.
Brother Bao Yuan Ye took the lead to say hello.
Hearing this, the bag of Yunhan also looked up and laughed immediately after seeing Yuan Ye’s figure. Brother Yuan Ye didn’t expect to see you here.

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