The rain continues to be isolated by the window outside the window, which can make a subtle blow.
The room is a little dull.
There is boiling wine ringing continuously.
"If … I didn’t guess wrong," Aria broke the silence for a moment and glanced at the swordsman with his back to her. His back was straight and he sat like a drawn sword. "Ge should be the first swordsman in the past, and the only contemporary swordsman who mastered the wind fencing?"
"Hum-"Yasuo’s face gave me a hint that he didn’t know whether it was self-mockery or mocking laughter. He said in a low voice, "What swordsman is the first genius swordsman in swordsmen? I’m just a sinner now."
It is also a temporary statement to hear such an answer.
Once again, the room was silent, and a long night passed by.
"Glug-"Just when the whole room was about to fall asleep, the pot of wine was finally covered.
"Drink?" Yasuo held out a hand and took the wine from the stove. He laughed and said, "It is really a great blessing in life to have a pot of warm wine to drink in such a long rainy night."
As he said this, the hip flask turned around and took three wine lamps to pour.
The wine splashed out of the earthenware hip flask and hit the simple wine lamp, giving off a light and clear bouquet.
Let a person smell a warm smell.
"Good wine" Chen Senran sniffed shout.
"When it’s a good wine," Yasuo nodded and pushed a glass of wine in front of Chen Senran. It was simple and plain, but somehow there was a rhythmic beauty. "This is the year when I brought the wine out of my hometown, and the girl made it into paddle cold spring water with her hands, as if every bite could taste my hometown. I left home for more than a dozen times and now it’s just a pot of hidden."
"Fortunately," Chen Senran picked up the glass of wine and the temperature of the good wine passed through the ceramic cup until the skin was very gentle and warm.
Chen Senran put it on his lips, not taking a sip, but taking a sip as if he was really feeling what Yasuo said about his hometown in Ionia with beautiful girls and cold springs.
"In those days …" Aria also picked up a glass of wine and put it to her lips but didn’t drink it, but held it in her hand.
"In those days …" Yasuo snorted a slightly long and narrow eyes and glanced at Aria slightly. "It was my fault that I was absent without leave and the elders were killed. It was my arrogance. Why do you want to come to me to settle this old score?"
How can Yasuo’s vicious eyes fail to see that Aria’s costume is very Ionian, and the sword in her hand was once famous throughout Ionian Excalibur, and he touched it with his own hands?
"Dare not" Aria shook her head and said, "Neither can I. This is your sword clan’s own business … I’ve always wanted to ask you that year …"
"Did I kill him in the end?" Yasuo squinted and pulled out a sharp arc at the corner of his mouth. "Even if I say no, what if you ask me like this? Isn’t it that you think I killed the elder Ionian and all the people think I killed him? So what if I say more?"
When Chen Senran heard this, he probably understood that Yasuo was a talented swordsman in Ionia in the past, but he was extremely prosperous. Unfortunately, he left his post without leave and led to the killing of his elders. He was identified as the murderer of the elders and was forced to leave home.
From a generation of arrogance to a criminal in exile
Is a poor man.
"You don’t have to pity me." Yasuo took a sip of wine and looked at Chen Senran’s face and smiled regretfully. "I, Yasuo, have never needed others to pity you or worry about yourself."
"myself?" Chen Senran also knows that he is rude. The most shameful thing for an aloof swordsman like Yasuo is that others give him alms, whether it is feelings or things.
But yasuo said he was worried …
"I have long known that you must have mastered a little bit of fur." Yasuo talked about Chen Senran’s strength in a tone full of disdain. "And that werewolf, I think, should be the Warwick. Although he was an alchemist, after being cursed, in addition to incarnating the beast’s physical quality, he also greatly improved his strength. I may need three swords to make moves."
Chen Senran doesn’t care about Yasuo’s arrogant attitude, because Yasuo is arrogant and his powerful swordsmanship is really disappointing.
Anyone who has a big leader should always be proud.
"You mean …" Chen Senran frowned slightly. He guessed something vaguely and his head ached faintly.
"You can kill him because your body burst into an energy inexplicably, and it was that energy that shocked me. That energy is really amazing. I vaguely …" Yasuo paused here as if he had any taboos, but he turned to the other way. "It’s a good thing that you don’t want this energy, which means that you may be affected by that unknown and uncontrollable force at any time and eventually die inexplicably."
"Uncontrollable … energy?" Chen Senran’s head hurts even more because he consciously perceives those blocking things around his eyes.
Is it them?
"So you’d better find out what it is early and die casually," Yasuo said rudely to Chen Senran.
"… thank you" but Chen Senran knows that the other party is good for himself and is not angry.
"Don’t get me wrong. I’m worried that you will die too early. I can’t prove what I have learned in my heart." Yasuo waved impatiently and poured himself a glass of wine. "It’s getting late, and the rain has stopped outside. Please go. I’m going to bed."
It really stopped raining outside.
I can’t hear the continuous rain.
There is residual accumulated rain in or on the ground.
"So …" Chen Senran was not strong enough to stay up and pull aside. Aria bowed to Yasuo and said, "Thank you for tonight anyway."
"Let’s go, let’s go. I don’t know you very well." Yasuo was ungrateful.
"Farewell" Chen Senran took Irelia to go out.
"Remember the door"
"Good" Aria helps the door.
When the door was about to open, Aria found that Yasuo had turned his back again, and the warrior’s body was still straight and proud.
And lonely.

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