Zhong Xin didn’t speak.
"Congratulations, you won" Zhong Xin and Zhong Yi shook hands and said with a smile.
Zhong Yi was at a loss and didn’t know what to say to say "Thank you, Sister …"
Zhong Xin smiled at her and two beautiful people walked by.
Zhong Xin smiled in front of me, faded his face and said to me with mixed emotions, "Why didn’t you kill me in the end?"
"Why didn’t you hook me at last?" I asked.
Clock heart one leng immediately Zhan Yan laughed "let you take five kills!"
I barely laughed. "Five kills at a time is enough. Five kills are not important."
"What’s so important?" Clock heart dark eyes looked at me and said
I dare not answer that "winning the game is more important"
Zhong Xin was stunned and then smiled and said, "Got it. Congratulations, champion."
I smiled apologetically and said "thank you"
"I’ll never see you again."
Zhong Xin said that he turned his back and was ready to walk slowly to Taiwan because he was a champion when he received it …
Zhong Xin stopped after a few steps, looked at me with slight anger and bitterness and said, "Why didn’t you stop me?"
I dare not look at her with her head down.
"Just as a friend, can you finally send me something? A thing that can think of you as soon as I see it. "Zhong Xin walked in front of me again and said to me gently.
"I’ll give you one first." Zhong Xin put his hand behind his head and gave me a hairband.
At this time, I just found out that a head of Wuli long hair in front of Zhong Xin has been cut short, and it’s a bit of a taste.
It makes me feel bad
I looked around for a week or four and I don’t know where I went.
"It’s your turn," Zhong Xin said, looking at me with a smile and misty eyes.
"I … I … this is for you." I took the Draven mouse pad from the table and handed it to Zhong Xin.
Zhong Xin smiled brightly. "Is that what you gave me?"
"This is a very precious thing for me." I dare not look at Zhong Xin and bow my head seriously.
"All right, the world’s strongest Draven gave me his cherished Draven mouse pad. It’s worth it. I’ll take good care of it," Zhong Xin said
"You look up at me."
I looked up and met Zhong Xin’s eyes.
Zhong Xin’s lips trembled slightly, and the tears in his eyes seemed to be unstoppable.
"Will you remember me?" Zhong Xin stared at my eyes and said with trembling voice
"I …"
I think I am most sorry for Zhong Yi at this time, but the most appropriate thing to say is that I will.
But I can’t say anything.
Zhong Xin gave me a deep look, then turned around and walked less than ten steps. Then she suddenly turned her head. At this time, tears broke away like dams. Her voice was hoarse and hysterical and she shouted, "Wang Tong forgot me! But please don’t forget too early! "
Zhong Xin seems determined to wipe his eyes with his wrist and turn away from my sight. The beautiful short hair is like the coldest smoothie in winter.
When I was a child, my grandmother told me that in the old days, when a woman broke her hair, she broke her head and sent a message. If she didn’t get married, she would be alone.
Grandma has always had short hair since her grandfather died young.
I don’t know why Zhong Xin cuts his hair short.
I hope it’s not because of me, but on a whim. Maybe … it is.
After the disappearance of Zhong Xin, Zhong Yi appeared, and her appearance was also delicate and touching, which made me a little uneasy.
"You know what? Zhong Xintian will go abroad, "Zhong Yi looked at me and said.
"Going abroad?" I am surprised and said
Zhong Yi nodded and said "Yes"
"Zhong Xin told me before the game that she wouldn’t stay here after the game and it wouldn’t make it difficult for me." Zhong Yi sighed.
My heart is full of feelings of loss and guilt.
"You are really …" Zhong Yi looked at me and didn’t know what to say.
"Excuse me, is this Mr. Wang Tong?" At this time, A Fang, an assistant of Chen Mo, who has been dressed several times, appeared in front of my eyes.
"Miss" A Fang leaned toward Zhong Yi.
Zhong Yi smiled at her.
"This is the document that Mr. Chen Mo left for you. He told me to give it to you for your signature after the LPL finals." A Fang said politely.
I took Fang’s handwriting and documents.
Then slowly wrote my name.
"Beneficiary of Will Wang Tong"
On the night when FD was on the podium, he stayed up all night, the world was sleepless, there were tears and beer, and there was emotion and bitterness that night.

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