In this case, let’s all die here.
Tianyuan three fierce palm to touch a black blood in their mouth spray, and then their eyes rapidly gray body is an amazing speed to expand.
rewind down
Seeing this, Lin was suddenly surprised and shouted, "Go to hell if you are late."
Tianyuan three people face ferocious emerge immediately body surface with black S liquid to finally bang turned out to be living.
Method-shaped magic gas crazy three human bodies swept to Fiona Fang thousands of feet instantly flattened to small mink inflammation, two people immediately one mouthful blood spray shape was shocked to fly away.
At that critical moment, Lin moved to wrap his body with a shake of his sleeve robe, but the impact of magic gas was so terrible that it was not long before the Xuantiandian was shocked and finally got into Lin’s body
As soon as the Xuantiandian disappeared, Lin was immediately exposed to the impact of the magic gas. At this time, his state was obviously unable to resist this impact again, and he could immediately bite his teeth and force the body to resist.
But just as he was about to forcibly resist, he suddenly felt a chill, and a slender and cold jade hand gently encircled his waist and then suddenly retreated.
The wind roared in the ear, and Lin moved his eyes, and then he saw the ice blue S long hair floating in front of him. He should encircle him with one hand, and his other jade hand was changing rapidly, and the printing method was amazing. The palm of his hand swept away and turned into a huge ice shield in front.
However, as soon as the ice shield is formed, it will be pulverized by the magic gas that swept through, but it will be formed with more ice shields, so that the ice shield will burst every day, and you should take the forest to quickly retreat to avoid the magic gas impact.
But obviously, the impact of the three metempsychosis is far beyond Lin’s expectation. Even if it is a response, the magic gas impact will still be followed soon.
In that magic gas shock is about to chase two people when a cold drink suddenly sounded behind should smell speech slightly hesitant immediately grabbed Lin moving sideways.
When they let, a white dress was swept behind her, and many strong forces, such as Zhu Li, the elder Liu Qing, followed, and soon the terrorist force surged, but it turned out to be a huge force screen in front of it
The magic gas still hits the screen of the force like waves, and suddenly there is a sharp quiver after that. Many strong s are all white, and then they binge drink the vast force.
Bang bang bang.
Magic gas constantly impact in the force of the screen, although the screen constantly trembling, but because of many strong qi qi hand finally turned out to be really stopped the impact.
As the magic gas impact gradually slowed down, they just breathed a sigh of relief slightly, and the force curtain slowly dispersed.
Are you OK
Seeing that the crisis is over, we should look at Lin’s white face quickly, which makes her voice more anxious.
Qingzhu Ling all around to eyes are worried about S.
It’s okay. It’s too much consumption. I smiled and shook my head. It’s that white face. S is extremely weak. Obviously, it’s not too strong. Everyone usually sees him as weak as when he can’t kill Xiaoqiang.
In the distance, the two minks were covered in blood. When they saw Lin Dong being rescued, they were also relieved. Xiaoyan wiped a handful of blood on her face and then looked at the world. The three old dogs should be completely dead, right?
Lin also wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, frowning slightly, and looking at this magic world, he just spoke with a ferocious laugh, but it echoed in this world.
Haha, don’t be too happy. Although the three of me are explosive, the magic gas has completely constituted this magic banquet world. Haha, from now on, this is the magic gas world. None of you can even think about it and wait for it to be eroded by magic gas one by one.
That ferocious smile resounded and finally dissipated, and as the sound dissipated, the breath of the three giants of Yuanmen finally disappeared completely.
And Lin and others heard this guy’s malicious words before he died. S also turned quickly with a slight change, and then saw the magic corpse that day, and it also fell one after another to thick magic gas quickly coming from their bodies and finally sending out.
Look at the noodles.
Should cheeks emerge with a dignified light way
Lin moved to smell speech and looked up in a hurry. Suddenly, I saw a thick root that saw through the magic gas mask and spread it, and then shrouded the whole world.
In that magic gas mask, you can also see several strange magic lines crawling. This mask is still isolated from the outside world here.
They looked at this scene surface s is gradually pale.
The third chapter one thousand two hundred and sixteen Two women together
The thick magic mask covers the sky and then hangs down in that very distant place, and the bowl is upside down, covering all the people in it.
They looked at the mask contains magic gas fluctuation complexion is slightly pale, they can feel this magic gas world as if due to Tianyuan three people explosion plus the number of magic resin decomposition has become a magic gas small world.

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